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Dell Cloud Manager Overview

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A high level overview of Dell Cloud Manager and key challenges it solves. Learn more:

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Dell Cloud Manager Overview

  1. 1. Dell Cloud Manager Cloud management with agility, governance, and choice.
  2. 2. Needs • Meet service levels • Extend security policies into the cloud • Automate manual tasks Needs • Advocated on-demand, self service • Choice of tools, resources, and technology Challenges • No unified plan • Disparate systems • Limited cloud expertise • Legacy systems management Business driver: Transform to a trusted service provider/broker Business driver: More productivity, fewer constraints CxO IT Operations Developers Needs • Faster time to market • Enable transformation • Improved efficiency & visibility Business driver: Leverage cloud as a strategic advantage State of cloud in the enterprise
  3. 3. Primary drivers for cloud adoption Source: Forrsights Hardware Survey, 103 IT decision-makers in North America and Europe, a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Dell, June 2013
  4. 4. Why enterprises use cloud management software Improve agility Speed time to deploy of infrastructure and applications. Increase cloud security Ensure the right level of access to your cloud resources. Optimize cloud efficiency Automate common tasks and accelerate application delivery. Manage a hybrid cloud Deliver a single pane of glass to manage private and public clouds. Enhance budget controls Control costs and enable chargeback for your cloud usage.
  5. 5. DCM provides • Self-service provisioning • Security and budget controls • Automation of apps and tasks DCM provides • Self-provisioning • Application deployment • Leading clouds and tools Benefits • Unified solution • Lower risk • Improved orchestration • Platform for the future Business benefit: Transform to a trusted service provider/broker Business benefit: More productivity, fewer constraints CxO IT Operations Developers DCM provides • Quick deployment • Agility and control • Extensible platform Business benefit: Leverage cloud as a strategic advantage Why choose Dell Cloud Manager?
  6. 6. Security access & identity management Budget controls Provisioning Management AutomationService catalog Dasein Open Source Cloud Abstraction Layer Console Configuration management Billing systems LDAP/AD SSO ITSM Monitoring systems Users Dell Cloud Manager API Public clouds Private clouds Dell/RedHat SUSE Containerization Client internal systems
  7. 7. Automate cloud to closely manage demand. • Scale up/down to meet service levels with the right levels of infrastructure. Financial benefits of Dell Cloud Manager. Increase IT efficiency. • Accelerate provisioning / application deployments (480% improvement). Prevent cloud sprawl and shadow IT. • Reduce cloud costs by 10%-40% on a monthly basis. Control spending. • Alerts, controls and chargebacks across clouds. Leverage multiple cloud providers. • Integrate data and utilize best pricing and cloud service fit.
  8. 8. Dell Hybrid Cloud System for Microsoft Faster time to market with lower risk and cost Windows Azure Pack Hyper-V Servers Storage Network • Dell Cloud Manager v11 • Microsoft Hyper V • Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 • PowerEdge R430 Rack Server Dell Cloud Manager Appliance
  9. 9. Dell Hybrid Cloud System for Microsoft DCM connects & manages all of your cloud endpoints Dell Cloud Manager Dell Hybrid Cloud System Microsoft Azure Additional leading clouds Rich features for workload deployment and automation Fully featured governance capability with granular role-based access controls Unified management of hybrid cloud resources
  10. 10. Dell Hybrid Cloud System for Microsoft Dell Cloud Manager complements and extends Windows Azure Pack Governance Agility Choice Leverage cloud as a strategic advantage Extend IT policy to the cloud More productivity, fewer constraints Fully featured governance capability • Granular, role-based access controls • Flexible budget framework to track & manage costs • Soft & hard quotas to control consumption Rich features for workload deployment & automation • Package entire technology stacks in DCM blueprints • Curate and publish apps & services in custom catalogs • Deploy with auto-scaling and auto-healing to optimize performance Unified management of hybrid cloud resources • Connect multiple CPS-based racks and Azure public IaaS • Manage any combination of supported clouds • Build using the OS, middleware & tools of your choice
  11. 11. Dell Cloud Manager screenshot walkthrough
  12. 12. Getting started: console dashboard
  13. 13. Selecting cloud accounts
  14. 14. Buy through Dell or bring your own
  15. 15. Controlled access to all resources
  16. 16. Budget management
  17. 17. Report by resource, group, user, or budget
  18. 18. Servers
  19. 19. Machine images
  20. 20. Launching a VM
  21. 21. Dell Cloud Marketplace: SaaS public service catalog
  22. 22. Create your own service catalogs
  23. 23. DCM Blueprints
  24. 24. Compare costs across regions and clouds
  25. 25. Set auto-scaling and auto-healing policies
  26. 26. Running application stacks
  27. 27. Thanks!