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Automated and Evolved - The True Cost of (AP) Invoice

This concise infographic gives a snapshot of how an organization looks when its vendor invoice processing is “Automated and Evolved” with Concur. Register for the webinar today:

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Automated and Evolved - The True Cost of (AP) Invoice

  1. 1. AUTOMATED AND EVOLVED Become a best-in-class company with a best-in-class accounts payable solution With invoices responsible for up to 65% of your company’s operational costs, why are you still managing them with inadequate, outdated tools and processes? An automated system that integrates with your payroll and works the way your employees do eliminates guesswork and the errors that come with it. A clear picture lets you plan, execute and adjust in ways that go straight to the bottom line. See what happens when your spending process is automated and evolved with the Concur invoice management solution. “We’re paying our invoices so quickly now, we have virtually eliminated calls from vendors inquiring about invoice status.” —Darin Johnson, VP and Controller, Whidbey Island Bank Cosmetics and fragrance company Elizabeth Arden uses Concur to decrease processing time and increase visibility into employee spending so they can be more cost-effective and provide better customer service. Best-in-Class companies average 3.7 days to process an invoice. Industry average is 8.8 days, and laggards take 14.3 days to process an invoice2 . Cloud automation means regularly getting accurate information on expenses, invoices and cash flow. So tell your AP department to stop tedious data entry and say “no more” to wasting days chasing down missing information . Are you ready to become a Best-in-Class company with a Best-in-Class invoice management solution? Learn more about how your organization can join the ranks of the “Automated and Evolved.” Download the Automated and Evolved eBook today. 1: Aberdeen Group, From the Shadows to the Forefront: AP Automation and the Strategic Vision, October 2013 2: Aberdeen Group, From the Shadows to the Forefront Automation eliminates errors With automation and instant capture, accuracy significantly improves—cutting down on unnecessary errors and stress and freeing up your AP department to focus on the kind of meaningful work that makes them happy. Automation ends the paper chase Invoices can be captured electronically and moved directly into a single, integrated system—connecting you to every dime of spending in near real-time. Employees are able to easily adopt and use one system, login and user interface (UI) “It used to take 15-20 days to get an invoice through the cycle, and now it takes five days.” —Elizabeth Sumption, Senior Finance Manager, Getty Images Automation lets you see the big picture The Concur invoice management solution gives finance leaders visibility into all spending—whether via invoice, P-Card, corporate card or cash—and provides them with powerful analysis tools that offer insights into all forms of employee spending. The Invoice mobile application allows busy managers to approve invoices on the go. And Concur Invoice can pull all of your spending into a single system when you combine it with Travel and Expense.