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Cortney Shegerian | How to Find the Best Employment Lawyer For You

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Cortney Shegerian : Are you searching the best employment lawyer for you? Finding a lawyer can be incredibly stressful, especially if you have terminated from your job or being harassed. Follow these tips to pick the right one.

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Cortney Shegerian | How to Find the Best Employment Lawyer For You

  2. 2. GO TO THE STATE BAR WEBSITE Hands down, the best place to start researching a lawyer is the State Bar of California’s website. There, you can look up attorneys by name and see their credentials and history. The State Bar’s website has the following information for each California lawyer: • Contact information, including address, phone, fax, and email • Undergraduate and law schools • County • State Bar sections that they are involved in • Date of admission and status history • Bar number • Practice areas (optional) • Website (optional) • Actions affecting eligibility to practice law (such as discipline).
  3. 3. EXPLORE THE LAWYER’S WEBSITE Go to the lawyer’s website. Read her bio. Find out what she’s done. See if there are certain types of cases she handles. Look at her bar associations and memberships. Look at her speaking engagements and publications. See if you can get a sense of what she’s like.
  4. 4. INTERVIEW THE ATTORNEY AND ASK THE RIGHT QUESTIONS When you speak with the attorney, below are some questions you can ask. You may be able to find out some of these answers via the lawyer’s website.
  5. 5. PREFER “EMPLOYEE-ONLY” ADVOCATES If I was seeking an attorney to handle an “adversarial” matter like yours is, I would prefer to hire an attorney who only represents employees, and does not assist employers.
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