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Everything You Need To Know About Dynamic Forms, Christine Marshall

  1. Everything You Need To Know About Dynamic Forms Christine Marshall
  2. #CD22 ● Salesforce Evangelist at Salesforce Ben ○ Training and Enablement Director ○ Salesforce Ben Courses ● Bristol Salesforce Admin User Group Leader ● Supermums Mentor ● Salesforce MVP ● 6 x Certified Christine Marshall
  3. #CD22 Demo of Dynamic Forms Agenda FAQs, Best Practices & Roadmap
  4. Demo!
  5. FAQs, Best Practices + Roadmap
  6. #CD22 Is Dynamic Forms available in Classic? No! Dynamic Forms is only available in Lightning Experience. If you’ve been looking for an excuse to migrate, this might just be it.
  7. #CD22 Is Dynamic Forms available for standard objects? No! Not yet…SAFE HARBOR: ➔ Winter ‘23 - Account, Contact, Opportunity ➔ Spring ‘23 - Lead ➔ Summer ‘23 - Case
  8. #CD22 Do I still need the standard page layout? Yes, not only can you update the standard page layout, you need to. ➔ Printable View and Mobile Layout are controlled by standard page layout ➔ Related Lists are controlled by the page layout unless you use Dynamic Related Lists
  9. #CD22 What if I have the standard detail page component plus Dynamic Form elements? There’s nothing stopping you from having both the standard detail component, as well as Dynamic Form sections and fields. Considerations: ➔ Salesforce recommend you do not do this ➔ More components will impact the page load time ◆ Analyze Button ➔ Duplicate fields
  10. #CD22 Which is used when creating a record: the details page or Dynamic Forms elements? Once Field Section components are included in the Lightning page layout, then they are used to create a new record, not the details component. Records created from a lookup will use the record detail component, not the Dynamic Forms fields on the page.
  11. #CD22 What happens if you hide a mandatory field? Chaos… don’t do this.
  12. #CD22 Do section headings remain, even if all fields are hidden? Yes. Consider adding your filter to the component instead of individual fields if you want the entire section, including header, to be hidden.
  13. #CD22 Can you filter by record type? Yes. For this you’ll need to select ‘Advanced’ when adding your filter.
  14. #CD22 Can you filter by multiple picklist values? Yes. Simply add two (or more) filters and set the filter logic as 1 OR 2 etc.
  15. #CD22 Can I use multi-select picklists for filters? No. You cannot filter on multi-picklist fields.
  16. #CD22 Can I use fields from the parent record as filters on Dynamic Forms? Yes. When you set component visibility, click ‘Add Filter’, then select ‘Advanced’. Warning - values from parent records aren’t calculated until you save: ➔ If you have Field Sections or Fields that are filtered based on values in a parent record, they will not be visible until after the new record is saved.
  17. #CD22 What about Field visibility vs Field Section visibility? Field visibility and Field Section visibility behave differently: ● Fields are super dynamic as they are evaluated live (as a user makes changes). A field may appear/disappear while a user is editing a record. ● Field Sections are only evaluated on Save, so a new section won’t appear/disappear until the user saves the record.
  18. #CD22 Can I add a field more than once? Yes! ➔ Let me tell you why… ➔ Watch out…no one likes duplicate fields
  19. #CD22 Are new Fields auto-added to Dynamic Forms? No! They are only auto-added to the standard page layout / ‘Details’ component.
  20. #CD22 Roadmap Recap
  21. Thank you! #CD22