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The Best Productivity Hacks for Entrepreneurs

David Spradlin shares some tips maximizing productivity and better managing time as a business owner. Leading a business requires a lot of work, but there are only so many hours in the day and burnout occurs too often. To prevent such, David Spradlin has created to simple but helpful list which hopefully help others better navigate the world of entrepreneurship.

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The Best Productivity Hacks for Entrepreneurs

  2. 2. Onceit'soutofthe way,otherthingswill feellikeabreezeand morelikelytotakeless time. Handle your most dreaded task first. 01
  3. 3. Creating a set schedule well in advance will keep you on track for other things and decrease distractions. Plan Ahead 02
  4. 4. Not entirely, but at least cut down your use from every five minutes to every couple of hours, and respond to non- urgent messages at the end of the day. Stop Checking Email 03
  5. 5. If you're fortunate enough to have a team, don't be afraid to share some of the burden. Handling everything alone leads to burnout and consumes time. Delegate 04
  6. 6. Business leaders like Dustin Moskovitz have created days where they hold no meetings, creating less interruptions. Implement "No Meeting" Days 05
  7. 7. Technology is powerful. Use it to your advantage and your and free up time to get the hard things done. Automate Where Possible 06
  8. 8. For more tips about business & entrepreneurship, visit