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Ed Pentz: Executive Summary #crossref15

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#Crossref15 Tech Workshops + Member Meeting
Boston, MA | Taj Boston
November 18, 2015

Ed Pentz discussed the Executive Summary

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Ed Pentz: Executive Summary #crossref15

  1. 1. Crossref: Growth and Change Ed Pentz Executive Director
  2. 2. The team • 29 people (2 joining in December) - up 24, or 21%, from 2014 • 9 of them, or 31%, new since last year • Two new directors: better organisational structure as we grow and expand • Newly created positions are a UI designer joining the Product team and an International Outreach person (Rachael!) joining the Member and Community Outreach team
  3. 3. Content • 77,356,876 content items - up 10% from 2014 • Journals, books, conference proceedings, technical reports, theses and dissertations, standards, databases, components
  4. 4. Members • 5,322 participating publishers - or organizations that publish • 1,345 new members so far this year - 30% growth
  5. 5. some new members • African Journal of Food, Agriculture, Nutrition and Development • Comhar Teoranta • DJ Publications • ERM Publications • LACCEI (Latin American and Caribbean Consortium of Engineering Institutions) • Northern Institute • Sciencepark Research Organization and Counseling • Summa Psicologica UST • Universidad de Oviedo • University of Guam Press
  6. 6. some new members • Brand Design Association of Korea • Current Approaches in Psychiatry • Dokuz Eylul Universitesi • Istanbul University Faculty of Fisheries • Korean Political Science Association • Korean Society for Lacan and Contemporary Psychoanalysis • Liinc em Revista • The Association of Popular Narrative • The Jungang English Language and Literature Association of Korea • The Korean Ethics Education Association
  7. 7. Governance • Election: Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), Hindawi, Taylor & Francis, Sage Publications, Wiley • Board: AIP, APA, Elsevier, IEEE, IOP, Johns Hopkins UP, PLOS, Springer Nature, Vilnius GediminasTechnical University (VGTU) Press, de Gruyter, Zhejiang University Press • Board committees: Executive, Nominating, Audit • Nominating Committee proposed the slate of board candidates - includes general members
  8. 8. How to get involved? • Committees: Membership & Fees, CrossCheck, CrossMark, Text and Data Mining, DET, DUL • Working Groups: Taxonomy, Linked Clinical Trials, Standards Technical, Book Interest Group, Funder Advisory Group
  9. 9. Preprints • In July the board voted to accept preprints • Updated rules being reviewed tomorrow • Clarify best practice for: • Assigning DOIs to preprints and requirements for clear labelling and to link to published version - privilege the Version of Record • Assigning CR DOIs at acceptance and maintaining the same CR DOI for the formally published version. • Assigning separate DOIs to duplicative and derivative content such as re-publications, translations, annotated copies, etc.
  10. 10. Funding data • Changing a name - renaming FundRef - will use funding data and the Crossref Open Funder Registry • “FundRef” caused confusion - many thought it was separate from Crossref or a separate system. • Took focus away from all the metadata we are now collecting including: funder ID and grant number, authenticated ORCID iDs, licenses (embargoes), full text URL for TDM, CrossMark metadata, abstracts
  11. 11. What’s in store? • 2016 Budget • $7.2 million revenue (7% increase from 2015 YE) • $7.0 million expenses (21% increase from 2015 YE) - staff costs, new website, re-branding roll out • Full roll out of new branding and communications; new website; new manual deposit process, DET, DUL, Linked Clinical Trials, ORCID Auto Update, Participation Reports, international outreach, etc.
  12. 12. Collaboration & Engagement • Institutional Identifiers - ORCID, DataCite and others • I believe there is an opportunity for the scholarly community to come together and address the challenge of providing a stable persistent identifier for institutions. This conversation should clearly involve the existing stakeholders I have listed above. But a standard alone is insufficient for success; both ORCID and CrossRef demonstrate the need for organisational infrastructure, services and outreach in order to drive uptake and ensure success. • Richard Padley, Semantical - Digital Science - Perspectives • guest-post-by-richard-padley/
  13. 13. The future? • More (valuable) growth • More (thoughtful) change
  14. 14. Thank you Ed Pentz @epentz