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ION Belgrade - Opening Slides

  1. Internet Society & Deploy360
  2. About the Internet Society Celebrating 25 Years!
  3. Founded in 1992 The Internet Society was founded by Internet pioneers and organizations to do three things: 1. Facilitate the technical evolution of the Internet, specifically to be the institutional home to the IETF. 2. Foster collaboration among organizations in their operation and use of the Internet. 3. Educate and advocate on behalf of the Internet. 4
  4. 2017 marks the Internet Society’s 25th year of advocacy for an open, secure Internet that benefits everyone, everywhere. To recognize this milestone, we will embark on a year of reflection, celebration and community building, and seize the opportunity to expand awareness of the Internet Society and our mission. 5
  5. Join Us! We all have a role in preserving the open Internet and defending its underlying principles. Our collective actions today will determine the Internet that future generations will inherit, use and build on. The next 25 years depend on you. Join the Internet Society: Join the Serbia Chapter: 6
  6. Deploy360 Programme 7
  7. About Deploy360 The Challenge: — The IETF creates protocols based on open standards, but some are not widely known or deployed — People seeking to implement these protocols are confused by a lack of clear, concise deployment information The Deploy360 Solution: — Provide hands-on information on IPv6, DNSSEC, TLS for applications, Securing BGP, and Anti-spoofing to advance real-world deployment — Work with first adopters to collect and create technical resources and distribute these resources to fast following networks
  8. The Team Here in Malta: • Megan Kruse, Manager, Technology Outreach & Strategic Planning • Kevin Meynell, Content and Resource Manager • Jan Žorž, Operational Engagement Programme Manager Other Team Members: • Aftab Siddiqui, Technical Engagement Manager – Asia Pacific • Dan York, Senior Content Strategist
  9. Web Portal (Online Knowledge Repository) • Technical documents • Audience-specific information • Blogs & social media Social Media (Constant Audience Engagement) • Twitter • Facebook • YouTube Speaking Engagements (Come Meet Us or Invite Us to Speak) • IPv6 Summits • Interop Events • Network Operators’ Groups ION Conferences (Hands-on Educational Events) • Malta • Bangladesh • China • Chile Deploy360 Components
  10. Web Portal – IPv6, DNSSEC, Securing BGP, TLS for Applications, Anti-spoofing knowledge base including tutorials, case studies, training resources, etc. Content specific to: — Network Operators — Developers — Content Providers — Consumer Electronics Manufacturers — Enterprise Customers Blog posts Social media integration
  11. Follow Us! #IONConf
  12. Next Steps More content — Content growth using published roadmaps for IPv6, DNSSEC, Securing BGP, and TLS for applications — Actively engaged with industry professionals to curate or create deployment content New features based on audience feedback (including yours!) Additional information in multiple languages Increasing blogging and social media efforts
  13. Your Participation Visit and explore Create Content — Help us develop materials based on your experiences — We will credit your work Define New Features — Tell us what you need to get started on your own deployment Contact us:
  14. 15 Today’s Agenda 9:30 AM Introduction to the Internet Society and Deploy360 9:45 AM Welcome from the ISOC Serbia Chapter 10:00 AM MANRS, Routing Security, and Collaboration 10:30 AM BREAK 11:00 AM What’s Happening in the IETF and How to Get Involved 11:15 AM Panel Discussion: IPv6 Success Stories 12:15 PM LUNCH 1:30 PM RSNOG
  15. Visit us at Follow us @internetsociety Galerie Jean-Malbuisson 15, CH-1204 Geneva, Switzerland. +41 22 807 1444 1775 Wiehle Avenue, Suite 201, Reston, VA 20190-5108 USA. +1 703 439 2120 Thank you. Megan Kruse Manager, Technology Outreach & Strategic Planning

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  1. Celebrate our origin, our history and 25 years of working to our mission