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Scale, Meet Performance | The Powerful Interplay of Social, Display & Search

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Scale, Meet Performance | The Powerful Interplay of Social, Display & Search by Sana Ansari

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Scale, Meet Performance | The Powerful Interplay of Social, Display & Search

  1. 1. Scale, Meet Performance The Powerful Interplay of Social, Display & Search Sana Ansari, General Manager, 3Q Accelerate
  2. 2. 2A Harte Hanks Company @3QAccelerate
  3. 3. 3A Harte Hanks Company @3QAccelerate
  4. 4. 4A Harte Hanks Company Smart Segmentation of Our Customer Base @3QAccelerate
  5. 5. 5A Harte Hanks Company @3QAccelerate
  6. 6. 6A Harte Hanks Company Seed Lists for Lookalike Audiences @3QAccelerate
  7. 7. 7A Harte Hanks Company Tailoring Creative & Messaging Separate ad sets allow us to truly tailor messaging and creative. @3QAccelerate
  8. 8. 8A Harte Hanks Company Highly Relevant Landing Pages Separate ad sets allow us send audiences to the most relevant landing pages. @3QAccelerate
  9. 9. 9A Harte Hanks Company Nested Lookalike Strategy By using the nesting strategy, we can remove any overlap to fully understand the performance and value of different types of users - and bid accordingly. @3QAccelerate
  10. 10. 10A Harte Hanks Company @3QAccelerate
  11. 11. 11A Harte Hanks Company Leveraging Segments with Audience Insights @3QAccelerate
  12. 12. 12A Harte Hanks Company Develop Personas • Core ages: 25 – 34 • Gender: Females • Household income: $75-$100K • Interested in: Camping, Cycling • Purchase behavior: sports & outdoors High LTV • Core ages: 25 – 34 • Gender: Females • Household income: $50-$75K • Interested in: running, yoga • Purchase Behavior: food & drink Low LTV @3QAccelerate
  13. 13. 13A Harte Hanks Company Topics, Interests & Demographics High LTV @3QAccelerate
  14. 14. 14A Harte Hanks Company Display Select Keywords DSK is NOT standard Keyword Contextual Targeting; DSK leverages your keyword selection to match your ads to sites when your customers are most likely to convert. Selective Contextual Targeting Matches your ads to contextually relevant sites at the precise moment of user engagement Efficient Performance Only matches ads if there is a high likelihood of conversion based on customer purchase intent, keyword selection, and predictive models Launch on top 10-15 keywords • affordable gym clothes • cute yoga pants for women • trendy athletic wear • fashionable gym wear @3QAccelerate
  15. 15. 15A Harte Hanks Company Custom Affinity Audiences Take advantage of custom affinity audience targeting by placing ads in websites of competitors or those that your core customers tend to visit. @3QAccelerate
  16. 16. 16A Harte Hanks Company Reach Your Target Audience Pulling the right levers in GDN and leveraging lookalike targeting in Facebook are among the most effective ways to get in front of your core audiences. @3QAccelerate
  17. 17. 17A Harte Hanks Company @3QAccelerate
  18. 18. 18A Harte Hanks Company Capture Users with Paid Search To capitalize on the intent and brand awareness generated from our Facebook and GDN efforts, we take advantage of paid search. @3QAccelerate
  19. 19. 19A Harte Hanks Company Alpha-Beta Campaign Structure BETA (query mining) Broad or +BMM ALPHA (query sculpting) [Exact] @3QAccelerate
  20. 20. 20A Harte Hanks Company @3QAccelerate
  21. 21. 21A Harte Hanks Company Remarketing Leverage remarketing to bring high-intent audiences back onto your site to convert. Audience lists should be set up by the level of a visitor’s interaction. @3QAccelerate
  22. 22. 22A Harte Hanks Company Sequential Remarketing Segment by time for greater control over sequential messaging and to maintain fresh creative for audiences. Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 @3QAccelerate
  23. 23. 23A Harte Hanks Company Remarketing – Video Engagement Prospect with video ads to educate the user about your product/offering. Then remarket to users based on how they have viewed your video. Remarket to video views and completions CPCs can often be cheaper then prospecting with static/carousel ads! @3QAccelerate
  24. 24. 24A Harte Hanks Company Remarketing for Search Ads Leverage RLSA to stay on top of high-intent audiences and pull them back to your site to convert. @3QAccelerate
  25. 25. 25A Harte Hanks Company @3QAccelerate
  26. 26. 26A Harte Hanks Company Re-engage Facebook Custom Audiences Once you have converted your user, don’t forget that in many industries, this customer can turn into a constant stream of revenue. Utilize your 1st-party data to market and re-engage these users onto your site. Ad refresh is crucial here. @3QAccelerate
  27. 27. 27A Harte Hanks Company Re-engage Google Customer Match Leverage 1st-party data on Google to target existing customers on GSP and RLSA. @3QAccelerate
  28. 28. 28A Harte Hanks Company @3QAccelerate
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