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Ideal Learning - How you can modernize your curriculum and use VR to create the best learning experience

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What is the ideal way to learn in 2017 and beyond? How can you modernize your learning and training? What role does VR play in this? We go subject by subject and discuss the ideal way to learn each and how technology can make this happen.

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Ideal Learning - How you can modernize your curriculum and use VR to create the best learning experience

  1. 1. Section Page Why VR is Ideal for Education / Learning / Training 2 Ideal Learning By Subject - History - Geography - Philosophy - Languages - Biology - Chemistry - Other Physical Sciences - Social Sciences - Business - Marketing - Complex Machine Training - More Subjects - The VR Classroom 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14-15 16 VR Adoption Curve 17 More Information About VR 18 About Reverse Tide 19 Ideal Learning How you can modernize your curriculum and use VR to create the best learning experience By Reverse Tide Table of Contents © 2017 Reverse Tide LLC Preview Version
  2. 2. Why VR Is Ideal for Education/Learning/Training While VR technology is still immature today, it has a huge future in learning. Compare VR’s strengths to traditional education/training where you sit in a classroom, read a textbook or training manual, and memorize for a test… 360 degrees of activityDevelop any simulation Move around and experience Merge into a mixed realityCommunicate within it Involve all your senses Scale education costsEliminate geography barriers Wouldn’t you rather learn via simulation and experience? Studies prove that experiencing more than doubles retention rates. And it certainly makes learning more interesting. Training on a 3- dimensional world using 2-dimensional objects? That doesn’t sound ideal. VR/AR allows you to make simulations life-like. We already see advantageous use cases in medicine, machinery, science, architecture, and more. Traditional learning gives you sight and hearing. VR combines those, enhances them, and allows you to learn through presence, experience, touch, and they’re even working on smell! VR technology currently allows you to move your head and even walk around. That tech will only improve as further advances are made. No more sitting in a classroom listening to lectures. Get out and immerse yourself in a learning world. The first VR/AR release isn’t overly social and lacks great communication features. But that won’t last long. VR will enable you to talk to anyone in the world and share simulations. Learning can truly be collaborative and social, as it’s meant to be. When subjects still require a live learning environment, you can still use this technology. Use augmented or mixed reality to bring digital holograms into physical spaces. This is great for demos, lab work, or on-site learning/training While the internet vastly improved international communication, we still have geographical barriers. VR allows you to instantly “teleport” to new locations and share your experience with anyone else in the simulation. VR truly breaks down any barriers. By removing geography, we don’t need a classroom anymore. We can deliver the same service with a much larger learning audience. Open education to the large market and training to scale. This ensures business investment and interest from learning providers too. © 2017 Reverse Tide LLC 2Preview Version
  3. 3. History – Ideal Learning • History should be told via a story rather than names and dates. Students ought to experience their history rather than memorize it. It should be fun just like when told through folklore and legend. • There is a lesson or conclusion to be drawn from history. This is why it’s so important for young people to learn it. Critical thinking should be emphasized. • Pride in local traditions, heritage, and culture. While not all history is positive, it brings us together as common citizens. Ideal Learning Principles History is one of the best learning use cases of virtual reality. Rather than memorize, we can experience it and appreciate it first-hand. In an ideal VR world, we would use this tool 100% of the time. Our ideas… See the great ancient cities as they once looked. See the architecture, talk to the people, go to the town market. This would be a full interactive VR simulation. Learn about wars and battles first-hand. Watch the tactics and see the outcomes. Talk to generals and soldiers and understand its implications. VR allows you to experience history’s notable events. What was life like in other eras? How did people dress, talk, etc. What did they do for work and leisure? A VR simulation brings these things to life. Explore ancient cities Experience wars Learn ancient customs Curriculum’s Ideal VR % 2017 2022 2027 20% 40% 80% © 2017 Reverse Tide LLC 3 For VR… Preview Version
  4. 4. The VR Classroom – Ideal Learning If the lesson calls for something outside a classroom, you can organize tours or demos in a virtual replica of the physical environment you seek. Field trip to Mars perhaps? Assemble your group and transport them to the lab. Work with complex equipment and materials from the safety of your virtual environment but get the same learning benefits. A Field Trip A Laboratory You can replicate a small classroom, lecture hall, etc. It looks and feels like a classroom and you can move, talk, or do anything you’d do if you were physically present. An Actual Classroom For organizations needing on- site training, VR gives you the capability to do it without large travel expenses. Hold conferences and other training events in a VR simulation environment. On-Site Training VR will soon give us the capability to assemble students from around the world in a single location. And it can enable collaboration, communication, and moving around like you’re physically there. © 2017 Reverse Tide LLC 16Preview Version
  5. 5. More Information About VR At RT Virtual Reality, we help businesses, institutions, governments, etc consider all elements of a VR investment. What other considerations are important before taking the next step? VR Strengths & Weaknesses Why is virtual reality destined to become such a dominant medium? What are its limitations? We explore these variables in our article LINK The Road to VR Mass Adoption In order to understand VR’s current state vs its future, we look at the current version’s issues, and predictions for how they will be fixed LINK VR For Business The introduction to thinking about virtual reality in a business, government, or investment context. This video series considers VR’s present & future LINK On RT Virtual Reality website ( Premium Content Included With Our Services: • Story-telling in Virtual Reality • List of All Business Use Cases (>100) • How to Create & Distribute a VR App • What is Good VR vs Bad VR • Custom Education Use Cases • Mixed Curriculums (VR vs digital vs live learning) © 2017 Reverse Tide LLC 18Preview Version
  6. 6. About Reverse Tide Reverse Tide ( We help make learning more accessible and more outcome focused. • 23 skill based learning paths in technology, business, and marketing subjects. These curriculums provide the most efficient way to go from beginner to job-ready and utilize the best learning sources and methods available for each subject. • Focused on quickly learning the fundamentals and then the many ways of building experience (during the learning process). • 15 job application products including guides on resumes, cover letters, interviewing, professional portfolios, freelancing, and business proposals. • 1 on 1 services customized to unique career goals. Reverse Tide Virtual Reality ( We help businesses, governments, and organizations create great VR learning content. • Advisory services on the VR market landscape, use cases, content strategy development, building a business case, and more • Partner in identifying the best vendors to create your custom VR/AR content • Specialist in applying VR to learning, training, and education. What can be done today and what investments should be made to use it in the future? What is the best modern learning curriculum and how can VR be part of that? • In-house content creation services and partnerships to develop a VR education platform © 2017 Reverse Tide LLC 19 To gain access to our full presentation, get into contact today. We offer many exciting things for our clients! Preview Version
  7. 7. Get The Full Report! © 2017 Reverse Tide LLC 20 To gain access to our full presentation with all the learning subjects from Page 1’s Table of Contents, get into contact today. We offer many exciting things for our clients!