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Boost Customer Experience with UiPath and AWS Contact Center automation

  1. Boost Customer Experience with UiPath and AWS Contact Center automation Tech Integrations Series 3
  2. 2 1. Meetup Introduction with our Community Manager 2. High Level Overview of UiPath + Amazon Contact Center Integration 3. Capability deep-dive: Amazon Connect Native Integration and Amazon Comprehend + UiPath 4. Live Walkthrough: 1) Configuring Amazon Connect, 2) Configuring Amazon Comprehend 5. Demo: Building Automations 6. Use Cases 7. Q&A and Additional Demos Agenda
  3. 3 Automate the Call Center Amazon + UiPath – High-Level Overview Easily bring AI to your workflows Boost IT productivity Auto-scale as needs evolve Easily scale and manage your digital workforce Rapidly implement and scale your automations as needs evolve with pre-built auto deployment capabilities. Automate more and solve complex business challenges with the power of AWS AI services Modernize your enterprise by easily adding AWS AI capabilities directly into your-day-to-day operations with ready-to-use intelligent automation solutions. Leverage AWS cloud with enterprise-class automation to increase productivity Harness the power of AWS cloud and infrastructure to empower your IT organization with efficient and affordable services, and end-user process automation. Boost customer experience and free your agents by automating the call center with Amazon Connect Automate functions within the call center, enabling more self- service, decrease average call handling times, and shorten customer hold times. Deep integrations enable powerful solutions at scale – including in the Contact Center and combining AI/ML and Automation (today’s focus)
  4. 4 AWS Contact Center Intelligence and UiPath Contact Center Joint Value Proposition Customer Self-Service Agent Assistance Systems & Processes • AWS Contact Center Intelligence (CCI) focuses on AI/ML investments in customer self-service and agent assistance. • UiPath is the “link” that delivers AWS’s AI capabilities directly into the enterprises’ systems & processes. Joint Value Proposition - Empower customers to self-serve - Empower agents to deliver a personalized customer experience - Improve efficiency across front & back office - Deliver rapid results in weeks, not months, without costly infrastructure changes CCI CCI
  5. 5 Reimagine End to End Omni-Channel Capabilities End to end customer journeys optimised to allow your people do what they do best. Customer persona • External • customer • Internal • employee • Third party Voice Email Mobile Web Chat Front office services Self-Service Straight-through processing Business segmented by value, volume and/or type of process Plugged- in Service Requests Technical Troubleshooting Request Fulfilment Payment Processing Triage Data extraction Classification/ indexing Client verification Routing and prioritization Omnichannel Middle & back- Office Processes Complaints/ Disputes Status Updates Escalated Service Customer details Recent activities Customer insight Incident history Sentiment Analysis KB search tools 360 customer view Agent CRM ERP ITSM LOBs Market platforms TPAs IVR Integration APIs Data AI/ML Fraud detection Report generation Client documentation Multi-system updates Trend analysis Close-out processes “Warm transfer” to agent Bots monitor multiple input channels alongside Amazon solutions 1 Bots perform initial receiving activities and categorization 2 AI/ML + Automation solutions enable self-service; simple requests fulfilled automatically 3 Agent- assistance tools provide live support and cross-system integration 4 Unattended Bots fulfill and execute key close-out and back-office activities 5
  6. 6 Bring AI to life in your organization with UiPath and AWS Our robots never stop learning UiPath is deeply integrated with AWS AI services across vision, document, speech, and language – making it easy to create intelligent automations. Drag & drop AI capabilities directly into RPA workflows. UiPath is deeply integrated with AWS AI services in these areas Visual Understanding Human-like recognition of UI elements Document Understanding Insight into unstructured data Custom Tools and Skills AI skills custom-built for your business and brought to the UiPath Platform through a fully- integrated AI Fabric Specialized Skills A growing collection of best-in-class skills from UiPath ecosystem partners and experts, available on the UiPath Go! Marketplace EMBEDDED SKILLS EMBEDDED SKILLS CUSTOM SKILLS ECOSYSTEM SKILLS Conversational Understanding Sentiment of text, chat, and voice inputs EMBEDDED SKILLS
  7. © 2020, Amazon Web Services, Inc. or its Affiliates. All rights reserved. Easy to use, omnichannel cloud-based contact-center service that scales to support businesses of any size Skills-based contact routing Voice & chat recording Real-time and historical analytics High-quality voice capability Pay-as-you-go pricing Amazon Connect is helping companies transform customer experience Amazon Connect
  8. © 2020, Amazon Web Services, Inc. or its Affiliates. All rights reserved. Extensive service integrations foster innovation Amazon Connect Development Database Storage AI Analytics AWS Lambda Amazon API Gateway AWS Step Functions Amazon S3 Amazon Glacier Amazon RDS Amazon DynamoDB Amazon Redshift Amazon Transcribe Amazon Comprehend Amazon Lex Amazon Polly Amazon Glue Amazon Quicksight Amazon Athena Amazon Kinesis Messaging Management Security Amazon Pinpoint Amazon Simple Notification Service Amazon Simple Email Service AWS Identity and Access Management AWS Directory Service Amazon CloudWatch AWS CloudFormation AWS CloudTrail
  9. 9 © 2021 Amazon Web Services, Inc. or its affiliates. All rights reserved | The AWS ML stack Broadest and most complete set of machine learning capabilities ML FRAMEWORKS & INFRASTRUCTURE TensorFlow, PyTorch, Apache MXNet Deep learning AMIs & containers GPUs Inferentia Elastic inference FPGA AI SERVICES Vision Rekognition Speech Polly Transcribe Chatbots Lex Contact centers Contact Lens Connect Voice ID Code + DevOps CodeGuru DevOps Guru Text Comprehend Translate Textract Business tools Personalize, Forecast Fraud Detector Lookout for Metrics Search Kendra Industrial Panorama Appliance and SDK, Monitron, Lookout for Equipment, Lookout for Vision Healthcare HealthLake Comprehend Medical Transcribe Medical Label data Data collection prep Store features Detect bias and explain predictions Visualize in notebooks Pick algorithm Manage & monitor Train models faster Deploy in production Tune parameters Manage edge devices SAGEMAKER STUDIO IDE CI/CD AMAZON SAGEMAKER
  10. 10 Quick Demo – Comprehend / Textract
  11. 11 AWS Contact Center Intelligence and UiPath Contact Center Joint Value Proposition • Reduced Cost in Contact Center • Reduced Average Call Handling Time (AHT) • Improved Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) • Improved Employee Satisfaction • Improved Employee Retention UiPath & AWS Mutual Value Prop UiPath Robots Agent Customer contacts support via voice or chat - powered by the customers’ IVR system of choice* (both on prem or cloud based) UiPath Robots and agents work together or independently to fulfill requests AWS Contact Center Intelligence (CCI) enables UiPath Robot to automate even more complex use cases! UiPath can automate across any system, including on-prem mainframes, cloud-based web services, homebrewed systems, and those not accessible via APIs 1 2 3 UiPath Robots API *Amazon Connect & Genesys PureCloud are UiPath pre-built integrations, with reference configs that can be extended to all IVR vendors Logos here are representative of AWS Contact Center Intelligence partners, but UiPath can work with any IVR vendor.
  12. 12 Walkthrough – Configuring Amazon Connect Integration Sample UiPath + Connect Contact Flow Template: UiPath API Connector Guide: 1) Get Orchestrator API details in Orchestrator 2) Set up stack in AWS based on template 3) Set up Lambda functions pointing to applicable UiPath calls 4) Create Contact Flow (and optionally Lex chatbot) 5) Identify UiPath reference properties needed (folderId, releaseKey, etc) 6) Use at least one Lambda function in your Contact Flow to start (and optionally query later) a UiPath job 7) Optional – set up output argument in UiPath workflow 8) Try it out!
  13. 13 Walkthrough – Configuring Amazon Connect and Comprehend Activities in Studio • Add Connect package in Studio • Review and add necessary properties to authenticate
  14. 14 Live Demos: Triggering a UiPath Start Job Event via Connect IVR 1) Set up AWS Pre-requisites (quick walkthrough) 2) Add Lambda function to start job 3) Walk through Contact Flow 4) Make call live – what could go wrong? 5) Check for incident in SNOW (Time-willing) 1) Options to add chat to Contact Flow via Lex, deeper dive into Comprehend and incorporating AWS AI capabilities in UiPath workflows
  15. 15 UiPath robots informs customer once request is complete via Amazon Connect UiPath + Amazon Connect partner with top 25 bank in the U.S. to transform its contact center CASE STUDY: INBOUND CALL (SELF-SERVICE) • 40-50% reduction in agent call volume • 30% reduction in Average Handling Time • Improved security and compliance from enhanced authentication process • Improved customer experience (reduced hold time) and NPS for direct banking channel A bank call center handled both customer calls and call from branch employees. Simple requests such as unlocking accounts and statement requests made up 50-70% of the call volume, overwhelming agents and resulting in long hold times. Challenge Solution Results Amazon Connect UiPath Robots Customer contacts support via voice or chat powered by Amazon Connect UiPath robots reach into the bank’s disparate systems of record and legacy mainframe systems with no APIs to automatically process simple requests including transaction disputes, unrecognized transactions, lost/new card requests and password resets. This is all completed without any agent involvement. 1 2 3
  16. 16 Results USE CASE: OUTBOUND CALL A State Department of Labor sought a solution to gather and process missing information in hundreds of thousands of unemployment insurance claims. UiPath + Amazon Connect joint solution to support a State Department of Labor during COVID-19 Challenge Acme Industries Hi, can you provide your last employer? DoL Mainframe Systems Amazon Connect Outbound Dialer Call list End of call 1 Ingest: UiPath processes the file and sends to an Amazon Connect call flow 2 Contact: Amazon Connect connects the applicant 3 Validate: Amazon Connect and UiPath validate the caller’s identity 4 Complete: UiPath and Amazon Connect complete the application DoL Mainframe Systems Unemployment Claim Applicant Amazon Connect IVR UiPath Robot • PoC results validated with AWS engineers: estimated to process 300,000 applications in approximately 2 days • Rapidly accelerate processing of unemployment claims: robots can process an application in 1 minute • Alleviate need to hire thousands of employees to manually gather missing information Solution
  17. 17 Links and Documentation: UiPath Integrations (All): Amazon Comprehend Activities: Amazon Connect Activities: Amazon Textract Activities: AWS Activities:
  18. 18 Vibrant ecosystem of more than 1,5 million professionals and citizen developers learning, getting support, and succeeding together in their automation careers. • Start with the free Community Edition to get trained and certified • Then upgrade to the Enterprise version of the product Academy • Get crowdsourced support and share product feedback on UiPath Forum • Check the product documentation • Join the Insider Preview for early testing Forum Community Events • Access the latest articles and video tutorial content created by community members and UiPath engineers in our Community Blog • Contribute as an author. UiPath Community MVPs • Get recognized as a Most Valuable Professional (MVP), Automation Champion or one of the Forum Leaders, based on the contribution to others’ growth Join the UiPath Community • Connect with like-minded people and share best practices with the UiPath Community • Solve challenges in engaging hackathon competitions • Join meetups and conferences Blog and Tutorials Automation Cloud • Learn the skills of the future on UiPath Academy or through our Academic Alliance • Earn globally recognized credentials with UiPath Certifications
  19. 19 Last date to apply – 5th Dec Visit for more details
  20. 20 Date/Time Topic Status Nov 4th, 13PM GMT Automate cross-system ITSM processes through APIs with UiPath Integration Service Register now Nov 11th, 12PM GMT Automate end-to-end processes that involve Jira Register now Nov 18th, 13PM GMT Boost Customer Experience with UiPath & AWS Contact Center automation Register now Dec 2nd, 13PM GMT Automate CRM systems through APIs with the new UiPath Integration Service Register now Dec 16th, 13PM GMT UiPath Integration with SAP Solution Manager 7.2 Register now
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  1. Amazon Connect is AWS’ omni-channel cloud contact center service that helps companies provide superior customer service at a lower cost. It is also used by Amazon’s retail business. At Amazon, we strive to be Earth’s most customer-centric company, but traditional contact center technologies weren’t able to meet our needs. The technology we were looking for needed to be scalable. We knew the trajectory of the growth we were seeing, but we also needed to cater for rapid changes in demand. So we built it, as a Contact Center as a Service! Using our knowledge and experience, we built an easy-to-use, intuitive system that enables Amazon customer service associates to focus their attention on the customer, rather than on navigating a complex, difficult-to-use system, and their supervisors a simple tool for managing their staff and their business. Over 50 groups and businesses within Amazon and its subsidiaries provide customer service today, making Amazon Connect suitable for contact centers ranging from 10s of agents to 10s of thousands of agents. One of the key differentiators of Amazon Connect is the simplicity of setup and configuration. Amazon Connect can be managed by business users without the need for highly technical, specialized skills. Rich metrics and analytics provide insight that enables making improvements to the end-customer experience easy, and changes are applied immediately, so results can be seen in real-time. Beyond the standard functionality, Amazon Connect delivers differentiators that allow AWS customers to create exceptional customer experiences. For example, Amazon Connect was built from the ground up to be 100% Cloud based. There are no adapters or applets or applications or browser extensions to install, every part of Amazon Connect is available purely in the browser. Amazon Connect can be setup in minutes and agents can take calls after just a few simple steps, and can be located practically anywhere that has a broadband internet connection. You can log into the AWS console today, answer a few short questions, claim a phone number and be taking calls before we finish this slide. Build dynamic and personal contact flows: The Contact Flow Engine enables non-technical users to create customer interactions, or “contact flows,” to surface information such as past purchases, contact history, and customer tendencies, which can be used to anticipate end-customer needs and deliver answers to questions before they are even asked.  Once a call comes in, Connect can source information designated by the contact flow, and start answering the customer’s question using natural language input with Amazon Lex. Natural input using Amazon Lex: Amazon Connect enables natural customer conversations by integrating with Amazon Lex (an Amazon AI service currently in preview that uses the same deep learning technologies), the same technology that powers Amazon Alexa, to enable any developer to quickly and easily build natural language interactions.  If the customer’s questions are not answered by this level of interaction, the contact flow engine can continue the flow by routing the customer to an agent with the appropriate skills/access, as designated by the Connect administrator.
  2. Many customers see the AWS cloud services platform as another differentiator as they can easily access these services to build solutions. If you want to trigger an action to send a text message in a contact flow for proactively updating a customer on the status of a parcel, customers may quickly create a Lambda function to use Amazon Pinpoint or Simple Notification Service to generate this update from a contact flow. Amazon Connect easily integrates with AWS’ 150+ other services to innovate on behalf of your customers. Amazon Connect integrates with several AWS services to provide a richer depth of capabilities and customization including: It leverages AWS Directory Services for identity and access management. It can store any call recordings and scheduled metrics reports in Amazon S3 for buckets in your account, letting you control the lifecycle management and retention of your data. It can uses AWS Lambda to enable data dips and other external integration in contact flows. Streams metrics data and agent event data to Amazon Kinesis Data Stream or Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose. Amazon Elastic Search Service can consume the data from Amazon Kinesis to enable advanced monitoring. It can encrypt data from your contact center, such as call recordings and reports, with encryption keys stored with Amazon Key Management Service. It leverages Amazon Lex for Natural Language Understanding and automated customer interactions. It uses Amazon CloudWatch for operational metrics and alarms. It uses Amazon Polly to provide the voice for text-to-speech messages.
  3. To meet our customers where they are on their machine learning journey and help them achieve specific business outcomes, we provide the broadest and most complete set of machine learning and artificial intelligence services for builders of all levels of expertise. And we continue to improve services at a rapid clip. AWS has launched more than 250 new capabilities for machine learning and artificial intelligence in just the last 12 months. At each layer of the stack, we’re investing in removing the undifferentiated heavy lifting so your teams can move faster. These services are applicable across a broad spectrum of companies, but we’ve also heard from customers that they want specific solutions that are purpose-built for their industries so we are investing in industrials and healthcare. At the top layer are our AI Services, which allow developers to easily add intelligence to any application without needing ML skills. The pre-trained models provide ready-made intelligence for your applications and workflows to help you do things like personalize the customer experience, forecast business metrics, translate conversations, extract meaning from documents and more. AWS has a broad spectrum of services to address your business’s AI goals. At the middle layer is Amazon SageMaker, which provides every developer and data scientist with the ability to build, train, and deploy machine learning models at scale. It removes the complexity from each step of the machine learning workflow so you can more easily deploy your machine learning use cases, anything from predictive maintenance to computer vision to predicting customer behaviors. And at the bottom layer, expert practitioners can develop on the framework of their choice as a managed experience in Amazon SageMaker or use the AWS Deep Learning AMIs (Amazon machine images), which are fully configured with the latest versions of the most popular deep learning frameworks and tools.