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MS Assembly February 21, 2018

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Theme-Reflective Learners. Our February Middle School Assembly highlighted 8th grade students career choices and introduced the Student Led Conferences. As always we highlight student work and student efforts and attitudes.

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MS Assembly February 21, 2018

  1. 1. KAS MS assembly - reflective February 21, 2018 11:25 -12:10
  2. 2. Drama Mrs. Murray and MS Drama Club
  3. 3. Announcements + Presented by the Middle School Student Council
  4. 4. Valentine’s Dance Brian Hung- G8 Reflections
  5. 5. Careers Presentation Quinton G8, Hiram G8
  6. 6. Future careers By: Quinton
  7. 7. Personality intelligence - Multiple intelligence described in gardner’s Intelligence - Picture smart - Learning visually and organizing ideas spatially (think in images and pictures) - Results can be gathered from taking a test - Relates to astronomy and personal observations
  8. 8. Brief introduction of my first career: (Doctor) Two careers that I want to attend: - Doctor - Astronaut Being a doctor can help our society in many ways - reassure people’s feelings - invent more advanced treatments
  9. 9. A career in Biology There are three main reasons why I want to study Biology Biology Species/ Evolution Medicine Connection to humans
  10. 10. Future space and technologies
  11. 11. Recent news and discoveries - Seven exoplanets that humans could possibly live on. - Future discoveries to solve an environmental issues. - Be directly responsible for such changes - Pursue a career as an astronaut - Figure out time travel to do cool stuffs.
  12. 12. Pros and Cons for being a doctor and an astronaut Doctors- Pros - Stabilize income - Higher knowledge and experience - Utilize and create more advanced devices. - Personal satisfaction Astronauts- Pros - Experience different things around the space - Help the society to detect the undiscovered elements - Inspire next generations to learn astronomy Cons -Busy, long working hours - Difficult to follow the procedures. Cons - Higher possibility of causing injuries and pains. - More infections - Stressful environments
  13. 13. So r Con t (AP ) - Advantages and Disadvantages of Becoming a Doctor. (n.d.). Retrieved February 20, 2018, from - Kuther, P. T. (n.d.). Thinking About Becoming a Doctor? Weight the Pros and Cons. Retrieved February 20, 2018, from - Lozano66, A. (2015, November 18). Advantages and disadvantages of being an astronaut. Retrieved February 20, 2018, from
  14. 14. Therapy. Hiram
  15. 15. What is Therapy ? ● Treatment done by a certified professional in hopes of helping somebody to heal, emotionally, mentally or physically ● Doctors give a diagnosis to the client to help them heal ● Therapy can fall under… ● Counseling ● Psychotherapy ● Family Therapy or Couples Therapy
  16. 16. What can’t therapists do? ● Therapists usually do not prescribe medicine. ● A Psychiatrist can prescribe medication, however usually don’t counsel patients ● Therapists should not insult clients. ● Not keep files or track of your case
  17. 17. What type of personal traits do you need to have? ● Kind ● Open-Minded ● Helpful ● Positive ● Smart ● Good Decision Making ● Being Able to Open up to Other People ● Good Communication Skills
  18. 18. What do you need to have to be a therapist? ● Psychology or social work as a major field in graduate school ● Bachelor's degree in college (4 years) ● Master’s Degree (1-2 years) ● Clinical training (6 months - 2 years)
  19. 19. Salary for a therapist Low annual salary of $31k USD Median annual salary of $49k USD High annual salary of $81k USD average American Salary of person with an advanced degree: $90k USD
  20. 20. Bibliography Norwood, Drew. “Physical Therapist Career Information : Physical Therapist Job Description.” YouTube, YouTube, 27 Sept. 2008, on/ hings-you-should-fire-them/
  21. 21. What does Recycling mean for Taiwan? Anthony
  22. 22. LandfillLandfill
  23. 23. Reflective & Caring Ms. Chagaris’ 6th Grade Classes
  24. 24. Good Friends vs. Bad Friends Darrin & Lionel
  25. 25. Supportive Vs. Not Supportive Friends Arielle, Zoe, Chandra, Dora, & Sally
  26. 26. THINK BIG Award G6 - Radika, Sally, Tatjana, LEE-Ya,Chandra, Rex, Tony, Maxwell G7 - Kenny, Sean, Oscar, Edward G8 - Olivia, Lauren, Aadi, Jonathan
  27. 27. Mr. I’s I(愛) Award Ms. Chagaris’ Advisory Ms. Murray & the MS Drama Club
  28. 28. Community Awards ★
  29. 29. Talent Show Announcements Presented by the Middle School Student Council
  30. 30. Student Led Conferences-- Coming March 28 Mr. I-
  31. 31. Thanks for Coming to the Assembly!