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The Chief Data Officer's Agenda Webinar: What Data Strategists are Talking About

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If you weren’t able to attend the very recent CDO Vision 2015, or even if you were, join Industry Leader John Ladley and DATAVERSITY CEO Tony Shaw to hear them discuss highlights from the event. What are current Data Strategists presenting and what are people asking about? What’s the most common low hanging fruit being addressed and what are the long term strategies being implemented? And hear John and Tony summarize some of the current featured presentations happening at CDO Vision:

Corporate Data Strategy Recent Evolution and New Challenges presented by Kenneth Viciana, Vice President of Enterprise Data Strategy, Equifax

Coaching the Data Science Team: Running Data Projects presented by John Akred, Chief Technical Officer, Silicon Valley Data Science

Brining an Analytics Center of Excellence presented by Derek Strauss, Chief Data Officer, TD Ameritrade

Creating Data Experiences presented by Peter Olson, Director and Creative Technologist, IDEO

When Do You Need a CDO? presented by Ursula Cottone, Chief Data Officer, Keybank

The CDO / CIO Partnership presented by Jennifer Ippoliti, Chief Data Officer, Raymond James Financial Inc.

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