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Top 10 National Dishes You Must Try!

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From Goulash to Sushi, here's an extensive guide to our Top 10 National Dishes you really MUST feast on!

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Top 10 National Dishes You Must Try!

  1. 1. Cox and Kings Presents A Matter of Taste!Top 10 National Dishes You Should Try!
  2. 2. Irish Stew, IrelandOriginally a thick broth of slow-boiled mutton with onions, potatoes, and parsley, Irish stewnowadays often incorporates other vegetables, such as carrots, and many cooks brown the mutton first. It is a staple of Irish pubs worldwide.
  3. 3. Ackee and Saltfish, Jamaica Jamaicans sauté the boiled ackee (a nutricious fruit with a butter, nutty flavour) withsaltfish (salt-curedcod), onions, and tomatoes. Sometimes the dish is served atop bammy (deep-fried cassava cakes) with fried plantains.
  4. 4. Pot-au-feu, FranceOriginally a rustic dish that was stewed continuously all winter and topped up as needed, pot-au-feu (pot-in- the-fire) is a warming, fragrant dish of stewing steak, root vegetables, and spices. Traditionally, cooks sieve the broth and serve it separately from the meat. Kibbeh, a versatile confection of ground lamb, bulgar, and various seasonings, is a core component of mezes. It is often fried in torpedo or patty shapes, baked, boiled, or stuffed, but is tastiest raw. Kibbeh, Lebanon
  5. 5. Sushi, JapanSushi is essentially cold cooked rice dressed with vinegar that is shaped into bite-sized pieces and topped with raw or cooked fish, or formed into a roll with fish, egg, or vegetables and wrapped in seaweed. This dish has gained immense popularity all over the world.
  6. 6. Mole Poblano de Guajalote, Mexico Mole is essentially a thick sauce; Mole poblano is made with chilies and chocolate. Before theSpaniards arrived, Mexican nobility ate roasted turkey, quail, and casseroles of turkey prepared with chilies, tomatoes, and ground pumpkin seeds.
  7. 7. Goulash, HungaryGulyás Magyar for "herdsman" became a national dish in the late 1800s. A filling stew of beef, vegetables, red onions, and spices, goulash gets its flavor from the use of slow cooked beef shin, or similar richly flavored cuts, and paprika.
  8. 8. Bulgogi, KoreaBeef bulgogi (fire meat) is a dish of thinly sliced, prime cuts of meat marinated in a mixture ofsoy sauce, sesame oil, garlic, onions, ginger, sugar, and wine, and then grilled. It is often eatenwrapped in lettuce or spinach leaves and accompanied by kimchi (fermented vegetable pickle).
  9. 9. Wiener Schnitzel, Austria This simple dish of pounded veal cutlets breaded and lightly fried is Austrias foodambassador, despite the dishs Italian origins. Austrians typically eat Wiener schnitzel garnished with parsley and lemon slices, alongside potato salad.
  10. 10. Moussaka, GreeceMoussaka is made with veal or lamb (as opposed to beef), and instead uses sliced eggplant (aubergine) or potato (in the Turkish version). The meat is flavored with cinnamon and pimento (allspice) and mixed with white wine. It is coated with a rich white sauce.
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