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Bottle Gourd from market (Baseline)

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Nutrition value of bottle gourd from market place

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Bottle Gourd from market (Baseline)

  1. 1. Survey No.102, Plot No.26, Wadala Pathardi Road, Indira Nagar, Nashik-422009, Maharashtra, India (Near Guru Gobind Singh School, Near Pandav Nagari, / Sai Mandir Chowk / Samrat Sweet Turning) AshwamedhEngineers & Consultants C.S.L. T/F:+91-253-2392225 Laboratory Services Division ISO 9001:2008 Certified Laboratory recognized by Ministry of Environment & Forests, Govt. of India under Environment (Protect ion) Act, 1986 (7.12.9 to 6.12.14) Laboratory accredited by NABL in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025:2005 standard in Chemical & Biological disciplines (NABL certi ficate No. T-1188 & 1189) FSSAI recognized Food Testing Laboratory listed under registration number 28 ANALYSIS REPORT Sample / Report No. F/10/12/12 Date 15/10/2012 Name and Address of Customer “Nisarg” Prem Farm At. Post Sayne, Tal :– Malegaon, Dist :- Nashik Sample Collected by Customer Sample Description/Type Bottle Gourd Sample Identification/ Batch No. Market Sample Date of Receipt of Sample 03/10/2012 Sample Quantity/ Packing 500 g x 1 no. plastic bag Date of Start of Analysis 03/10/2012 Order Reference Verbal Discussion Date of Completion of Analysis 14/10/2012 Sr. No. Parameters Results Units Method Reference 1. Protein 1.44 g/100g IS 7219: 1973, Reaffirmed 2010 2. Calcium (as Ca) 11.6 mg/100g AOAC,18 th Ed.,2005, Rev. 3,2010, Method no.984.27 3. Vitamin B12 BDL (DL:1) mg/100g WI/SAP-HPLC/5/6 BDL : Below Detection Limit. DL : Detection Limit. -------------------------------------------------End------------------------------------------------- FOR ASHWAMEDH ENGINEERS AND CONSULTANTS CO-OP.SOC.LTD. Laboratory Services Division Shubhada P. Joshi Aparna S. Pharande Deputy Technical Manager (Chemical) Chief Executive Officer VERIFIED BY AUTHORISED SIGNATORY ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Note: 1. The result listed refer only to the tested sample(s) and applicable parameter(s). 2. This report is not to be reproduced except in full, without written approval of the laboratory. QF/5.10/1-A Amend. No. 04 Dt. 01.07.10 Page 1 of 1