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What You Should & Shouldn't Tell Your Management about Data Governance

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Most organizations agree that communications plays a large role in Data Governance success. An increasing number of organizations are hiring or taking advantage of internal communications specialists to help them refine and share their messages about Data Governance. Management is an important audience where that communications must be focused.

In this presentation, Robert S. Seiner will share specific messages that SHOULD and SHOULD NOT be communicated with the management of your organization. Management must know the facts about what it will take to govern data and the value Data Governance will bring to the business. At the same time, how those messages are crafted and communicated can be a key determinant in Program success. To celebrate the month of October, Bob will share some tricks and treats in the form of targeted messages that you can deliver to Management to raise their level of support, sponsorship and understanding of Data Governance and your Data Governance Program.

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