Experimentation in Student Media

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27 de Oct de 2016

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Experimentation in Student Media

  1. EXPERIMENTATION IN STUDENT MEDIA @sarahjnichols  #ihspa16 ?
  5. sex? ST. MARK’S SCHOOL OF TEXAS 10600 PRESTON ROAD DALLAS, TX. 75230 INSIDE ARE YOU A WIMP? With the rise of “snow-plow” parenting, we ask students and parents about their parenting techniques and question how involved a parent should be. RREMARKER MARCH 11, 2016 VOLUME 62 ISSUE 5 KICKING IT AT COFFEEHOUSE At a recent coffeehouse, Life writers Davis Bailey and Zach Gilstrap share what happened: music, acting — and surprise. PAGE 29 News 2 Malecall 10 Life 11 Perspectives 16 Buzz 21 Commentary 22 Sports 25 Backpage 32PAGE 12 PAGE 3 - Junior Will Ingram DREWBAXLEYPHOTO by Waseem Nabulsi An alum who has made his name in the music business in Los Angeles has been chosen as the Commencement speaker for the class of 2016. Jbeau Lewis ‘98, who was recipient of the Headmasters Cup and valedictorian of his class, will address the seniors. Headmaster David Dini announced the decision last month. Lewis, who currently works for United Talent Agency and was a Jefferson scholar at the University of Virginia, has represented musicians such as Kanye West, Katy Perry, Ariana Grande, DJ Khaled and more. The graduation ceremony will take place May 20 in the Eugene McDermott Commencement Quadrangle. Lewis, who entered the school as a fourth grader, is remembered by his friends and classmates for excelling both in and out of the classroom. “He wasn’t just a science guy or a math guy or an English guy, he was kind of everything,” Development Director Jim Bob Womack ’98, a classmate of Lewis’, said. “He also played on the baseball team, was on the basketball team — he really did a lot more than excel in just one area.” Lewis hopes to inspire the seniors. “I am beyond honored to return to the place that shaped so much of my youth and talk about how much St. Mark’s has shaped my adulthood, as well,” Lewis said. Womack, thinks the selection was a solid choice. “It could be exciting to see somebody with a really neat past, and I think that’s one of the best parts about Jbeau,” Wom- ack said. “He’s got this really interesting path as he got to where he is. He’s doing something really cool now, but how he got there was really interesting and I think has a lot of relevance to each of the guys sitting on the stage in a different way.” Lewis was chosen by Dini after nu- merous meetings with a panel of students and faculty over a one month period. “The most important aspect of the speech is the underlying message to the audience,” Senior Class Vice President Anvit Reddy said. “I think that this mes- sage should be something that is inspiring and poignant, something that will certain- ly leave an impression on its audience.” After narrowing the search down to a small list of potential candidates, Lewis was ultimately chosen as the speaker. “We also watched Mr. Lewis’s vale- dictory speech during this final meeting, and given the quality of that speech, we were confident that he would deliver a commencement speech of the same cali- ber or even higher,” Reddy said. “[And] given that Mr. Lewis is an alumnus, we are confident that he will have no trouble grabbing our attention.” SEXUAL EDUCATION INSIDE Would you buy a person? Addendum, Pages 1A-4A • See The ReMarker’s special section that explores the issue of human trafficking, with in-depth details on how people are being sold around the world and right here in Dallas. Marksmen have sex. It happens — whether it’s a first-time relationship in high school, a one-night stand during college or as husbands planning a family — Marksmen have sex. But are they prepared for it? We asked current student Damon*, one of those Marksmen who is having sex, if the current sexual education has prepared him for a healthy relationship. “It hasn’t at all,” he said. “I don’t think I remember anything from fifth grade. I don’t even really remember what we covered. But as far as biology goes, I’m sure we touched on it, but it was more how stuff works more than contraception, how to have safe sex, or what constitutes a healthy relationship. Consent is obviously an issue and something that needs to be addressed very thoroughly.” Continued, page 16 STORY AVERY POWELL KOBE ROSEMAN PHILIP SMART ADDITIONAL REPORTING WASEEM NABULSI ILLUSTRATION ABHI THUMMALA It’s going to happen. Sex will be a part of a Marksman’s life. But if you look at our sex ed curriculum — a few weeks in science class — you wouldn’t know it. So when will we learn about — gasp — sex? ‘WE HAD TO PULL TOGETHER TO F I N I S H WITH A WIN A G A I N S T CASADY.’ The Commencement speaker has worked with contemporary artists including Katy Perry, Kanya West and Ariana Grande. Music agent Jbeau Lewis ’98 named as Commencement speaker ARE WE READY FOR *Because of the subject matter, “Damon” will not be identified.
  9. •  what’s  the  story?   •  how  do  I  tell  it?   •  where  will  they  find  it?   •  why  will  they  care? THINK STORY
  10. •  now?   •  soon?   •  later?   •  forever? THINK TIMING
  11. Does each story package provide specific, meaningful information students can’t get anywhere else?
 Facts, figures, feelings? Detailed Does content vary in format, layering photos, alternative copy, long-form, audio, video rather than repetitive or templated pages? Unpredictable, fresh? Diverse Does presentation capture attention and draw students to your work with striking images and professional presentation? Planned and polished look? Attractive Does your student media cover all students, groups, classes, activities, teams, events? 
 Something for everyone? Inclusive IDEAL COVERAGE Cover More
  12. •  if  they’re  talking  about  it,  we’re  covering  it   •  localized,  non-­‐duplicative   •  hyper-­‐niche  publications   •  audience  feedback THINK COVERAGE
  15. Print: Yearbook Newsmagazine Newspaper PHOTO COVERAGE SYSTEM [ EX: TRELLO ] BEAT SYSTEM HOW TO COVER IT ALL Online: Website Broadcast Podcast Social
  16. •  beyond  the  beat  (and  changing!)   •  content-­‐based  teams   •  specialists  with  in-­‐depth  knowledge   •  based  on  readers’  special  interests THINK OBSESSION
  17. beat:   environment   phenomenon:   climate  change STUDY QUARTZ
  21. How can you guarantee that everyone at your school not only wants but NEEDS what you’re offering? THINK ESSENTIAL 2
  22. • ROI  +  budgeting
 • metrics,  analytics   •  cost  per  copy/issue   •  who’s  reading?  how  do  you  know? THINK BUSINESS
  26. •  scarcity   •  participatory   •  exclusive  vs.  inclusive   •  time-­‐sensitive   THINK BIGGER
  29. How  can  we  create  an  experience?   How  can  we  cultivate  FOMO?   How  can  we  reinvent  ourselves?   THINK BIGGER
  30. What kind of media program do you want to be? How can you imagine yourself? How can you be bigger, better, more meaningful to the people you serve? Why do you want to? THINK FORWARD 3
  33. THINK MULTIDIMENSIONAL #sixwordstory
  34. STORY BY HALEY BALLESTIN16 WHITNEYUPDATE.COM #sixwordstory on laughter “When people spill food on themselves.” JORDAN GOLDMAN “I usually just laugh at myself.” NIKKI MORGAN “When I get my grades back.” MIGUEL JIMENEZ “When I tell your mom jokes.” ALEXIS LUBODA “When people make jokes, I laugh.” CHRIS HERNANDEZ “Things on Twitter make me laugh.” CASEY BORGHESI “Humans who do really stupid things.” KYLE SAUER “Brenden Smith is the funniest man.” ASHLEY CERAGIOLI “Matt Sanchez makes me laugh constantly.” JOSH OHARA @whitneyupdate @whitneyupdate @detailsyearbook THE ROAR A WHITNEY HIGH STUDENT MEDIA PUBLICATION LAUGHTER LOVE LOSS VOLUME 11 • SPECIAL EDITION • FEBRUARY 2016 THE STORIES WE TELL SIX-WORD STORIES ON LOVE “Love is always tough on everyone.” AARON HUMPHRIES “Love is affection for the other.” ANGELICA GMYR “Love is putting it before everything.” JEREMY POND “Love is acceptance rather than judgments.” MADISON DOGE “Love is something you search for.” HARSHITHA NAIDU T he campus is located 1,403 miles from here, and he’s never been there. But Cade Gimenez is clear on his passion for Texas Christian University, and everyone in his life knows it. “We’re a pretty big Texas family, you can say, at least on my mom’s side. That is why I have loved the team for so long. I love watching TCU because it reminds me of my childhood,” Gimenez said. With his grandfather being from Texas, his support for the Horned Frogs started at a young age. TCU is located in Fort Worth, Texas, and has been a university since 1893. Their athletics are part of what attracts Gimenez as a fan. “I want to go to TCU because I support the school’s athletics. I plan on playing baseball there since I enjoy the sport,” Gimenez said. Along with his drive to play baseball in college, Gimenez also cares about their academic program, even though he is indecisive on what he wants to major in. “Since I am just a freshman I haven’t really thought about it,” Gimenez said. His peers are much more familiar with nearby UC schools because of the close and commonly known University of California system. However, whenever Gimenez does meet someone who likes the same college as him, they bond instantly. “As long as I have known Cade, which has been since the beginning of freshman year, he has always liked TCU. I don’t think that will change for a very long time,” Zach Chaffin said. As his other friends agree, talking about the school and its athletic teams is a common bond. “Both of us like the college, so we talk about it all the time. Cade knows more than I do, but it’s still fun to talk to him about it,” Natalie Ham said. Gimenez supports the school in more ways than just verbally. He owns various fan merchandise in the form of socks, hats, shorts, shirts, sweatshirts and more with TCU’s logo. “My favorite is my hat from the Rose Bowl in 2011. I saw them play and bought it there at the game,” Gimenez said. He also keeps up with the baseball team. “I follow their athletics page on Instagram because it keeps me updated in a way that I enjoy, since I have social media,” Gimenez said. His first actual visit is on the horizon. He plans to attend this summer with his family. Experiencing the college with his own eyes is an experience Gimenez said he has been waiting for for years. Cade Gimenez developed his passion for Texas Christian University at an early age A.JEUNG 5 FEBRUARY 2016 STORY BY AVA JEUNG & AVERY VAN DER LINDEN ONE LOVEONE DREAM, ONE COLLEGE If you missed our #sixwordstory interactive earlier this week, scan here to see more than 50 students express themselves. “I lost three of my grandmas.” BROOKE MUNROE “I lost my pen in history.” KAILA LUERAS “I have lost my Nintendo DS.” SYLAR FERDOSI “Recently, my family lost our grandma.” SHANE LEONE #sixwordstory on loss “I’ve lost a friend of mine.” SAMANTHA HALL “I lost all my friends once.” TAYLOR SCHAR “I lost my fish six times.” KATELYN CHIAPPONE “I lost my Toy Story toy.” GABE ZUMPANO 10 WHITNEYUPDATE.COM
  35. PAY ATTENTION What  aspect  can  we  replicate?   How  can  we  move
 from  reactive  to  proactive?   And  be  interactive?  
  36. NEXT STEPS •  rhythm   •  routine   •  rut   …  or  …  
  37. THANK YOU @sarahjnichols #ihspa16