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CrossRef Annual Meeting 2012 Global Panel Eleonora Dagiene

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CrossRef Annual Meeting 2012 Global Panel Eleonora Dagiene

  1. 1. CrossRef in <LithuaniaEastern Europe>
  2. 2. VGTU Press is one of the three largest academicpublishers in Lithuania
  3. 3. Discoverability of the Lithuanian journals on the Internet The Association of Lithuanian
  4. 4. Henry Oldenburg (1615—1677) the first Secretary of the Royal Society and the first editor of The Philosophical Transactions of the RoyalSociety (Phil. Trans). It was established in 1665.
  5. 5. Vilnius Gediminas Technical UniversityLithuanian Physical SocietyAssociation of Lithuanian SerialsLithuanian Academy of SciencesPublishing House TechnologijaVytautas Magnus University
  6. 6. The Lithuanian Academy of Sciences is the only governmental institution which is not a university that publishes 12 journals. Currently, only 57 Lithuanian journalsreceive a partial state funding from the Academy (funding will last until 2014).
  7. 7. What do organizations outside <Lithuania> need to know to do business with <Lithuania>The Law on Public Procurement regulates the use offunds in state institutions including universities.The budget cycle starts in January and ends inDecember.Only small tenders can be conducted in the form ofan inquiry (asking no less than three suppliers tosubmit a proposal), while larger ones require for anopen tender.A successful tenderer can sign a contract for nolonger than three years. Once the contractual periodis over, all procurement procedures have to be
  8. 8. Which CrossRef Services do we participate in?VGTU Press started CrossRef services in 2008In order to register DOIs, we restructured the journalwebsites following the rules set by CrossRef, whichresulted in bigger visibility of VGTU journals on theInternet.Reference Linking is done in PDF files as VGTUjournals are not yet published in HTML format.
  9. 9. Which CrossRef Services do we participate in? VGTU Press staff uses The Simple Text Query and recommends it to journals‘ editorials and authors
  10. 10. Which CrossRef Services do we participate in? VGTU Press launched CitedBy with the widget written by our programmer in 2011 Some issues we encounter: local language and lack of DOIs metadata for local
  11. 11. Which CrossRef Services do we participate in?CrossCheck has been used by all editors ofthe VGTU journals since spring of 2009.CrossCheck is actively promoted in events ofthe Association of Lithuanian Serials.This year, the Lithuanian Research Councilgave a small grant to the Association forpromotion of the system.CrossCheck is also used by previouslymentioned 57 journals, the publishing ofwhich is partially funded from the budget.
  12. 12. Which CrossRef Services do we participate in?
  13. 13. To what types of content are you assigning CrossRef DOIs? How many of each?Journals articlesBooks – 170 annually (about 500 in general)Some of conference proceedings
  14. 14. What are some of the benefits you have seen from participating in CrossRef?With each new CrossRef service we implemented,we have learned a lot about scholarly publishingMinimum investments are required to improve journalcirculation and visibility in the global academiccommunity if CrossRef and its initiative are followed.With CrossRef we can always be sure to be up todate with the latest innovations that are important toour journals and their authors.
  15. 15. The JournalSeek database contains 99,408 journals from 5,526 different publishersSmall publishersproduce about 70%of research journalsglobally, so we rule.We rule only ifwe are initiative andinnovative.
  16. 16. We are happy to haveCrossRef and its team Eleonora Dagienė