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Transforming from Print to Digital

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Transforming from Print to Digital

  1. 1. New Digital and Service Transformation from Jossey-Bass & Pfeiffer Debra Hunter, President & CEO Custom solutions Certification Online Assessment Apps, enhanced ebooks Online Workshops and Events E-learning Subscription Sites
  2. 2. Jossey-Bass, Pfeiffer and Inscape Powerful Learning; Powerful Leadership • Our mission is to create and support great leaders, great teachers, and their organizations by providing them with the wide variety of products and services they need for career growth and professional development.
  3. 3. Growing from print to digital Powerful Learning; Powerful Leadership We provide the tools and services our customers need whether in print or digital/online formats: from books, to training packages, newsletters, certification, workshops , assessments, apps, and coaching and mentoring . •We are focused on specific market opportunities…not trying to convert all of our content. •We listen to our customers and create what they need. •We are in radical learning mode: key are instructional development, blended learning, project management, brand management, community building, social marketing. •We partner with others to gain expertise, market access.
  4. 4. Customers we serve • Leaders and managers: 2.1 million C-suite executives in US, at least 4 million globally (including increasing reach in multiple languages) • Trainers, Consultants and HR consultants who serve organizations. • K-12 teachers and administrators: 3.9 million in US, at least 5 million English language speakers globally. • Higher Education faculty and administrators: 1.9 million in US, at least 2.5 million English language speakers globally.
  5. 5. Key Stats on digital transformation • 28% EBITA in F12; 31% (projected) in F13 • Non-print revenue grew 32% in 2012 and was 21% of total revenue. Non-print revenue is projected to be (33% of total) in 2013 • Top sources of digital revenue: – Inscape’s EPIC platform – Online subscriptions – Pfeiffer’s LPI Online – E-books – Wiley Learning Institute – Apps, enhanced e-books, downloads
  6. 6. Websites to create community
  7. 7. Certification & e-learning
  8. 8. Custom Select Packages Coming soon: Nonprofit Collection JB Business Collection SIOP Collection
  9. 9. Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI) and other online assessments Huge platform improvements launched in 2012 and 2013 198,000 leaders who have been influenced by what they learned about themselves From the LPI.
  10. 10. Everything DiSC • The acquisition of Inscape in February 2012 brought us many capabilities: – Everything DiSC instrument – Global network of 1700 distributors – Talented colleagues in Minneapolis and Copenhagen – Epic platform – Greater traction in the lucrative assessment market
  11. 11. Apps and Enhanced ebooks Lemov Teach Like A Champion Enhanced e-book Kouzes/Posner Five Practices Enhanced ebook Apps
  12. 12. Looking ahead • Our goal is to have a full array of products and services for our market niches. • We expect continued growth in online assessment - a hot market • We will continue to work throughout Wiley to adapt the best of Wiley’s platforms (Custom Select, Wiley Online Library, Wiley Faculty Network).