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Repeater Link

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  1. 1. Amateur Radio Emergency Data Network & AllStar Repeater Link Control Configuration Notes & Links
  2. 2. What is AREDN? ● AREDN is an RF network mesh of radio/routers operating under the FCC rules, Part 97 in the ham microwave bands, controlled by hams with a Tech license or higher. It is a high-speed data network. ● Rates of up to 54 Mbps designed to provide a TCP/IP medium when other network infrastructure has failed. While technically capable, it is not intended to be a general Internet access alternative. ● AREDN replaces the manufacturer’s Hardware operating system.
  3. 3. VLAN Equipment Maxtrix, Software and Implentation links ● Nano Station M2, Rocket, Power Beam etc. (Antennas) - UBiQiTi ● AirRouter - UBiQiTi ● NETGEAR ProSAFE 5-Port Switch (GS105Ev2) Support Format Matrix Software Download Installation of Firmware
  4. 4. Typical Configuration Repeater RF Link ● Basic
  5. 5. Typical Configuration Repeater RF Link ● Recommended
  6. 6. VLAN Explanation ● VLAN Video Link: All this talk about VLAN's! What are they? How do they work? Understanding Virtual LAN's on AREDN
  7. 7. Configuring a Netgear GS105E Switch with LAN/WAN ports ● You must use an 802.1q VLAN-capable switch to implement the Mesh (Internet) Gateway function, which is how Internet is provided to the mesh. Note, however, that this provides Internet access to your entire mesh, not just your node. AREDN uses VLAN 1 (tagged in the node) for the mesh gateway so you need to use an external 802.1q switch to remove this tag and forward the packet to the Internet (and to tag incoming Internet packets for the NSM2 with VLAN 1) Configuration Document
  8. 8. AllStar Private Nodes Repeater link Control Setup ● Create static or reserved DHCP IP's on both link ends ● Set up private nodes. Make one node number 1500 and the other 1501. ● Do not register (no registration lines in iax.conf) but you do need to put routing information in the [nodes] stanza of rpt.conf with IP addresses and ports pointing back to each other ● Port forwarding done via AREDN Setup Page Video
  9. 9. AllStar Private Nodes Repeater link Control Setup (cont) ● Do not do any status updates on either node as this would be meaningless. The rc.updatenodelist file could be disabled - comment in /usr/local/etc/rc.allstar and the astdb daily cron update could be commented in crontab. Once that is setup you should be able to connect between them ● Use a *73 permanent connect. It does not matter which end initiates the connect ● Setup a startup_macro at the connection end so it connects automatically at boot
  10. 10. AllStar Private Nodes Repeater link Control Setup (cont) ● Private unregistered nodes can only connect to other nodes that they have specific routing information for and that have specific routing information back to them. They would be very secure because not only are they unregistered they also are on a private network. ● This Doc explains the [nodes] setup. It would be the same for private nodes. Just use the correct IP and port for the server you are connecting ● Node Routing Config Doc -
  11. 11. AllStar Private Nodes Repeater link Control Setup (cont) ● These are private servers no setup at is needed. ● You select the IAX ports you want in iax.conf - bindport=(You can use any port you want) ● Pick some high 5 digit port to avoid any conflict with other Allstar servers. Something like 40000 40001 ● Make sure you specify the port in the routing info IP:port -
  12. 12. AllStar Private Nodes Repeater link Control Setup (cont) ● If you want to then connect to the Allstar network add another Pi with a registered node and connect when you want Allstar traffic. Specific routing in the [nodes] stanza of rpt.conf would be needed between them. ● It is also important to have stable power. Pi's don't like to be power cycled quickly and that can sometimes happen on the power grid. A small UPS or battery backup would work fine. Some people run them on the car adapters 12V to 5V 3A and then you could parallel a battery with diode isolation and a charge circuit.
  13. 13. Telemetry & Repeater Tail Removal ● Set RXAUDIODELAY = 5 ● At Linux Prompt => crontab -e, Put a “#” Before The Line To Call Time On The Hour, Save => CNTRL X - “Y” Return ● NOUNKEYCT =1 ● TELEMDEFAULT=0 ● HOLDOFFTELEM=1 Located in rpt.ipconf