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Digital Innovation in Health Insurance

Through this initiative, Fondo Assistenza e Benessere is consolidating its own role as a point of reference in the health insurance industry due to the innovative approach put forward by Consiglio dal Medico in dealing with the patient-doctor relationship.

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Digital Innovation in Health Insurance

  1. 1. Strategic partnership between Consiglio dal Medico App and FAB Health Plan. Through this initiative, Fondo Assistenza e Benessere is consolidating its own role as a point of reference in the health insurance industry due to the innovative approach put forward by Consiglio dal Medico in dealing with the patient-doctor relationship. The first example of this kind in the world: a mobile health advice service is integrated in the structure of a Health Insurance Plan. Lately, Italian public welfare manages to respond less and less to the needs and requests of the citizens. Also the crisis has had a dramatic impact on the ability of families to adapt to this void left in a faulty sanitary system and for this reason, health-related services acquire an even more essential role in this period. In these circumstances, Fondo Assistenza e Benessere (FAB) - a consolidated firm having more than 17.000 insured users – is launching an ambitious digital strategy project with the objective of giving its members a sense of security when it comes to health issues. An important first step in shifting towards a digital overall approach is the signing of the agreement with Consiglio Digitale. An innovative start-up that launched Consiglio dal Medico : the first iOS App which allows users to address medical-related questions and chat with a network of medical doctors (directly rated by users after each interaction), 24 hours a day all days of the year. Also available in-app, the profiles of more than 500 medical professionals with whom the users can choose to interact in an easy and anonymous manner. In the next months all the FAB insured users will have access to Consiglio dal Medico App and the first 5 medical-advice requests made by the single user in one year, will be fully reimbursed by FAB. The inclusion of this mobile service as part of the integrative health system is a highly innovative element, not only for Italy but even at a wider scale, allowing the integrative sanitary system to benefit from the great potential offered by the sharing economy and the omnichannel “wave”. Recent studies have shown that 4 out of 5 people, when in doubt regarding health matters, search online for information and answers to their questions but unfortunately they often come upon contradicting or even misleading information. Through the collaboration with Consiglio dal Medico, FAB is providing a radically innovative solution to this problem: the possibility to have reliable information in an easy and quick manner directly on one’s personal smartphone any time of the day.
  2. 2. “FAB – according to the words of the President of the Executive Board, Adriano Coppa – is a private health fund which serves the purpose to dispose and act upon the sanitary and complementary services to its insured users, without any interest in a financial outcome but merely out of solidarity and social mutuality. The Fund – continued Coppa – provides different levels of integrative services, complementary and equivalent to the public ones, as a response to the concrete needs of the community. The aging of the population and the increase of the average life expectancy, for instance, are irreversible social events, with repercussions of an economic character, and request the implementation of public and private social-charitable services in case of need. FAB is interested in making sure that this type of services with a medical relevance are responsive to these needs, without leaving out, along with the segment of assistance, the prevention part, with the help of different sanitary education courses for the individual and for the family. From the perspective of a real answer to the needs of our insured users, in addition, the fund is now offering a complete service aimed to offer a tangible integrated service, also at a technological level”. “Consiglio dal Medico” – replied the founder Andrea Silvello – has been designed from the beginning to be an easy to integrate addition to the health insurer’s value proposition. It is thus able to improve the relationship with the citizen and can be summarized into three main points: • A value added service based on advices and chats with specialized doctors offered as an additional service to the insured users and reimbursed by Health Plans or Insurance companies; • A key step of the users experience in the health plan proposition; an innovative way to address the delivery of medical treatment by preferred providers (directly paid by Health Insurance Plans). Detailed medical profiles geolocalized and • Door opener to attract new health plans' subscribers: starting from a remote health advice service to upsell to a full insurance value proposition. rated (directly by users) are key elements which are brought to the customer experience; I am proud to have signed this agreement with FAB, undoubtedly one of the most innovative and successful entities from the integrated Italian sanitary industry.” Press Office &RP Moma Pr Monia Zarba +39 349 780 98 78