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People Analytics - Are we behind in Europe?

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My presentation at HR Tech World (now UNLEASH) in Amsterdam in October 2017 presents findings from a study of HR Analytics readiness comparing Europe to the rest of the world.

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People Analytics - Are we behind in Europe?

  1. 1. PEOPLE ANALYTICS: Are we behind in Europe? David Green | HR Tech World | Amsterdam | 24 October 2017 Follow me: @david_green_uk #HRTechWorld Pic: Canal Homes of Amsterdam by Grant Pekoff
  2. 2. 2 “Analytics is no longer a ‘good idea’ for HR - it is now mandatory” Josh Bersin Source: #HRTechWorld@david_green_uk
  3. 3. Analytics pays back $13.01 for every Dollar spent Source: Nucleus Research@david_green_uk
  4. 4. ANALYTICS IS THE CENTREPIECE OF A DIGITAL AGENDA FOR HR @david_green_uk Source: TI People #HRTechWorld
  5. 5. RESEARCH: WORKFORCE ANALYTICS READINESS 5@david_green_uk #HRTechWorld •  Joint HRN / IBM study •  347 participants •  177 European HQ company •  How does Europe compare?
  6. 6. RESEARCH: APPROACH & METHODOLOGY 6@david_green_uk #HRTechWorld Getting started Building capability Develop culture of analytics
  7. 7. 7@david_green_uk #HRTechWorld Clear governance, accountability & privacy standards Stakeholders who want to solve problems analytically Strategy for prioritising projects Senior sponsors to champion analytics Sponsorship & involvement of the CHRO Vision & Mission 48% 57% -9 59% 68% -9 78% 77% 36% 48% -12 62% 60% 61% 57% Source: HRN / IBM Smarter Workforce Institute HR Practitioner survey 2017 Europe (Top, n=177) v Rest of World (Bottom, n=170)
  8. 8. 8@david_green_uk #HRTechWorld The right mix of skills Clear guidance on use of external vendors Right analytics technology Right data Skilled workforce analytics leader 44% 49% -5 27% 49% -22 29% 48% -19 26% 42% -16 31% 42% -11 Source: HRN / IBM Smarter Workforce Institute HR Practitioner survey 2017 Europe (Top, n=177) v Rest of World (Bottom, n=170)
  9. 9. 9@david_green_uk #HRTechWorldSource: The Power of People: Sheri Feinzig, Nigel Guenole and Jonathan Ferrar (Pearson FT Press – 2017) THE RIGHT MIX OF SKILLS BUSINESS ACUMEN §  Financial literacy §  Political astuteness §  Internal awareness §  External awareness CONSULTING §  Problem definition §  Hypothesis building §  Project management §  Solution development §  Change management §  Stakeholder management HUMAN RESOURCES •  HR sub-functions •  HR interdependencies •  International HR •  Privacy and ethics •  HR “sixth sense” WORK PSYCHOLOGY §  Industrial psychology §  Organisational psychology §  Research design and analysis DATA SCIENCE §  Quantitative: mathematics and statistics §  Computer Science: databases and programming §  Data awareness COMMUNICATIONS §  Storytelling §  Visualisation §  Writing §  Presenting §  Marketing
  10. 10. 10@david_green_uk #HRTechWorld Ability to show ROI HR Analytics embedded through organisation Standardised approach to projects Succession strategy for core roles 23% 31% -8 24% 35% -11 24% 41% -17 22% 37% -15 Source: HRN / IBM Smarter Workforce Institute HR Practitioner survey 2017 Europe (Top, n=177) v Rest of World (Bottom, n=170)
  11. 11. 11@david_green_uk #HRTechWorldSource: Bersin by Deloitte: Scaling People Analytics Globally: Chevron Takes a Multipronged Approach to Build Organizationwide Analytics Capabilities COST BUSINESS IMPACT Reject Wish list Avoid Prioritise PRIORITISE PROJECTS BASED ON BUSINESS IMPACT SET A CLEAR TONE & DIRECTION THROUGH MISSION STATEMENT “To support Chevron’s business strategies with better, faster workforce decisions informed by data” CREATE A COMMUNITY OF PRACTICE & TRAINING 300 Members WHO? 18 Countries 20 Business Units WHAT? Build organisational capability around people analytics HOW? •  Best practice sharing •  Leveraging expertise across groups •  Structured training & development •  Identify business champions, expertise, collaboration •  Communicate success DEVELOP CULTURE OF ANALYTICS
  12. 12. WHY IS EUROPE BEHIND? 12@david_green_uk #HRTechWorld Further research required Maturity Vs. North America Volume Vs. good case studies Complexity of HR in Europe Uncertainty – GDPR, Brexit Ethics & privacy concerns
  13. 13. ETHICS & PRIVACY IS A CHALLENGE IN PEOPLE ANALYTICS @david_green_uk Source: Insight222 of people analytics projects are jeopardised by ethics and privacy concerns 81% 19% Often or sometimes Rarely or never Q: To what extent do privacy and/or ethical concerns hinder or delay people analytics projects? 81%
  14. 14. 14@david_green_uk #HRTechWorld 84% Source: HRN / IBM Smarter Workforce Institute HR Practitioner survey 2017 Believe HR urgently needs guidance on the fair use and privacy of new and emerging data sources in workforce analytics
  15. 15. DOWNLOAD THE WHITE PAPER 15@david_green_uk #HRTechWorld
  16. 16. 16 THANK YOU Enjoy the rest of the show! #HRTechWorld @david_green_uk