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Literacy Stations PLC

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All school presentation from the Literacy Stations PLC. Teacher-driven professional development. PS through grade 12.

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Literacy Stations PLC

  1. 1. Literacy Stations Facilitator: Kirsten Members: Mo, Darcy, Last, John, Jen P., Tim M., Nancy, Jenne F., Kevin W., Candice, Daryl
  2. 2. As a PLC we explored literacy stations based on the work of Debbie Diller. We shared ideas across grade levels and implemented new teaching strategies to enhance literacy in our classrooms. Our Objective
  3. 3. ● Classroom Library ● Content Area Stations ● Independent Reading ● Listening Station ● Word Study ● Drama Station ● Poetry Station ● Guided Reading/Literature Circles Debbie Diller’s 8 stations
  4. 4. ● builds students’ organizational skills ● empowers students to self-select from a variety of subjects and levels ● books are accessible and abundant at all times Classroom Library
  5. 5. Grade 5 Classroom Library
  6. 6. ● extend students’ opportunity for more inquiry ● allow more time for peer interaction ● student-centered ● provide opportunities to use content- specific vocabulary and language Content Area Stations
  7. 7. Content Area Stations
  8. 8. Content Area Stations
  9. 9. ● Encourages stamina ● Differentiated by student interest and reading level ● Increases discussion and deeper understanding ● builds fluency and vocabulary Independent/Partner Reading
  10. 10. Grade 4 Independent/Partner Reading
  11. 11. ● provides opportunities to hear fluent readers ● allows students to be exposed to a variety of expressions and dialects ● builds listening comprehension ● provides access to text they may not be able to read on their own Listening Station
  12. 12. Listening Station
  13. 13. Listening Station
  14. 14. ● increases vocabulary ● allows students to recognize patterns and relationships between words ● demystifies English spelling ● teaches basic etymology Word Study
  15. 15. Word Study
  16. 16. Thai Literacy 9-12 Pronounce and translate words or phrases to understand direct meaning and indirect meaning.
  17. 17. Picture Clue คณิตศาสตร์ /ka nit sart/ Mathematics ภูมิศาสตร์ /phu mi sart/ Geography
  18. 18. ปฏิวัติ /pa ti wat/ Revolution ฮิตเลอร์
  19. 19. ● offers students a voice through expression of character ● builds empathy and collaboration ● provides a kinesthetic mode for learning ● builds self-confidence and creativity in public speaking Drama Station
  20. 20. Drama Station
  21. 21. ● exposes students to numerous poetic forms and poetic devices ● develops critical/creative thinking skills: visualization, writing, word choice ● increases fluency through oral readings Poetry Station
  22. 22. Poetry Station
  23. 23. ● provides a safe environment for immediate feedback and discussion ● gives students opportunities to teach and learn from each other ● allows time to practice reading strategies: decoding, fluency, comprehension, accuracy Guided Reading/Literature Circles
  24. 24. Guided Reading/Literature Circles
  25. 25. Literacy Stations