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The State of Pagination & Infinite Scroll - BrightonSEO April 2019 - Adam Gent

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The State of Pagination and Infinite Scroll on the Web by Adam Gent
A deep dive into the current implementations of pagination and infinite scroll across the web, and how sites can achieve technical excellence when creating a paginated series on mobile and desktop websites.

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The State of Pagination & Infinite Scroll - BrightonSEO April 2019 - Adam Gent

  2. 2. @Adoublegent brightonSEO Web development practices which divides content across multiple pages (components). Navigate using links. Pagination
  3. 3. @Adoublegent brightonSEO Web development practices which divides content across multiple pages (components). Navigate by scrolling. Infinite Scroll
  4. 4. @Adoublegent brightonSEO How search-friendly is pagination and infinite scroll on the web?
  5. 5. @Adoublegent brightonSEO SEO friendly Excluded150 websites
  6. 6. @Adoublegent brightonSEO That’s a nice SEO test.. …it would be a shame… ..if someone… ...messed it up.
  7. 7. @Adoublegent brightonSEO “It's been the case for quite some time now that we don't use the rel=next and rel=previous.” John Mueller, Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google
  8. 8. @Adoublegent brightonSEO SEO community.
  9. 9. @Adoublegent brightonSEO THAT’S SO UNFAIR!
  10. 10. @Adoublegent brightonSEO SEO info all out of date!
  11. 11. @Adoublegent brightonSEO How to optimize and manage pagination (post rel=next and rel=prev)?
  12. 12. @Adoublegent brightonSEO How do Google’s systems handle pagination?
  13. 13. @Adoublegent brightonSEO <link rel="next" href="" /> <link rel="next" href="" /> <link rel=“prev" href="" /> <link rel=“prev" href="" /> Previously
  14. 14. @Adoublegent brightonSEO Consolidate divided pages into one piece of content in Google’s index. 1 2 3 4 (Past).
  15. 15. @Adoublegent brightonSEO Help Google choose the most relevant page for queries (usually first page). 1 2 3 4
  16. 16. @Adoublegent brightonSEO “We don’t treat pagination differently. We treat them as normal pages.” John Mueller, Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google, webmaster-hangout-notes-march-22nd-2019/#link8
  17. 17. @Adoublegent brightonSEO New: Paginated pages are indexed separately. 1 2 3 4
  18. 18. @Adoublegent brightonSEO
  19. 19. @Adoublegent brightonSEO Why does it matter how Google treats pagination?
  20. 20. @Adoublegent brightonSEO Pagination provides access points
  21. 21. @Adoublegent brightonSEO Result of SEO basics when ignored on pagination redesign.
  22. 22. @Adoublegent brightonSEO We need to go back to SEO basics.
  23. 23. @Adoublegent brightonSEO Search-friendly criteria: 1. Paginated pages use unique URLs 2. Pagination includes crawlable internal links 3. Paginated pages are indexable 4. Paginated pages have unique content 5. Paginated pages have rel=next and rel=prev
  24. 24. @Adoublegent brightonSEO SEO friendly Excluded150 websites UPDATED criteria
  25. 25. @Adoublegent brightonSEO I can’t cover everything I found…
  26. 26. @Adoublegent brightonSEO …of pagination tested did not meet basic search-friendly criteria.
  27. 27. @Adoublegent brightonSEO Pagination Lazy load Infinite Scroll
  28. 28. @Adoublegent brightonSEO …of sites with infinite scroll and lazy load did not meet basic search-friendly criteria.
  29. 29. @Adoublegent brightonSEO CrawlabilityInternal Links Indexability
  30. 30. @Adoublegent brightonSEO Link Architecture
  31. 31. @Adoublegent brightonSEO Understand the importance of pagination in the internal link structure.
  32. 32. @Adoublegent brightonSEO@Adoublegent brightonSEO Link architecture and click depth
  33. 33. @Adoublegent brightonSEO@Adoublegent brightonSEO “Clicks from the home page helps Google understand which pages are important.” John Mueller, Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google seo-url-structure/256779/
  34. 34. @Adoublegent brightonSEO@Adoublegent brightonSEO PageRank dampening factor Less and less PageRank is passed to each level as it has to pass through more nodes (pages). PageRank is passed from category to paginated pages but decays due to dampening factor. 10 8.5 1.8 1.8 0.38 0.38
  35. 35. @Adoublegent brightonSEO@Adoublegent brightonSEO Pagination adds click depth
  36. 36. @Adoublegent brightonSEO@Adoublegent brightonSEO …for websites using pagination, infinite scroll and lazy load web-designs in crawl data. Avg. Click Depth: 18
  37. 37. @Adoublegent brightonSEO@Adoublegent brightonSEO How Site Pagination and Click Depth Affect SEO
  38. 38. @Adoublegent brightonSEO@Adoublegent brightonSEO Stepping by two pages, Previous and Next
  39. 39. @Adoublegent brightonSEO@Adoublegent brightonSEO Step by one plus, first and last, next/prev links
  40. 40. @Adoublegent brightonSEO Review your internal link schemes on pagination, infinite scroll and lazy load to reduce click depth.
  41. 41. @Adoublegent brightonSEO@Adoublegent brightonSEO Reduce click depth with internal linking
  42. 42. @Adoublegent brightonSEO@Adoublegent brightonSEO An SEO’s guide to site architecture
  43. 43. @Adoublegent brightonSEO Indexability
  44. 44. @Adoublegent brightonSEO Important paginated pages which provide access points to deeper level pages should be indexable.
  45. 45. @Adoublegent brightonSEO Excluded URLs IndexIndexingParser Content extraction Canonicalization, soft 404 errors, noindex, etc. Google-selected canonical URLs are indexed Duplicate content, noindex, 4xx errors, redirects, URL not selected as canonical, etc.
  46. 46. @Adoublegent brightonSEO Long term excluded pages internal links are not followed and dropped from index. follow-24990.html
  47. 47. @Adoublegent brightonSEO Excluding paginated pages from the index will remove internal linking and can create orphaned pages.
  48. 48. @Adoublegent brightonSEO Avoid using rel=canonical and noindex on important paginated pages.
  49. 49. @Adoublegent brightonSEO@Adoublegent brightonSEO Pagination URLs included Total URLs 62,072 Pagination URLs excluded Total URLs 26,125 Identify pagination dependencies
  50. 50. @Adoublegent brightonSEO Crawlability
  51. 51. @Adoublegent brightonSEO Make sure paginated pages have unique URLs and can be discovered by crawlable links.
  52. 52. @Adoublegent brightonSEO “Without your pages’ URLs, our systems cannot crawl, index, and ultimately present your information in Search.” Google Developer Search documentation indexing
  53. 53. @Adoublegent brightonSEO@Adoublegent brightonSEO …of pagination mapped unique URLs to paginated pages when tested.
  54. 54. @Adoublegent brightonSEO Used fragment identifiers (#) in pagination. Search engines can’t crawl content after the #.
  55. 55. @Adoublegent brightonSEO “Google can follow links only if they are an <a> tag with an href attribute.” Google Search Console Help document
  56. 56. @Adoublegent brightonSEO@Adoublegent brightonSEO …of pagination did not use crawlable links to paginated pages when tested.
  57. 57. @Adoublegent brightonSEO Designs did not use anchor links with href
  58. 58. @Adoublegent brightonSEO Anchor links used event scripts in href.
  59. 59. @Adoublegent brightonSEO How to optimize and manage pagination (post rel=next and rel=prev)?
  60. 60. @Adoublegent brightonSEO Understand the basics of how search works.
  61. 61. @Adoublegent brightonSEO@Adoublegent brightonSEO Think about internal linking and pagination.
  62. 62. @Adoublegent brightonSEO@Adoublegent brightonSEO Test. Test. Test again.
  63. 63. @Adoublegent brightonSEO A technical SEOs guide to pagination (post rel=next and rel=prev) <link rel=“next” href=“ library/pagination-seo-guide/”>
  64. 64. @Adoublegent brightonSEO The state of the web: Pagination and infinite scroll on the web <link rel=“next” href=“Published Soon”>
  65. 65. @Adoublegent brightonSEO May the test be with you! Any questions? Send me a Tweet. @Adoublegent