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Unlimited Education... "Character Matters"

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'Unlimited Education' has developed a series of concepts that expand the definition of Education to include Morals, Values, Ethics and other important Character Educaton, etc.

No longer can we afford the Education our Kids receive in school to be limited to the traditional subjects like Math and Science, when success in life requires so much more....

After all, what good is Math if you are in jail, accept to count how much time you have left before you are released? And what good is a H.S. Degree if you don't have the Work Ethic to show up on time to work, every day? How hard is it to get a College Education if you have 1 or 2 kids?

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  • No longer can we afford the Education our children receive to be limited to Math, English, Science, Social Studies, History and Physical Education, when success in life requires so much more. How to be, who to be, where to be, where not to be and when are also important, as well as how to relate to people who don't look exactly like you. Why are we limiting the Education our children receive in school? Isn't it important to know how to balance a checkbook and how to generate and maintain good credit, as well as the dynamics of debt? The quality, level and extent of the Education our children receive in school, has a direct impact on the success they will achieve in life.

    We advocate a brand new way to educate, which focuses on the core Morals, Values and Ethics that everyone can agree on, i.e. Killing and Theft is Bad and The Golden Rule is Good (Not Religion). We advocate the use of more Up-to-Date, Progressive Information Delivery Methods, as well as Mandatory and Scheduled Parent/Teacher Communication. We advocate increased Innovative Private Sector Envolvement in Education, Mandatory Extracurricular Activities to keep kids off the streets and the Increased use of Budget Friendly Field Trips to Prisons, Police Stations, Hospitals and Places that Inspire, etc.

    Our research has proven the correlation between Good Morals, Values & Ethics and the Reduction of Crime; Violence; Drugs; Better Education; Lower Dropout Rates; Higher H.S Graduation Rates; Higher College Entry & Graduation Rates; leading to a Higher Quality and More Productive Workforce in communities and Higher Wages for the residents; leading to Lower Divorce Rates. Also, Lower Teen Pregnancy Rates; leading to Less Single Parent Households, which is also due to a stronger since of Morality and Values. Benefits include, Cleaner, Safer and Nicer Neighborhoods and Higher Property Values. All of these benefits combined, generate the positive statistics that Businesses look for when deciding where to locate, re-locate or expand. (JOBS)

    We have developed Life Changing Workshops for Children and Parents that can be conducted most anywhere (Schools, Community Centers, Libraries and even Homes).

    We have developed applications for Prisons and other places of Incarceration, as well as for Businesses. Morals, Values & Ethics are important in Business, as well; both in how you deal with Clients and Customers, as well as how Employees, various departments, Managment and Labor operate and relate to each other.

    For more information: E-mail or call: Dale Davis at 336-986-1745.

    This is just one of several positive initiatives that have resulted from The 'Let's Change the WORLD' Movement.

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Unlimited Education... "Character Matters"

  1. 1.
  2. 2. ChicagoCrime<br />In 2008: 314 U.S. Soldiers died in Iraq <br />In 2008: 509 people were murdered in Chicago Ref:<br />In 2008: 86.8% of Juvenile Arrests were between ages 14 and 16<br />In 2008: Caucasians accounted for 3.5% of all Juvenile Arrests <br />Hispanics: 18.0% and African Americans: 78.1% <br />In 2009: 18,287 Juveniles (Under age16) were arrested<br />Over 25% of these arrests (4,597) were at Chicago Public School Buildings<br />These included 1,326 Simple Battery, 644 Disorderly Conduct ,480 Drug Abuse and 124 Larceny arrests, etc. <br />Each Chicago Resident has a 1 in 82 chance of becoming a victim of Violent Crime in Chicago Ref:<br />“Chicago is not Safe”<br />“Juveniles need better Morals and Ethics”<br />Ref: &<br />
  3. 3. Chicagoeducation<br />2009 Test Results<br />62,146 tests were taken<br />60.7% of Asian Students met or exceeded standards<br />40.7% of Native Americans met or exceeded standards<br />28.9% of Hispanics met or exceeded standards<br />16.7% of Blacks met or exceeded standards<br />There was no significant difference between Male & Female results for any given category <br />NOTE: That the Racial Groups with the lowest Test Scores also had the most Incidents of Arrests (Blacks & Hispanics)<br />This suggests that either Inadequate Education is resulting in Crime or that Crime is resulting in Inadequate Education (Either way; Crime & Education are related)<br />“Chicago’s Children need to Meet the Standards”<br />“Minority Children need the most help!”<br /><br />
  4. 4. Teenage Pregnancy<br />As of 10/26/09 : Robeson High School, a struggling public school in Englewood reported that one out of every seven girls was either pregnant or had already become a mother. (That’s just one High School)<br />Everyone knows that Teen Pregnancy increases Teen Dropout Rates and increases Teen Anxiety<br />Teen Mothers are less likely to earn a College Degree, are more likely to be Unemployed, end up in Bad Relationships and more likely to raise their children as Single Parents<br />“Too Many young girls are getting pregnant, too early”<br />“Teen Boys and Girls need better Values”<br />
  5. 5. What our children need<br />Children need better Morals and Ethics<br /> Children need to meet Education Standards<br /> Children need better Values<br />Morals<br />Values<br />Ethics<br />
  6. 6. Who’s the teacher?<br />Single, working Mothers, who also go to school to better themselves and provide for their children, have very little time with their children to teach Morals, Values and Ethics<br />Schools, who have 7 to 10 hours with children, each week day, teach Math, English, Social Studies, Science and Physical Education; but no Morals, Values and Ethics<br /> The Streets, who have children 6 to 8 hours per day, teach Morals, Values and Ethics.<br />The Wrong Ones!<br />Each Week: 30 to 40 hours of:<br />The Wrong Morals, Values and Ethics!<br />No wonder why our kids are lost!<br />
  7. 7. Common sense logic<br />Fact: Children with better Morals, Values and Ethics, do better in school. <br />Fact: Better educated children do better in life<br />Fact: In localities with better education, there is Lower Crime, Lower Dropout Rates, Lower Teen Pregnancy Rates, Higher Employment, Better Wages, More Two Parent Households, Less Divorce, etc.<br />Most Agree: That parents aren’t taking the time to teach proper Morals, Values and Ethics to their children and it’s unrealistic to think we can make them all<br />“But our kids need this education!”<br />Fact: Education in life is not limited to Math, English, Science, etc., so why do we limit the education that is taught in our schools to Math, English, Science, etc.?<br />
  8. 8. Solution<br />Morals, Values and Ethics added to the school curriculum from Pre-School, through High School, as well as required Extracurricular Activities for Student s<br />Summer Vacation reduced to 30 days<br />The remaining 60 days added back into the school year<br />30 of those 60 days used to offer four separate, one week, mini-vacations during the school year<br />The remaining 30 days used to stretch out the normal curriculum, allowing nearly 3.5 hours per week for actual Morals, Values and Ethics Classes, based on an approved curriculum.<br />Classes can include, books, interactive activities, movies, role model visits and when 7 hours are saved, field trips can be taken to hospitals with AIDS Patients and Crack Babies and to Prisons, as well as Museums and other places that inspire, etc.<br />
  9. 9. Summary of Marketing Strategy<br />Establish one or more model schools that embrace a professionally designed curriculum that includes Morals, Values and Ethics (Preferably churches)<br />Monitor and track predetermined indicators for a period of not less than two years and compare the results to the same monitored indicators of similar Public Schools in the same or similar communities.<br />Simultaneously promote the value of our positive results to Businesses and Politicians so that opposition is at a minimum when this idea is eventually proposed for our Public Schools. <br />
  10. 10. “The Let’s Change the world” movement<br />In the end, this is still a country of the people, by the people and for the people. People are the engine that get things moving. We are the people! <br />No longer can the education our children receive, be limited to Math, English and Physical Education. How to balance a checkbook, how to handle credit and how to socialize with people who are not like you are also valuable lessons to learn. Conflict Resolution and The Golden Rule are just as important as Math. What good is Algebra, when you are on drugs or in jail? <br />It’s time for somebody to do something. If not now, then when? If not here, then where? If not us, then who? <br />THANK YOU!<br />