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8 Distinct Shades Of Helvetica

Helvetica, the Swiss-knife of Fonts, was designed in 1957 by designer Max Miedinger. Helvetica can be seen on almost every sign, slogan, or billboard and it is also used vastly in the art of logo designs of many famous companies. The reason it is so widespread and popular is because it is the safest and most neutral font choice.

Much of Helvetica's appeal come from its timelessness and neutrality - letters so ubiquitous they become part of the communication. It may be the most played out typeface ever but it's aura will remain forever.

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8 Distinct Shades Of Helvetica

  1. HELVETICA Designed in 1957 by Max Miedinger, Helvetica’s design is based on that of Akzidenz Grotesk (1896), and classified as a Grotesque or Transitional san serif face. Originally it was called Neue Haas Grotesque; in 1960 it was revised and renamed Helvetica (Latin for “Swiss”). Source:
  3. Whether you like it or not, Helvetica is everywhere!
  5. Helvetica is no doubt the most widely used SANS SERIF out there. It comes as a native font for Unix and Macintosh computers as well as PostScript printers. However, Arial is gaining popularity on modern operating systems. Impact Futura Comic Sans Arial Helvetica Verdana Tahoma Century Gothic Geneva Trebuchet Myriad
  7. a Shoo! Go Away, Arial. a But, Helvetica! Helvetica and Arial are often tangled, and the subjects of mistaken identity. Arial, born in 1982 by Robin Nicholas and Patricia Saunders for Monotype, is often referred to as a clone or rip-off of Helvetica, designed to avoid huge licensing fees of the premium typeface. However, closer assessment of the two fonts discloses subtle tinges that perhaps escape off-the-cuff glances.
  9. Helvetica embodies the concept that a typeface’s primary job is to communicate across mediums. So, be it print, web or hybrid communication – Helvetica does the job exceptionally well. BROCHURE WEBSITE MAGAZINE MOBILE LOGO
  10. HOT AND HAPPY 5. Yay! Whoa!
  11. Helvetica brings HOTNESS and HAPPINESS in design. It remains crisp irrespective of the medium and loves connecting with the neighboring fonts.
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  13. Helvetica comes with a wide range of weight and width options to select from. But the beauty of the font is, it looks simple and readable – even in Lt or Hv. HELVETICA It’s all in the family! ;)
  14. 7.
  15. The reason Helvetica is so widespread is because it is the SAFEST and most NEUTRAL font choice. The versatile typeface, with its unadorned forms, adapts quickly and lets designers communicate without distraction. H H e E h e V
  16. Do Designers Love Helvetica? 8.
  17. For me Helvetica is just this beautiful, timeless thing. And certain things shouldn't be messed with, you know? - Michael C. Place A real typeface needs rhythm, needs contrast. HELVETICA HASN’T GOT ANY OF THAT. - Erik Spiekermann You can say I LOVE YOU in Helvetica. You can say it with Helvetica Extra Light if you want to be really FANCY. You can say it with Helvetica Extra Dark if you want to be really LOUD. You can say I HATE YOU in Helvetica. I have never designed a logotype without first trying it in Helvetica. It is still the most versatile, classic and readable of all typefaces. - STEFF GEISSBUHLER People ask me why I use Helvetica so often. I say, “Because it cost me over £1000 to buy, that's why!” - Graham Smith Massimo Vignelli
  18. So, what do you think of HELVETICA now?