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Designing Effective Online Engagement Campaigns

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Test online stakeholder interest, loyalty and relationships with an online engagement campaign. Online engagement campaigns are a test for both the organization and its fans, a learning moment, and a check/balance to test whether you are crafting meaningful ties with your stakeholders. This presentation is geared for nonprofit organizations, but appropriate for all. It was presented as a workshop at the 2015 Nonprofit Technology Conference in Austin, Texas with Demetrio Cardona-Maguigad of LimeRed Studio.

This presentation breaks down the essential ingredients of preparation, design, execution and measurement of any online engagement campaign. It also includes a DIY checklist and worksheet for crafting your own online campaign.

1. Tips for understanding when you are organizationally ready to launch an engagement campaign.
2. Organizational resources and assets needed to develop an engagement campaign.
3. Critical elements of successful online engagement campaigns.
4. A roadmap for developing your own engagement campaign.

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Designing Effective Online Engagement Campaigns

  1. 1. Discovering If Like Equals Love: Understanding and Testing Online Engagement #15NTCislikelove
  2. 2. @LimeRedStudio Director of Strategic Design, LimeRed Studio Ask me about: Music & Media, cultural diversity, design, web development, storytelling, nonprofits @askdebra Digital Engagement Strategist, Community Organizer 2.0 Ask me about: Finding one’s voice, community organizing, nonprofits, living abroad
  3. 3. Today’s Workshop • Online Engagement Campaigns – Frameworks – Preparation – Case study • Develop your own engagement campaign idea (small group discussion) • Optimize an engagement campaign (small group discussion) • Regroup and discuss
  4. 4. What is a Social Media Campaign?
  5. 5. Why Campaigns Succeed
  6. 6. Why Campaigns Succeed Story Elements Design Movement-building
  7. 7. Why Campaigns Succeed Story Elements – Emotional connection – A good story & narrative arc – Visual medium & memes
  8. 8. Why Campaigns Succeed Design – Easy to participate – Identified and primed group of participants – Specific ask – Limited time frame – Seamless sharing integrations
  9. 9. Why Campaigns Succeed Movement-building – Campaign is connected to a large cause – Participants can identify their role
  10. 10.
  11. 11. The Social Media Funnel ENGAGE TRUST ACTION Social Media Create Move to
  12. 12. Know What Your Stakeholders Care Deeply About Diagram courtesy of Darim Online
  13. 13. Tweet this… You can’t energize people on #socialmedia unless you engage and build trust with them first #15NTCislikelove
  14. 14. Campaign Design
  15. 15. Campaign Design Checklist  Research the concept and evaluate support  Identify the audience  Set campaign goals  Assess internal assets and staff capacity  Design the campaign  Select social media channels and assets to be leveraged  Create a campaign timeline  Content and asset development  Supporter/fan development  Technological elements  Create a campaign champions group  Evaluation  Post-campaign engagement strategy
  16. 16. Identify your audience
  17. 17. Design SMART Engagement Campaign Goals Specific Measurable Achievable/Realistic Part of a longer-term org goal Movement-building Tests an idea Builds the organization
  18. 18. Tweet this… Knowing if you’ve succeeded in #socialcampaigns depends on knowing your goals #15NTCislikelove
  19. 19. Assess Your Assets
  20. 20. Campaign Assets (“stuff”) Email address acquisition assets – Sign-up forms and people/interest data collection Database – Does it connect with your forms? – Can it segment new contacts? Graphic design and images – SM channel customization – Promotional images for the campaign – Promotions during the campaign – Photographic images Microsite/website/web page – Customization ability, real-time customization possibility Fundraising integration Real-time campaign metrics tracking Software/hardware specific to the campaign
  21. 21. People Assets
  22. 22. People Assets Internal – Board – Committee members and volunteers – Staff – Decision makers
  23. 23. People Assets External – Most engaged online fans – Most influential online fans – Those you can count on – Partnering organizations and allies
  24. 24. People Assets Together – Champions group/advisory group
  25. 25. Tweet this… Your most important assets are people, not tools or tech #15NTCislikelove
  26. 26. Design the campaign
  27. 27. Have the Right Tools
  28. 28. Choose Appropriate Channels
  29. 29. Develop a Campaign Timeline • Research • Asset & content development • Design campaign • Recruit champions 3 to 2 months out: Research & Design • Content creation • Campaign seeding • Solidify support, tactics, elements 1 month out: Solidify Plans • Activate and engage supporters • Execute • Monitor, Measure, Capture • Iterate (if necessary) Campaign: Activate & Engage • Evaluate campaign • Nurture new leads/emails • Deepen new supporter loyalty 1 week post: Evaluate & Engage
  30. 30. Tweet this… Campaigns are emotional, inspiring, and empowering just like _______________ #15NTCislikelove
  31. 31. Want to know a secret?
  32. 32.
  33. 33. Social Media Champions Are Your Secret Weapon
  34. 34. Case Study: Brain Tumor Awareness Month
  35. 35. National Brain Tumor Society May 2014 Evaluate and refine Move community to action Test new frameworks Foundation building
  36. 36. Goals Increase engagement and activism with org social media channels Acquire new email addresses Test frameworks: – Video chat – Offer ideas – Give an email address Grow social media spaces, especially Twitter and Facebook
  37. 37. Assets  Highly engaged national Facebook page (  13 statewide Facebook pages, national Twitter account, large email list, blog, State Lead Advocates  Robust mailing list  In-house design and web dev capacity  Tools: Sprout Social, Hashtag, Mention, Zoom (for the Community Chat)  Downloadable publication: Frankly Speaking About Cancer: Brain Tumors
  38. 38.
  39. 39. Head to the Hill Advocacy Day FB Event as Conversation Convener Actively used in Head to the Hill FB event
  40. 40. InfoSnaps Create Shareable Graphics Good reach & engagement; drove to website  Share to educate and build brand awareness  Lead to website
  41. 41. Gated Material for Download 377 downloaded Frankly Speaking Online Community Chat Video Community Chat 39 first-ever participants; Focus: Frankly Speaking  Community-building element  Live video chat forum with various presenters and knowledge experts.
  42. 42. #BTVoice Online Campaign Submit advice through #BTVoice; share and support Registration Forms Community Chat and BTAM; BTVoice submit by email
  43. 43. Why Campaigns Fail  You don’t set a realistic goal  Not setting a timeline for major campaign development points  Single channel approach or wrong channels  Not having the right measurement system in place or being able to measure success  Undeveloped social spaces  Not reaching out to most engaged social media fans ahead of time  Bad or not enough planning and research
  44. 44.
  45. 45. Optimizing Your Presence Ad Hoc & Struggling failing infrastructure, time & budget go towards work- arounds Planned & Functioning basic systems in place, keep the lights, leadership makes decisions based on efficiencies with little/no staff input Institutionalized & Operating stable infrastructure, basic policies and practices, leadership consults with staff before making decisions Evaluated & Leading innovators, recognized tech is an investment, strategic planning involves all
  46. 46. “What if?” STEP 1: Brainstorming & Ideation (20 mins) Step 2: Optimizing the Campaign Ideas (15 mins) GOALS AUDIENCES ASSETS (People & Stuff) ACTIVITIES TIME FRAME TOOLS & TECH MEASUREMENT
  47. 47. Additional Resources
  48. 48. Resources/Additional Information Case Studies Wrap-Ups: – Blog post wrap up of 14 Days of Thanks: for-making-14-days-thanks-a-success/ – Blog post wrap-up of #BTAM: Online Campaigns: – Telling the Right Story for Online Campaigns: the-right-story-for-your-online-campaign-22830254 – Building a Ladder of Engagement in Online Campaigns: – Best Practices to Build a Multichannel Campaign Plan: – Social media campaigns and practices: media-campaign/
  49. 49. Pre-campaign (1-3 months out) Research – Concept – Similar campaigns – Potential partners – Influencers – Most engaged supporters/potential social media champions – Internal capacity – Software/apps/tools needed Campaign Design – Goals – Channels – Activities – Metrics – Interactivity/engagement – Assets
  50. 50. Pre-campaign (1-3 months out) Asset & Content Development – Social media channel customization – Graphic image and photo image design/dev – Website home page – Microsite/web page content – Email calendar – Write blog posts and social media updates – Develop editorial calendar – Survey or other evaluation tools – Blogger outreach
  51. 51. Pre-campaign (1-3 months out) Supporters/Fans – ID Influencers/bloggers/mentions/most engaged – Pulse out social media messages to test idea & recruit participants – Recruit social media champions – ID partner orgs that will support your campaign – Develop a social media “champions” group – Test support for the idea amongst stakeholders
  52. 52. Post-Campaign: Marketing Activities Evaluate – Send survey or other evaluation tools – Internal post-event evaluation • Mad, sad, glad feedback – Ask champions for feedback – Did it meet the campaign goals? – Review metrics Lead nurturing and loyalty development – Post-campaign email • What was accomplished + nurturing content – Ask them to do something else
  53. 53. Email: Work email: Website: Blog: Linkedin: Twitter: @askdebra Other slides: Telephone: (617) 682-2977 Email: Website: Blog: Linkedin: Twitter: @limeredstudio, @dmaguigad Other slides: Telephone: (312) 238-9070 We’re always happy to answer follow-up questions!
  54. 54. Tweet this…