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Europeana and the relevance of the DM2E results (Antoine Isaac – Europeana) at Enabling humanities research in the Linked Open Web – DM2E final event (11 December 2014, Navacchio, Italy)

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03 isaac dm2-e14-full

  1. 1. Europeana and the relevance of the DM2E results Antoine Isaac DM2E Final Event Pisa, December 11
  2. 2. Europe’s platform to access cultural heritage Currently 36M objects
  3. 3. Built on descriptive metadata from a broad, heterogeneous network 2,300 galleries, museums, archives and libraries The European Library Audiovisual collections National Aggregators Regional Aggregators Archives Thematic collections Libraries Musées Lausannois APEX European Film Gateway Europeana Fashion
  4. 4. More than this
  5. 5. Distributing content Europeana aims to provide content in the users’ workflow – where they want it, when they want it.  Web portal, project portals/exhibitions, social media, app  Others using Europeana data independently
  6. 6. We believe Culture transforms lives
  7. 7. We are a community of > 2500 members who contribute data, technology, knowledge and business opportunities A network of cultural innovators
  8. 8. Europeana as multi-sided platform
  9. 9. DM2E perfectly fits
  10. 10. DM2E benefits for researchers More material in Europeana relevant for digital humanities Cf Doron’s talk
  11. 11. DM2E benefits for researchers Better tools - annotation Fitting a scholarly model of researcher activities Cf. Christian and Steffen’s talk later Pundit
  12. 12. Infrastructure R&D Workflows for data aggregation Linked Open Data publication Contextualization and provenance Cf Kai’s talk
  13. 13. Metadata Enrichment
  14. 14. Gathering/linking existing semantic, multilingual data
  15. 15. Allowing different semantic grains Idea behind the Europeana Data Model Providers provide data close to original models Using mappings to more interoperable level statement at generic level statement at specific level
  16. 16. Different semantic grains EDM enables the definition of extensions, “applications profiles” Based on best practices from specific communities
  17. 17. Specialization of EDM in DM2E - Example Slide by Steffen Hennicke
  18. 18. Innovating as a network Cf Lieke’s talk
  19. 19. Thank you! Antoine Isaac @EuropeanaEU Some images by Elco van Staveren, Denkschets