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Empathy map deepti kundra

  1. 1. Problem statement Stakeholder NEEDS A WAY TO (describe person using empathetic language) (needs are VERBS) DO SAY THINK FEEL BECAUSE InsightNeed STAKEHOLDER Insights Design Thinking Action Lab 2013 Vicky an intelligent but emotional and sensitive individual Was comfortable with known friends but not with unknown colleagues School was a short term commitment It was easy to find trust at school but difficult to find at work Nobody would judge anyone at school but at work you’re always being judged Guidance and mentorship were readily available at school but not at work Work took getting used to, school was easy Spent time like-minded people Go out of the way to network and meet people Followed benchmarks and goals set by someone else Took advantage of the hiring program to learn more about work Struggled to find trust and guidance at work When placed in a somewhat familiar simulated and open environment at work, stakeholder finds it easy to find trust in others Fear and self-control take over when in an unknown setting Stakeholder feels conformable when allowed to set own expectations and benchmarks Should find a third neutral space between work and school that will help fill the gap in transition. To bridge the gap between two places, stakeholder needs to find comfort in knowing that that he/she fits the culture of the company and that all expectations are met Needs a ready and constantly available source of trust and deep network to feel a sense of community or belong to a team. gather, identify and learn about the culture and people at all the potential companies or work places this will ensure a good fit and professional success at the new company with least amount of disappointments