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10 Reasons Explaining Why One Should Choose Parse Over Cloudkit

Multitude of cloud-based software programs like- parse, cloudkit, etc is used for engineering an application. It becomes challenging and pose a question before developers as to prefer which one over others for easy cloud management. To demystify such things, here 10 facts are showcased that highlights why ones preference should be Parse over cloudkit.

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10 Reasons Explaining Why One Should Choose Parse Over Cloudkit

  1. 1. 10 Reasons Why To Prefer Parse Over Cloudkit
  2. 2. It’s Universally Known CloudKit and Parse framework provides data transfer API to move the data from iOS devices to iCloud
  3. 3. But, there are some people who opt for CloudKit as opposed to Parse
  4. 4. Why? Is cloudkit not worth its salt?
  5. 5. Explore the reasons that will showcase where CloudKit falls behind in and Parse excels
  6. 6. The Dashboard A recent trend in design, especially user interface design, is to streamline and streamline until there's nothing but the bare essentials, or even less, in CloudKit's case. The Dashboard is incredibly limited compared to Parse's.
  7. 7. Analytics There is a common saying, you simply cannot compete in this age without knowing analytics, even if you have deep technical expertise. With Parse, you get support for data-based analytics, allowing you to monitor all the numbers you need to track.
  8. 8. Easy Importing & Exporting With Parse, it's easy to back your data up in JSON to make sure that it's there for you when you need it, and it's just as easy to import it back in. This makes it very easy to transfer data if you get a new phone, laptop or other device. If you make sure to back up every night, or just right before you make the switch, you can pick up where you left off without skipping a beat.
  9. 9. Background Tasks You don't get Background Task with CloudKit. You do with Parse. This makes it very easy to automate and streamline your process in development, analytics and design.
  10. 10. Cross-Platform Compatibility With Parse, you can work on OS, iOS, Windows and Windows Phone, and Android. If you don't have an Apple product, you can't use CloudKit. This can create serious problems if you're working with a team and you'd like for everyone to be on the same page.
  11. 11. Hosting You can create a website and grab a domain name right from inside of the Parse app. But, with CloudKit, you'll need to find your own web host and then figure out how you're going to get your work from the app onto that site. Also, with Parse, it's easy to import and export to and from website and publish web content directly from the app. CloudKit, not so much.
  12. 12. Rest API REST API allows you to access third-party libraries in order to receive and transfer data. Parse offers REST API support, where CloudKit does not. Simply, accessibility is key in all aspects of Parse's design, and REST API is a big part of that accessibility.
  13. 13. Social Network Support This is the age of social media. Parse lets users log in through Twitter, Facebook and other social networks, and then it stores their data in a Users table. CloudKit is a little archaic in this regard, as it does have a Users table, but there's no built-in function to collect data when users log in through their social networks.
  14. 14. Server Side Logic Parse uses CloudCode, allowing developers to implement tasks on the server. Calculating data or accessing a library is very easy with CloudCode. CloudKit has nothing like this.
  15. 15. Support for Local Storage Parse offers support for local storage and enables you to store locally anything that you need to. There's no feature in CloudKit that let anyone choose whether to store data locally or in the cloud.
  16. 16. Deploy the application leveraging the framework that you prefer
  17. 17. Credencys experts are well-proficient in engineering application using Parse & Cloudkit framework
  18. 18. Let's elevate your brand to the next level