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ORCID: Streamlining workflows - Crossref LIVE South Africa

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ORCID Community Manager, Gabriela Mejias, presented updates from ORCID at Crossref LIVE events in Pretoria and Cape Town. 17th and 19th April 2018.

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ORCID: Streamlining workflows - Crossref LIVE South Africa

  1. 1. ORCID: streamlining workflows 19 April, 2018 GABRIELA MEJIAS Community Manager EMEA
  3. 3. WHY PERSISTENT IDs? Challenges for the individual: - Multiple profile systems - Manual data entry - Administrative burden - No control of personal data - Name ambiguity - Recognition/credit Challenges for the organisations: - Name ambiguity - Trust in metadata - Reporting latency - Silo systems - Discoverability and visibility
  4. 4. ● Documenting impact through research performance frameworks ● Reducing researcher burden … but these two goals seem at cross purposes? RESEARCH MANAGEMENT TRENDS
  5. 5. WHAT IS ORCID? • An identifier for researchers • A registry • A set of standard procedures for connecting researchers to their affiliations and activities • A committed community building connectors • An international-scale open research effort
  6. 6. ORCID IS OPEN • Non-profit and platform-neutral • International service that integrates with other researcher identifiers • Registry use is free for individuals • Independent non-profit membership organization • Open data, software, APIs, and documentation
  7. 7. Using the ORCID Registry Two simple steps: 1. Register for an iD 2. Use the iD when • Publishing articles, datasets • Registering for meetings • Performing peer review • Applying for grants • Using university resources • Adding email signatures, web pages, CVs and more
  8. 8. Email check Name check Email displayed if public on record Registering 1. Registering for an iD • Self-registration only • From another site • Less than 30 seconds • Duplicate filters • Unique email • Name check
  9. 9. Using the iD 2. Using the iD • Provide an authenticated iD as well as a name • Grant permission to read / write to the ORCID record (trusted parties) • Sign into sites with ORCID account
  10. 10. ORCID PROVIDES Persistent digital identifiers to distinguish researchers from each other Member-built integrations that connect researchers and their activities/affiliations A hub for synchronizing machine-readable connections between identifiers for people, organizations, and research activities ✔ Plumbing for research information ✔ Tools to build trust in digital information
  11. 11. Researcher university Gives permission to COLLECT iD and access the record Registers & manages ORCID record Employment: XXX University Source: XXX University (ID139) ORCID record CONNECTS affiliation funder CONNECTS grant Funding: YYY Foundation, Grant #123 Source: YYY Foundation (ID45) CONNECTS publication Works: Book, Chapter, 2016 Source: XYZ Press (DOI:675) publisher ORCID ID Researcher Name Basic information • Other names • Email addresses • Biography Account settings Activities & affiliations Controls visibility
  12. 12. COLLECTING PERMISSION Government Universities FundersAssociations Publishers Platforms using the ORCID API ORCID Registry 4.5M+ live iDs No integration and manual collection of ORCID iDs Using the API allows for synchronisation of data and reliable connections
  13. 13. university funder publisher CONNECTS affiliation CONNECTS grant CONNECTS publication
  14. 14. Activities: Works • WORKS: broadly-defined research outputs including publications, datasets, patents, dissertations and more • Linked by unique work identifiers • 12 search & link wizards • Import/export via BibTeX • Add manually (not recommended) Works added by multiple sources are grouped together based on having the same work identifier.
  15. 15. • PEER REVIEW: recognition for peer review service • New standard citation (CASRAI) • Implemented by AGU, eJournalPress, F1000, Publons, ReView More in progress! Activities: Peer review
  16. 16. Display: iDs on websites Learn more: • iD display guidelines: iDs in journals: Functional Ecology (British Ecological Society/Wiley) iDs in profiles: KAKEN
  17. 17. Display: iDs in Metadata <person_name> <given_name>Tomoko</given_name> <surname>Kato</surname> <ORCID authenticated=“true”> </ORCID> </person_name> DOI metadata iDs in search
  18. 18. ORCID AUTO-UPDATE Author • Link own ORCID to author profile • Add ORCID to co-authors too Publisher Embed authors’ ORCID in the metadata when the manuscript is accepted Crossr ef Check authors’ ORCID in the metadata when assigning DOIs to new publications ORCI D Receive new publication info from Crossref and add to authors’ ORCID records Notified via email
  19. 19. AUTHENTICATION Collect iD using an authenticated API to ensure: ● the person and the iD belong together ● the iD is correctly entered ● privacy is respected For more info on membership, visit
  21. 21. BENEFITS ● Matching authors/reviewers across systems ● Simplifying sign-on into systems ● Improved discovery, citation, and marketing ● Benefits in peer review
  22. 22. THE COMMUNITY OF INTEGRATORS •South Africa consortium: launched in 2017 leaded by TENET, currently has 10 members •More than 850 members from 44 countries, consortia in the UK, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Italy, South Africa, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the US •4.5m researchers, 1.75m records with at least one connection: 28m works, 400K grants, 210K reviews, 2.2m education and 1.8m employment items •Over 550 integrations across sectors of the research community
  23. 23. WHAT NEXT? Talk to us about your systems and how you could join the community: ○ Collect authenticated ORCID iDs ○ Update ORCID records with works ■ Push authenticated ORCID iDs to DOI agency or ■ Directly update ORCID record(s)
  24. 24. • Find out more at • Register at • Twitter @ORCID_Org TALK TO US... Gabriela Mejias ORCID Community Manager EMEA