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Seven Devils Opening Script

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The opening script for my media project.

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Seven Devils Opening Script

  1. 1. Seven Devils Mich White
  2. 2. EXT. DAY. FOREST. Black screen MARYA (O.S.) Run. It is a cold, bright day. The general sounds of nature become louder progressively. Suddenly, the there is the sound of twigs snapping and leaves crunching and SAM runs across the screen. He is about 17 and looks damaged, there is a bruise on his cheek and he has a split lip. There is a cut over his eyebrow. Inter titles There is a quiet shot of the forest, the sound of breaking twigs and leaves fades away. Inter titles MARYA runs across the screen in the same direction as SAM was. She has long hair and is wearing plain but pretty clothes, no jewelery or accessories. She is wearing high heeled boots, and is not nearly as battered or exhausted as SAM is. Inter titles Close up shot of the key around SAM's neck as he is running. Inter titles Close up shot of MARYA's heels as she is running. Inter titles SAM looks over his shoulder, clutching the key tightly. Inter titles In a quiet room, MORGANA, a woman with dark hair is applying bright red lipstick MARYA is running after him and still not out of breath.
  3. 3. MARYA Where aaaaaaaare you?? SAM looks scared and runs faster, rounding a corner and almost tripping in his eagerness for escape but ultimately rights himself. Inter titles The woman finishes with her lipstick, moving on to put some mascara on her lashes. She is immaculately dressed, applying makeup on an already perfect face MARYA slows to a stop and grins widely. Inter titles SAM looks back over his shoulder and, not seeing any sign of MARYA, starts laughing gleefully. Inter titles Close up shot of a log, big enough for someone to trip over. SAM comes running for it and trips. Inter titles MARYA's heels click slowly towards SAM, getting louder, and he tries to crawl away unsuccessfully. Inter titles We see MARYA's heels come to SAM's neck and pry the key off. She catches it in her hand and, grinning, puts it in her pocket. Inter titles MARYA Gotcha. In MORGANA's room, a phone rings and she picks it up MARYA (O.S.)
  4. 4. I have him MORGANA grins, wide and red, and hangs up the phone, leaving the room with clicking heels Cut to black.