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Deconstructing Lean Construction

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The construction industry in the US is laden with waste and inefficiencies.

"Lean construction" is an approach designed to optimize the building process – reducing costs and improving outcomes. Using data from the "Lean Construction SmartMarket Report" published by McGraw Hill Construction (now Dodge Data & Analytics), this Dassault Systèmes infographic illustrates the adoption, drivers, benefits, and challenges of Lean construction.

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Deconstructing Lean Construction

  1. 1. S‘-ISTEIVIES HRCHITECTURE, ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION DECONSTRUCTING LEHN CONSTRUCTION i<——j>i The construction industry in the US is laden with waste and inefficiencies. Lean construction is an approach designed to optimize the building process, reducing costs and improving outcomes. HDOPTION OF LEHN CONSTRUCTION IN THE US D75 DFISSFIULT 28% 28% implemented at least one Lean practice 35% 35% are familiar with Lean but have not implemented any practices 37% 37% are not familiar with any of the named Lean practices in the study IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII FFIMILIHRITY OF LEFIN PRFICTICES 48% surveyed were not familiar with the overarching concept of Lean construction. BUT it's really not that dire. .. Many construction professionals use Lean practices without applying the "Lean" label. Of those not familiar with Lean: 33% 71 88% use weekly/ daily meetings 71% use offsite prefabrication with workers When asked, "Fire construction practices in the industry efficient? " Most non-practitioners say, Most Lean practitioners say, "YES, efficient! " "NO, inefficient! " | Lean practitioners E see the promise of true efficiency. THE MHNY REHSONS FIRMS IMPLEMENT LEHN: Client influence Need to increase profitability/ cuts costs Leadership interest in this area Need to keep up with/ ahead of competition LEHN Concerns about worker safety Need to decrease project schedule Improved sustainabilityl better "green" results Workforce concerns (availability of skilled laborers) REGHRDLESS OF ORIGINHL REFISONS OR EXPECTFITIONS, THE REPORTED BENEFITS HCHIEVED FROM IMPLEMENTING LEFIN PRFICTICES HRE: Higher quality construction 80 0A’ Greater customers satisfaction 77 %) Greater productivity 77 0/; Improved safety 74%’ Reduced project schedule 71 yo’ Better Risk Management / reduced cost Includes "medium" to "high level of achievements" reported by Lean practitioners ®« ’’The biggest reward [of adopting Lean] is that people get more engaged in their work. That turns into higher quality, better safety and the things that are tough to quantify. ” E . A A A A ALALALALALALA-' VA‘ * 1 V V 1 VVVVVVVVVVVVVL ! :V1:V1:V: :V1:V1>V4:V_1:V1 VAVAVVAVVAVVAV VAWAV - Lean practitioner EDUCHTING EMPLOYEES, INCREHSING FIWHRENESS IN THE INDUSTRY, I-IND STRONG STHKEHOLDER SUPPORT Cl-IN OVERCOME THE TOP CHHLLENGES PRHCTITIONERS FHCE IN IMPLEMENTING LEHN. <8? ”Never underestimate the power of engaged leadership in overcoming challenges to implementing Lean practices. H strong and facilitative leader can put together the team, processes, and technologies to achieve success. The benefits of Lean are always worth the effort. ” - Fernando Espafia, CornerCube Inc. Dassault Systémes www.3ds. com/ aec Lean Construction Institute www. leanconstruction. org Data Source: Lean Construction SmartMarket Report, McG raw Hill Construction [Dodge Data & Flnalytics], 2013 served Our 3DEXPER| ENCE® platform powers our brand applications, serving 12 industries, and provides ult Systemes Fill rights re a rich portfolio of industry solution experiences. 3., [> if Dassault Systemes, the 3DEXPER| ENCE® Comp n , provides business and people with virtual universes to imagine sustainable innovations. Its world-lea in solutions transform theway productsa igned, produced, and supported. Dassau| tSystémes’ collaborative solutionsfostersocialinnovation, expanding v. n ssibilities a virtual world to improve the real world. The group brings value to over 170,000 customers of all sizes in all industries in more than 140 countries. For more ' mation, visit wiiirw.3ds. aun. 3DEXPERlENCE) @2015 [Jesse Flmericas Europe/ Middle East/ Rfrica Rsia-Pacific Dassault Systémes Dassault Systemes Dassault Systemes K K. 175 Wyman Street , rue Marcel Dassault ThinkPark Tower Waltham, Massachusetts 0501 2-1 7 -1 Osaki, Shinagawa—ku, DFISSFIULT _ - - . - _ PS SqSTErqES I 323351 1223 Velizy Villacuublay Cedex JTaopkay: 141 6020