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But They’re Most Likely Caffeinated

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Looking for a new way to run your business? Not trying to sign a big, long lease for a commerical property space? Avoid the contracts and hidden fees!

Why not try a Poppir Pop? Most likely you have no idea what I'm talking about. It's okay! Thats why we made this slideshare. This article walks you through 4 coffee shops practicing their business 4 different ways. Each "Pop" or brand of Pop-Up space designates the style of business each shop chose. So...go ahead! Check out the slides :)

Think about your morning cup of joe. Did you make it in an electric coffee pot or pick it up at Starbucks on the way to work? Is it more creamer than coffee? Do you chug it to kickstart your day? Strike up a conversation with the baristas and roasters of the following coffee pop-ups, and they'll entertain you with the drink's intricacies, inviting you into a new world.

A cup of coffee can greatly vary. From the source of the beans, the level of roast, the methods used to grind and brew the beans, the purity of the water, the location of the moon… Ok, the latter might not be true. But to brew a damn fine cup of coffee (#TwinPeaks), it takes a lot of knowledge and passion. To start a coffee shop or cafe also takes a lot of knowledge and passion - and money.

For these four coffee bars, bringing their passion for coffee’s complexity to their community comes in the form of pop-ups. But even those pop-ups vary, from a Classic Pop to a Share Pop. One has a permanent location in addition to their pop-up, while one would like a permanent location in the future. One works out of a shipping container, and another sets up a station at local events.

Grab a cup of your favorite pour over or pick up a hazelnut soy latte and keep reading to find out what pop-up coffee shops are brewing across the country.

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But They’re Most Likely Caffeinated

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