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Data-Ed Webinar: A Framework for Implementing NoSQL, Hadoop

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Big Data and NoSQL continue to make headlines everywhere. However, most of what has been written about these topics is focused on the hardware, services, and scale out. But what about a Big Data and NoSQL Strategy, one that supports your business strategy? Virtually every major organization thinking about these data platforms is faced with the challenge of figuring out the appropriate approach and the requirements. This presentation will provide guidance on how to think about and establish realistic Big Data management plans and expectations. We will introduce a framework for evaluating the various choices when it comes to implementing and succeeding with Big Data/NoSQL and show how to demonstrate a sample use case.


A Framework for evaluating Big Data techniques
Deciding on a Big Data platform – How do you know which one is a good fit for you?
The means by which big data techniques can complement existing data management practices
The prototyping nature of practicing big data techniques
The distinct ways in which utilizing Big Data can generate business value

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