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Crossref Live Events

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Crossref Community Webinar - 8th September 2016

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Crossref Live Events

  1. 1. LIVE Meetings Crossref Community Call September 2016 Jennifer Kemp Member & Community Outreach @SaysJKemp
  2. 2. Crossref-Hosted Meetings: now ‘LIVE’ London: 1-2 November • Formerly known as the Annual Member Meeting • New format: • First day is a “Mash Up” of conversations, presentations, and entertainment • Second day is traditional plenary session with distinguished guest speakers and Crossref staff speakers
  3. 3. Upcoming LIVE events: São Paulo: 13 December The event will cover: • What is Crossref metadata and how is it used? • Practical technical sessions to look at how publishers can work with Crossref services, deposit metadata and problem- solve. • Using Crossref tools and services in the publishing process, for example Similarity Check, CrossMark and funding data. • An overview of membership trends and current projects • Upcoming new services * Sessions will be presented in English with live translation to Portuguese and will also be recorded. LIVE meetings do not charge registration fees. Have an idea for the next one?