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Championing the Golden Quarter with Google Shopping - IN

India purchases 10X during the last 3 months of the year - the glorious festive season - when sales, discounts and business strategies lock horns to reach shoppers in India, and break their banks doing it. The legacy E-Commerce players maximise their budgets, and the younger players have a difficult time to manage costs and have qualified transactions. We at Sokrati, as Google’s Premier Partners, are putting together a highly insightful and intelligence-driven webinar on how to have your stellar golden quarter, no matter the size of your business.

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Championing the Golden Quarter with Google Shopping - IN

  1. 1. Championing the Golden Quarter with Google Shopping. The Hows and Musts! Rohit Kelkar and Manikantha S.Sokrati Inc. | For limited distribution only.
  2. 2. The OND Scope Size of Opportunity Consumer Behaviour Campaign Phasing Media Solutions
  3. 3. Festivals are getting BIGGER! Increase in Search Volumes for Festive terms YOY Increase in OND Sales 22% 35%
  4. 4. Milestones to Achieve Pre-Season During Season September 2016 Close in on your under- performers October 2015 Dussehra and Diwali. 2X Impressions November 2016 Evenly placed promotional activities. December 2016 Shopping Frenzy!
  5. 5. Preparations are Key! Plan with Seasonality Split your Budgets Choose Your Objective
  6. 6. Catalog is King Make most of under- performing products before OND Identify Your Heroes Understand YoY Trends
  7. 7. What to Expect Achievable Metrics from Supercharging this Festival Season 50% Impressions 18% Click-throughs 35% Conversion Rates 25% Cost per click
  8. 8. Google Shopping Ads work with X million marketers to deliver conversions. Expand your Search Universe Feed Enhancement to identify new avenues for sales
  9. 9. Merchant Promotions Effective Ad Messaging to reduce funnel steps. Highlight your USP!
  11. 11. Be low on top-of- the-funnel keywords Steer away from comparison queries. TOFU is cost- burning.
  12. 12. Choose products that stand out.
  13. 13. Choose Products that convert most
  14. 14. Choose products that stand out.
  15. 15. 3. Examples Remarketing Works Find them where they left off!
  16. 16. Predictive Bidding Micro Dynamics are very high. Be Quick. Smart. Spontaneous.
  17. 17. Use Assisting Channels
  18. 18. Mobile is an Assisting Channel
  19. 19. Pick your Win. Avoid the Race!
  20. 20. The Impact Build confidence around your products or services by including at least a few of these: ➔ Save on CPCs by 15% ➔ Searchers become ‘loyal’ users ➔ Higher transactions from your hero categories ➔ Upsell/Cross-sell
  21. 21. How strong is your Feed? Let us audit your GMC and Adwords accounts for free, and you’ll learn everything you can do to make it up to 5X more convertible! Sign up: Questions? Write in to with your queries and we’ll be right with you!