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All T’s this winter!

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Next time a fellow colleague of yours shows you her latest handbag she received from her beau, turn around and walk away wearing one of the T bags. Shunned she would be.

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All T’s this winter!

  1. 1. All T’s this winter! Next time a fellow colleague of yours shows you her latest handbag she received from her beau, turn around and walk away wearing one of the T bags. Shunned she would be. Bewildered about what does T stand for? Tods. Period. Ted Baker. Period.Tory Burch.That’s how I want my wardrobe to be in order to deal with the trembling winters. Yesterday on my way home, I noticed a woman, auburn hair down her back and minx fur coat over her shoulders- a beauty was she but until I found out that she had missed on something. A great bag to complete the look, I would say. Now it more appeared to be an incomplete and half-done ensemble rather a look to blow away my mind. You know what did I do? Ironically, took a right and left. I often wonder why women when pay or do heavy purchases, spend blindly on pants, gowns, even lingerie but never bags. Or even if they do, you know how they get it? So it only concludes one thing. Either they are too ignorant how to pair-up pieces or they are too lethargic not to carry one. In both the cases you lose. Wonder how? Stand straight with your back arched in front of the mirror. Now put on the most desirable outfit you can at the moment. Sheepishly put away the bag that you are carrying. If you still like yourself, you’d probably read my blog further. It’s not always necessary to wear a satchel or a bowler, but technically it also solves a lot of purposes. You can carry mostly everything you’d need when you are busy getting a tan or grooving at a night club. Next question you’d ask is how you would know which bag to carry with what outfit. I say, it is actually rocket science. Most of the times, most of the women are really not aware of what they are up to. And most of these times they end up making heavy mistakes of holding the ‘wrong bag’. Guess what, I am here! I hope this blog solves your problem quite aesthetically. And because it’s winters, we say go by our theory- The T Theory. First, let me tell you about Tods.You can quite make out if I’d say Cate Blanchet and Tod. Got it? No, she isn’t the muse but she often carry this brand. Tod’s wave bag, Tod’s flower bag, Tod’s joy bag, Tod’s cape bag, Tod’s mask bag and Tod’s note bag will give you happiness more than you require.
  2. 2. Now let us look at Ted Baker. They give you a lot (only if you pay them!);from petite clutches to roomy totes- any one of these and you will find gravity defying. A cross-body, backpack, bowler, clutch, flight, hobo, key ring sets, shopper, shoulder bag, totes, travel, travel sets and weekender- Well I told you, it gives you quite a lot! Top 10 bags by Ted Baker are really more like a hundred for them always do the needful. Take a bow, buckets of style, stripe it lucky, think inside the box, carry on, wild card, power prints, pretty petals, got your back and double up are those that you’d immediately fall in love with.
  3. 3. Would you not find it enticing and anticipating if I tell you that Victoria Secret Angel Lily Aldridge is the face of Tory Burch? C’mon do not browse now! Indeed that’s true. Satchels, shoulder bags, baby bags, cross body, mini bags, clutch, convertible, hobo; open-top, top-handle; tote and zipper top are what you’d get here. Speaking of Tory Burch admirers, head right this way- they not only give you variety in style but also in material- chain, fur and shearling, leather, mixed and Saffiano. Basically, I love how they name their collection- totally worth having a look at- 797, Britten, Fleming, Frances, Marion and Robinson. Have you ever run into someone carrying a Tory Burch? What does it make you feel? I’d feel as tragic as you would. Tragic because you are not the owner of the bag of course.I believe more than your pants or blouse, the shoes and bag speak volumes about your style statement. One might go the wrong way in prints and color block dresses but ‘the right bag’ will only take you right. Ask me. Also this time of the year makes you a bit dull. Now mind imagine when a stranger asks you where did you purchase that bag from? I would feel more than delighted. Another thing to take in concern is that you should avoid carrying shoulder or backpacks as the more and more can sometimes get bore.
  4. 4. I just now happened to find something helpful for you people. Jordana Brewster and Jessica Alba spotted carrying Tory Burch respectively. I call it a treat for the eyes. Jessica Alba, HaileeSteinfield, Emmy Rossum, Brooklyn Decker, Jaime King and CamilaAlves seem to be all fond of Burch bags. And why wouldn’t one be? After all whether it’s your birthday or your best friend’s baby shower or your own get together, Tory’s statement pieces and incredible staples alays gets you edgy. Moreover they are insanely accessible. Some say that her bags are so versatile because even though she is a New Yorker, deep inside there is also a bohemian side to it. Last year before I could realize I went from day to night event carrying the same Tory bag and to my amazement because of the versatility it did not put me in any kind of embarrassment.
  5. 5. In all this blog doesn’t only tell you about anything superficially but the depth are to know the perfect combination to carry at the perfect opportune moment. And it’s you to decide unless of course you can manage to hire a stylist for yourself.