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Smart data webnar commercial cognitive computing how to choose and build your first cognitive computing application

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In the next five years, consumers and businesses will begin to demand more intelligence from the applications they use as they are exposed to smarter, more personalized systems in a variety of industries. Ranging from natural language tools to interact more naturally with users, to machine learning algorithms that discover untapped patterns and relationships in big data, the potential for these technologies is great but most firms don't have a roadmap for building their first cognitive computing solution. This webinar will help participants discover:

- What is cognitive computing(CC), and what can it do for my business?
- Which of my current applications would benefit from CC technologies?
- What new applications could we develop to disrupt our industry using CC?
- How do we know which CC vendors, products and services are really ready for prime-time?
- What are our competitors doing about it?
- How do we get started?

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