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When Is the Right Time to Buy Life Insurance?When is the right time to buy life insurance? One answer could be right now! ...
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When is the right time to buy life insurance

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AccuQuote is a leader in providing term life quotes to people across the United States. In 1986 it began operating with a single goal: to make the process of buying term life insurance as easy as possible for its customers. Their experienced professionals consistently deliver the most affordable term life insurance rates by comparing thousands of life insurance policies from dozens of top-rated carriers.

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When is the right time to buy life insurance

  1. 1. When Is the Right Time to Buy Life Insurance?When is the right time to buy life insurance? One answer could be right now! Right now is a goodtime to consider purchasing a life insurance policy. It is a well-known fact that the sooner youpurchase a life insurance policy, the better chance you have of getting the best rates.Most young people don’t think about death. Neither do they have dependents to worry about ifthey should die in unforeseeable circumstances. But purchasing a policy when you are young andsingle could be one of the wisest decisions you make. This age category gets the best preferredrates. Think about it. The younger you are, the healthier you are. If you choose a level term lifeinsurance policy, say, for a term of 20 years, premiums remain stable throughout the entire termperiod. By choosing a large coverage that would cover your future family’s needs as well, youwould not need to think about life insurance until you are well into your 60s. At this stage in lifeyou may not need life insurance at all since all your financial obligations would most likely, bemet.The right time to purchase a life insurance policy would definitely be at every milestone in yourlife. Marriage is a good time to think about buying a policy, especially if you are starting out withloans and mortgages. Having a life insurance policy in place at this time would certainly not offsetthe grief of a bereft spouse but it would certainly not compound the grief by overburdening debtsthat have been left behind.Another “right” time to buy life insurance would be when you have your first child. You may wantto purchase a house or start saving for college education. If the bread earner of the family were todie prematurely, this may affect the financial future of your children. You can still provide for theirneeds, long after you are gone, through the proceeds of your life insurance policy that your familywould receive.If you are in a high-risk health category or suffer from any medical condition or disease that couldgrow worse over the years, you should definitely think of insuring yourself at the earliest.Consider purchasing a policy that guarantees you can increase your insurance coverage withouthaving to improve your insurability.Whether you are healthy and young, or suffer from serious health conditions, if you want to findthe best life insurance policy at the most affordable rates, you need to shop around. Going fromcompany to company collecting life insurance quotes is not feasible for most people. A good wayto get multiple quotes is through a reliable online life insurance quote provider. Make sure youuse one which is accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Such providers have hundredsof reputed life insurance companies on their databases. They can provide you with instant quoteswith credit ratings that you can use for comparative study. Look for free riders as well that couldprove useful later on. Quotes are provided free of cost and there is no obligation to purchase.Remember, premiums increase significantly as you age. Buying a life insurance policy soonerrather than later is something you should consider now.