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Introducing Museums at Night and Connect! 2016

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  2. “Culture24 makes amazing happen. We are an independent non-profit company which exists to support the cultural sector to reach and connect with audiences. ”
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  10. Museums at Night seeks to encourage venues to try something different to attract new audiences.
  11. Our target is for every eligible cultural venue to take part and a million visits by 2020.
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  14. Wednesday 11 – Saturday 14 May 2016 Thursday 27 – Saturday 29 October 2016
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  17. Bursaries Place in competition Connect! event bursary Match funding (inc. staff time) 1st £3000 £830 2nd £300 3rd £200 4th £100 5th £100
  18. “It was good news, it gave people something positive to do and it brought artists to the town.” Michelle Lally, Arts officer 20-21 Visual Arts Centre, Scunthorpe, participating venue 2013 and 2014 “In some ways it is a disadvantage to be part of a larger organisation where everything is done by committee.” Laura, Development Manager, Brighton Pavilion and Museums “We don’t usually engage with contemporary art. We’d never had the opportunity to work with an artist before.” Lucie Connors, Learning and Outreach Officer, The Cardiff Story Museum “We also wanted to shift perceptions of the gallery – someone described us as “dusty”, which we took exception to, though Pam was very professional and didn’t slap them.” “Working with such a high profile artist was incredibly beneficial, the gravitas of that name, and the exposure that came with that.” Matthew Chesney, Backlit Gallery, Nottingham “This was a bigger project than we’ve ever undertaken before and it’s really changed the way we think. I really enjoyed the opportunity to work with another department: in this case it was Libraries, who had their event on the Friday evening.” Karl Morgan, Virtual Interpretation Officer Swansea Museum
  19. We were intrigued with a project that relocates a cult exploitation movie, reimagined by a contemporary hipper than hip director, into a former Church in a steel town. Faster Pussycat… is an ode to female violence and plays with traditional gender roles. This brought to mind Scunthorpe’s only newsworthy riot that took place in 1997 and started with two women brawling outside a chip shop after a night out and ended with 3 burnt out police cars. ‘If you want wild living fast…’ then come to 20-21. In the library of the Yorkshire Museum stands a stuffed bear in a glass case sporting a top hat. This bear is a favourite with our visitors not least because it used to live in the museum gardens. Having escaped and chased a member of the philosophical society across the lawns, the bear was sent to London zoo. A letter in the collections, dated 1831, describes how the bear would be booked as an outside passenger on the York coach, in the care of the driver! We would like to invite Alan Measles (and Grayson Perry) to meet the bears in our collections, including toys from the Castle Museum and ceramics from the Art Gallery, for a game of hide-and-seek.
  20. Speaking publicly can often be a nervous and anxious experience; the content, how well the message is communicated, the confidence of the speaker. ‘Wearing’s’ idea plays around with these emotions inviting people to be more expressive and creative with their language, making a sometimes-dreadful scenario uplifting and light-hearted. This approach also follows Wearing practice, which examines the relationship between public image and private identity and the expression of intimate thoughts or personal convictions. Personal Karaoke will include a half-day creative writing session facilitated by local poets / writers (e.g. mouthy poets, Nottingham Writers studio), bringing together spoken word and community recording artists who will respond to present a self portrait of themselves through a verbal / musical “selfie”. The Museums at night event will culminate in workshop participants showcasing their karaoke “selfies” to the public. The half-day creative session and showcasing event will take place in Backlit’s top floor gallery space during the last week of Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2015 exhibition.
  21. We want to build on our recent growth of an audience segment the NT term ‘live life to the full’ visitors – adults who confidently seek distinctiveness and originality and whose open attitude keeps them young at heart. We also want to attract a new audience to this event -‘young experience seekers’ (a group of people who are open to a challenge and who make and take opportunities). Likely to be under 30, they are impressed by the spectacular and will approach it with energy and enthusiasm, capturing moments in their mind which will feature in the anecdotes of their life We already use ACE’s Insight segments as part of our audience development strategy. In addition to our identified loyal audiences we expect following groups to attend • Urban Arts Eclectic (Exeter, Bristol, Plymouth and visitors to region) • Time Poor Dreamers • Older Homebound • Limited Means, Nothing Fancy This event would also engage the following marginalised groups: - Because of the aural nature of the artwork we would be able to involve the West of England
  22. Installation Re-plinthing 'Love’ - £250 Moving the marbles - £650 Equipment/materials (McGuires) - £1750 Soirée to celebrate the opening of the enchanted garden: promenade/dance performances by magical beasts/paper dolls/?, music inspired by the installation, film booths showing the creation of the installation and other work by the McGuires, a pay bar. Internet advertising - £500 Print advertising - £400 Filming installation - £500 Materials for costumes - £750 Set dressing for galleries - £500 Printing of Soirée invites and flyers - £300 Drinks on arrival - £1500 Music - £500 Projected ticket income £5000 Income £8000 ~ Expenditure £8000
  23. 32,000 VOTES
  24. CONNECT! PROJECT TIMETABLE NOW to FRIDAY 11th MARCH Event submissions from venues FRIDAY 8th April Participating venues announced 11am FRIDAY 29th APRIL UNTIL SATURDAY 14TH MAY Competition open for public voting THURSDAY 27 TO SATURDAY 29 OCTOBER Events
  25. Contacts Rosie: Nick: Or call us on 01273 523981 to discuss your event plans.