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Cortney Shegerian | Employees Rights in the Workplace

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Cortney Shegerian :The minimum rights of an employee are the responsibility of the employer, these protects employees at work. Every employee must need to know these rights. Cortney Shegerian has shared some employees' rights here.

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Cortney Shegerian | Employees Rights in the Workplace

  1. 1. Cortney Shegerian
  2. 2. Health And Safety At Work General Rights And Obligations, Workplaces, Work Equipment, Specific Risks And Vulnerable Workers.
  3. 3. Equal Opportunities For Women And Men Equal Treatment At Work, Pregnancy, Maternity Leave, Parental Leave
  4. 4. Protection Against Discrimination Based On Sex, Race, Religion, Age, Disability And Sexual Orientation
  5. 5. Labour Law Part-Time Work, Fixed-Term Contracts, Working Hours, Employment Of Young People, Informing And Consulting Employees
  6. 6. Contact Us Cortney Shegerian Email Vcard Website