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APositive Recruitment Yarns Presentation 2017

Masterclass presentation from the Recruitment Yarns 2017:
Finding your way through the maze of finance options.

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APositive Recruitment Yarns Presentation 2017

  1. 1. Finding your way through the maze of finance options Danny Marlow Managing Director APositive Workforce Finance Masterclass
  2. 2. Background • Recruiters placing temps & contractors generally have to pay payroll before your customers pay you – this creates a cash flow gap. • As your recruitment business grows, you need more cash. • Perm recruiters looking to grow, expand or develop a temp desk require expansion capital. • Recruitment businesses are often not suitable for traditional funding lines and Banks are not supporting SME’s very well. • New finance options have been developed for the Recruitment industry and enhanced with latest technology. Quote:
  3. 3. Traditional Finance Options Bank Overdraft Owner’s Cash Factoring • Secured (by property) • Unsecured (charge over business) • Owner or family / friends’ wealth or savings • Accumulated Profits • Directors’ loans • Sell invoices for cash
  4. 4. Solutions for the Recruitment Industry Payroll Funding • Finance solutions to help temp & contracting recruiters to pay payroll on time every time. • Integrations with online time-sheeting, payroll software & outsourced payroll managers. Invoice Finance • Finance solutions for recruiters to improve cash flow. • Selective options, flexibility, no lock-in. Perm Fee Funding • Funding against permanent placement invoices to help recruiters pay ongoing expenses or to assist with growing a temp book.
  5. 5. Other Services available • Follow up collection of slow paying customers • Credit Management – assess the ability of customers to pay what they owe the Recruiter, including credit checks with credit bureaus. • Credit Application process – help to develop an application for credit form and what to include in the application process • Assist with Credit Insurance – help to set up and manage an insurance policy to cover bad debts
  6. 6. Case Studies
  7. 7. Case Study 1 • Growing temp business • $100k Weekly payroll / 30 day customer payment terms • Business needs $400k to fund cash gap • Overdraft will require property security • Payroll Funding ensures cash available to meet payroll each week
  8. 8. Case Study 2 • Perm recruiter continually asked to provide temps • Needs back office & funding • Perm funding can assist with cash to set up • Outsourced Provider can assist to manage back office & provide online time sheeting, payroll, invoicing systems. • Payroll Funding can integrate with systems and ensure Payroll Manager has cash to pay payroll each week Title
  9. 9. Case Study 3 • Occasional Cash shortages • Online timesheeting / payroll • Integrate Invoice Finance with software to allow access to funding when need it • No lock-in, no admin fees • Draw cash when needed and only pay when cash is drawn Title
  10. 10. Case Study 4 • Temp & Perm recruiter • Outsources contractor management / back office • Growing & want to bring back office in- house • Set up online time sheeting / payroll systems • Payroll Funding & Invoice finance to either set & forget temp payroll or draw funds when required. • Perm Funding can assist with cashflow if temps decline Title
  11. 11. Danny Marlow Managing Director 0400 855 586 Darren Cottrell Senior Business Development Manager 0458 021 981 Ryan McCarthy Senior Business Development Manager 0499 042 674 Joanne Fox Business Development Manager 0458 000 308 Jason Gatt Business Development Manager 0455 026 259 Contact Points