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Globe Best Online Reservation Systems

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Full presentation (en)

  1. 1. Hotel DEMO
  2. 2. Contents About GlobRes 2 GlobRes CRS 4 GDS/ Pegasus ODD (IDS) 8 Web Booking Engine & Sales Generation 9 Mobi Booking Engine 12 Social Media Widget 13 Xpress Channel Manager 14 Xpert Rate Shopper 17 Hotel Website and MobiSite Design 19
  3. 3. Excellence in customer service and support for your hotel with industry experts at your disposal. Complete Turnkey solution integrated to your existing systems. Backed by world leading reservation and distribution technology. GlobRes: Three steps of excellence
  4. 4. GlobRes Connects: Turnkey electronic distribution Hotel PMS Xpress Channel Manager GlobRes CRS – Central Reservation System GDS/ IDS Web Booking Engine Mobi Booking Engine Direct OTA and Wholeseller Contracts
  5. 5. GlobRes CRS: A new standard in reporting tools  Advanced reporting enables intelligent management, marketing and sales decision making.  Export to a range of filetypes for further analysis. Export to:
  6. 6. GlobRes CRS: A new standard in central reservation solutions  Instant rate override to respond to microeconomic changes.  Adjust inventory and override existing rate structures depending on market conditions.
  7. 7.  Add promotional offers and loyalty discounts to increase bookings.  Increase sales conversion and repeat business with tailor made campaigns.  Corporate access to customised rates and discounts. GlobRes CRS: Powerful yet intuitive
  8. 8. GlobRes CRS: Powerful yet intuitive  Enhance customer relationship management with the automated email and message tool.  Incorporate aspects of your customer relationship management strategy directly into the GlobRes CRS.
  9. 9. GDS Representation: A complete global solution  Work closely with our dedicated Account Managers and Content Management Team and translate a high quality GDS representation into maximised hotel revenue.  For Travel Agents every keystroke counts; feel safe in the knowledge that true industry experts have implemented your property.  Next generation seamless connections to all four major GDS.  Distribute your inventory to hundreds of thousands of Travel Agents with opportunities to target consortia and corporate programs.
  10. 10.  Customised templates and booking paths based on target audience.  Display prices directly in the interactive calendar for higher conversion rates. Web Booking Engine: Maximising website conversions
  11. 11. Web Booking Engine: Intuitive and integrated  31 languages enables targeting of specific markets.  Multiple room and hotel images to encourage booking propensity.
  12. 12. Web Booking Engine: Intuitive and integrated  Complete branding integration for a seamless booking process.  Add upselling packages to increase profit margins.
  13. 13. Performance based and no-risk sales generation  Cost Per Action Business Model: Only pay for validated bookings.  Increase of traffic but a focus on direct bookings.  International promotion of your brand across thousands of sites.  No risk, you only pay for results.  Commission is only paid after a guest has checked out.  ‘Traffic Building’ is throwing money at a problem and hoping it gets solved; with GlobRes you pay for qualified results only.  Product & offer feeds  Banner advertising  Affiliate marketing  CPA SEM  Retargeting  Vertical channels  Shopping cart recovery
  14. 14. Mobile Booking Engine: Utilise the faster growing booking medium  FREE activation of a Mobile Booking Engine with all Booking Engine contracts.  Intuitive display for bookings made ‘on the go’.  Designed specifically for smart phones to maximise your sales conversion rate.  Google Travel found that 25 percent of all online searches for travel came from a mobile device. eMarketer predicts that this figure will soon surpass to 40 percent.
  15. 15.  Connect your social media channels direct to your GlobRes Booking Engine for a complete SoLoMo marketing* solution.  Increase online sales channel and direct bookings.  Advertise direct social media orientated promotions. *Social Location Mobile Marketing Social Media Booking Widget: Monetise your social media
  16. 16.  GlobRes manages the entire connection and technical setup to your directly contracted OTAs.  Xpress uses the most advanced 2-Way XML connections.  Inline editing for fast changes to your inventory and rates.  Search and display all reservation details that have passed through Xpress.  Awarded number one Channel Manager in the industry. Xpress Channel Manager: Saving you time and money
  17. 17. Xpress Channel Manager: Seamlessly updated inventory -1 Inventory GDS/ IDS +1 Reservation -1 Inventory -1 Inventory -1 Inventory -1 Inventory Mobi Booking Engine Web Booking Engine -1 Inventory Plus many more… -1 Inventory GLOBRES XPRESS
  18. 18. Xpress Channel Manager: Incorporate existing back office systems Mobi Booking Engine Rate Updated GDS/ IDS Rate Updated Rate Updated Rate Updated Rate Updated Rate Updated Web Booking Engine Rate Updated Plus many more… Rate Updated GLOBRES XPRESS PMS New Rate
  19. 19.  Value index allows market positioning and pricing analysis.  Hotel Group/ Chain functionality to access and manage system centrally.  Dynamic filters and rate differentiation options. Xpert Rate Shopper: Complete 360 degree intelligence
  20. 20. Xpert Rate Shopper: Complete 360 degree intelligence  Xpert is the ONLY rate shopping tool that benchmarks your ratings and rankings on TripAdvisor and HolidayCheck and compares them with your competitors.  Instant access to archived snapshots/ screenshots of shopped OTA screens.  Dynamic and progressive LOS (Length of Stay) scanning.
  21. 21. Hotel Website Design: Driving your online sales funnel  Value index allows market positioning and pricing analysis.  Hotel Group/ Chain functionality to access and manage system centrally.  Dynamic filters and rate differentiation options.
  22. 22.  Designed by industry experts to maximise sales conversion.  Capitalise on the soaring number of bookings from smartphone devices both through a GlobRes Mobi Booking Engine and an embedded ‘Click to call’ button. Hotel MobiSite Design: A mobile e-commerce solution Increase in direct telephone reservations Increase in Mobi Booking Engine reservations