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Selecting The Right 3D Printer for the Job

  1. The Right 3D Printer for the Job
  2. Before We Start This webinar will be available at Q&A at the end of the presentation Tweet with hashtag #Right3Dprinter
  3. Moderator Leslie Langnau Design World Presenters Buddy Byrum 3D Systems Scott Harmon Z Corporation Fred Fischer Stratasys, Inc. Gerry Berberian Objet Geometries
  4. Design World The Right 3D Printer For the Job
  5. 3D Printer Requirements vs. Budget Utility Professional 3D Printers offer best part quality and functionality • Highest available feature definition • Highest accuracy and precision • Broad range of functional materials • Best elapsed time to finished part Personal 3D Printers provide convenience and economy • Desktop convenience • Plug and play set-up and operation • Easy-to-use • Remarkable part quality and functionality Entry-level 3D Printers are available to all • Compact • Variety of available materials • Open-source design allows for experimentation
  6. 3D Printing Functionality Model Prototype Pattern 3-D Printing Tool Part
  7. Experimentation & Education Under $4000 • Does The 3D Printer Allow For: • Testing of theories & alternate materials? • The observation of all printer functions? • Low cost experimentation & tinkering? • A limited budget? System purchase plus ongoing materials & maintenance? • Does the printer provide basic process understanding & valuable education opportunity
  8. Concept & Communication Models Life-like Models Build Speed Typical Use • Smooth surface finish & fine feature represent designer’s intent • Smooth surfaces easier to paint when making “life-like” models • Fine detail communicates quality of the design • Build speed and capacity for Rapid Feedback • Part Size • Part Geometry Complexity • Number of Parts being built in a job • Will multiple people use the printer? • Project crunch periods dictate need for flexible capacity? • Multiple Component Assemblies
  9. Concept Model Case Study •Thun spA, Italy • Using a Personal 3D Printer, they verified detailed features and determined which colors to apply • This project introduces a new figurine in the Classics section “People of the world” called: Peruvian woman with baby
  10. Form - Fit - Function Models Accuracy & Precision • Professional Printers offer accuracy up to +/- 0.001 in • Sophisticated software tools allow for fine-tuning • Personal 3D Printers may range from 0.01 to 0.03 in Material Properties & Stability • Do the available materials best match performance requirements? • Do the materials remain stable in the typical use environment? • Do the parts remain stable over time? Part Features • Are edges, corners and holes well defined? • Will pins, connectors and other features mate? • Does surface finish match the designed surfaces to ensure proper functionality? • Are surfaces and sidewalls smooth or are there stairstepped layers? AB Printer B 40°C 50°C Printer A 30°C B A
  11. Aeronautical Cooling Fan Case Study •TEMA • 4-blade rotor prototype printed using a Professional 3D Printer • Created to perform destructive tests at 14,000 revolutions per minute. • Test completed successfully • The final part is made out of aluminum
  12. Digital Manufacturing Patterns & Molds Direct Casting • Professional & Production level systems • Fine detail, surface finish and accuracy • Materials sufficiently stable, strong and temperature resistant for the application? • Use caution when looking at material specs:  Assure fitness for the application.  Test a sample part if possible. • 3D printer technologies are available to produce wax patterns • Designed for direct “lost-wax” casting production • Digital production directly from CAD without tooling • Castable plastic available for dual-purpose prototyping and digital production
  13. High-definition casting, cycle-pedal development •Dreamslide • Materials and manufacturing process selection • Functional design, for product and process • Supply specifications • Parts prototyping done using a model produced on a Wax Professional 3D Printer for direct investment casting
  14. Understanding the Economics System Price Material Cost Service & Maintenance Other Consumables Labor
  15. Highest & Best Value 1 • No Single 3D Printer Does Everything 2 • Determine the Applications that will provide the greatest benefit 3 • Benefit from multiple 3D Printers for your in-house printing capabilities 4 • Outsource Services are available for special, occasional requirements Pick the right tool, or combination of tools for the job!
  16. Most Complete 3D Printing Product Range Thank You! Production 3D Printers Professional 3D Printers Personal 3D Printers
  17. Selecting a 3D Printer Scott Harmon, Vice President Business Development © 2010 Z Corporation
  18. Overview • Operation • Speed / Capacity • Resolution / Color • Cost • Material Properties • Best Fits © 2010 Z Corporation 18
  19. Operation • Operation – Deposit – Spread – Print © 2010 Z Corporation 19
  20. Speed • ~.9” per hour • Multiple Parts • Multiple Colors • Sample – 7 parts – 100 cu in – 12 hours © 2010 Z Corporation 20
  21. Color and Resolution    .0035-.004” layers 300x450 dpi Unlimited color © 2010 Z Corporation 21
  22. Cost • Variable by Application • No Support Structures or Waste Draft Basic Color ~$2.00 / in3 ($0.12/cm3) ~$3-4/ in3 ~$3-4 / in3 ($0.18-$0.24/cm3) ($0.18$0.24/cm3) © 2010 Z Corporation Functional Presentation $5-6 / in3 ($0.30-$0.36/cm3) 22
  23. Materials • Strong – Tensile 26 MPa – Flexural 44 MPa – Compression 98 MPa • Rigid © 2010 Z Corporation 23
  24. ZPrinter Best Fit • Design Intensive Companies – Advantages in Speed, Cost & Color • Beyond Engineering – Manufacturing, Sales, Marketing, Market Research, Customers • Office Friendliness – No waste, no plumbing hook ups, no supports © 2010 Z Corporation 24
  25. Case Study: Cisco Consumer Group • Business: Develops home networking and networked entertainment solutions for consumers. • Challenge: Upholding traditional Scandinavian design standards in competitive consumer electronics market. • Results – Cisco designers acquired a ZPrinter 450. – Create prototypes in hours instead of weeks, at one-fifth the cost. – Enables Cisco to apply specific design standards in a way that keeps the development cycle humming. – Designers get an average of ten prototypes per week, resulting in more refined, elegant products. © 2010 Z Corporation “We get prototypes quickly, we refine them quickly, we create new ones, and we derive our elite designs…” -Eskild Hansen, Head of European Design Centre 25
  26. Case Study: Spirax Sarco • Business: Leader in steam-related products and services. • Challenge: Improve marketing of large, complex machines with the help of scaled models. • Results: – Started making models for marketing on ZPrinter. – Sales models of 1,000 lb. products reduce time, shipping, labor at tradeshows. – Sales staff is able to bring models of large products on sales calls. – ZPrinted model of heat exchanger helped seal $600K sale, beating companies with only 2D drawings. © 2010 Z Corporation “Time, weight, booth space, model portability, sales impact, design improvements and overall customer satisfaction have made 3D printing a strategic solution.” -Leslie Penfield, Product Development Engineer 26
  27. Selecting an Additive Manufacturing System Fred Fischer, Stratasys
  28. Solution Classification Additive Manufacturing On-Demand Services (Service Bureaus) 3D Printers 3D Production Systems LOWEST BARRIER TO PARTS MOST AFFORDABLE SOLUTIONS HIGHEST PERFORMANCE SYSTEMS
  29. Primary Applications for Additive Manufacturing Technology Additive Manufacturing Concept Models Functional Prototypes Manufacturing Tools End-Use Parts Established / Traditional Direct Digital Manufacturing (Design) (Manufacturing)
  30. Technology Assessment 3D PRINTERS 3D Printers 3D PRODUCTION SYSTEMS 3D Production Systems Performance Requirements Increase Conceptual Models Functional Prototypes Manufacturing Tools End-Use Parts
  31. Case Study: Arctic Spas • Creates jets, valves, unions and fittings w/ 3DP • 3DP used to prove out design before spending up to $25K on tooling. • ABS parts held water pressures over 20-25 psi. “I can create the actual part using Dimension, throw it in the tub and test it for real.” -- CAD department manager, Pete Vant Hoff.
  32. Joe Gibbs Racing: Concept to Car in Under 3 Days Tire blowout indicated cooling duct problem  Traditional fix would require over 1 month  Team risked losing several races Prototype and manufacture new duct outlet  Several iterations modeled & prototyped  Produced tooling buck for end-use part Huge time savings Method  Problem solved before shipping to next race  Design, test & manufacture in 56 hours  33 days without FDM Traditional mfg Cost Time NEXT SLIDE $147 3 days Savings  Fortus part $147 vs. $1,175 for traditional mfg 33 days Fortus Impressive cost reduction $1,175 $1,028 (87%) 30 days (75%) Back to Slide: Manufacturing Tools Back to Slide: Primary Applications Images
  33. Selecting an Additive Manufacturing System • Typical key selection criteria • Office setting vs. Shop floor • Materials • Time-to-part  Don‟t get caught in the speed game  Understand entire process • Part Precision • Understand your REAL application needs
  34. Selecting an Additive Manufacturing System • All systems have merits • Ask for benchmarks • STL file • • • 1-800-480-3548
  35. Selecting an Additive Manufacturing System Fred Fischer, Stratasys
  36. Objet Geometries Gerald Berberian Sales Operations Objet Geometries Inc. Billerica, MA
  37. Company Profile • A leading solution provider of high-quality, cost effective 3-dimensional printing systems and materials for rapid prototyping and rapid manufacturing 80% of relevant Fortune 100 are using Objet! – General Motors, Ford, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, General Dynamics, Raytheon, L3, HP, Dell, Apple, Sears, Walt Disney, Microsoft, Motorola …. • • • Strong business model – Diversified customer base buying, Printing Systems, Resin and Service Install base: Award wining unique technology Structured for growth : 2500 – WW sales and marketing infrastructure – Strong and advanced IT infrastructure – First in class service organization, top rated by its customers • . 2,600 unit install base 2000 1500 1000 500 0 2006 2007 2008 2009
  38. Objet World Wide EUROPE USA 50 Employees 26 Employees 12 Distributors 24 Distributors Germany Germany Germany Israel North America Mexico LA China China Hong Kong Hong Kong Hong Kong Israel ISRAEL Israel 1 Employee 212 Employees 3 Distributors Japan AP • Japan 1 Employee • Hong Kong 10 Employees • China 8 Employees 24 Distributors 63 Distributors World Wide Operations 63 Support 67 R & D 76 Sales & Marketing 57 G & A 45
  39. Core Technology – 3D Inkjet Printing • 2D inkjet technology reproduces image by propelling droplets of liquid material, Ink – Objet uses liquid photopolymer instead of ink – Objet adds the 3rd dimension (z-axis) to reproduce models • Most scalable technology in the additive manufacturing arena – Via additional print-heads – Scalability for large trays, large models and multiple small models – Inkjet “Moore‟s law” • Growing performance over time relying on a multi-billion printing industry market • Intellectual property: – Over 50 patents granted or pending, over 70 licensed
  40. Objet Single Material Technology Printing Head Support Material Model Material Instant UV Curing
  41. Objet Dual Material Technology Print Heads Objet dual material technology works by jetting two materials simultaneously UV Light Material B Material A Build Tray
  42. Delivering Excellence • • • • • Objet Single & Dual Material Technology 16 micron ultra thin layers Thin walls, down to 0.6mm/0.02in High accuracy 0.1mm/0.004in High resolution – Smooth surfaces – Fine details • Office environment friendly
  43. Applications • Rapid Prototyping: – Form modeling: "A model speaks a thousands pictures". – Fit testing: placing two printed elements together. “Objet has the ability of „Printing Reality‟ “ – Functional testing: enables real world physical testing in one build process • Rapid Manufacturing: – Small quantity production – Production grade material: HA, Bio Comp
  44. And the Oscar Goes to… an Objet 3D Printer Avatar, winner of Academy Award for best art direction and best cinematography – and Coraline, nominated for best animated feature film, were brought to the big screen thanks to innovative 3D printing (or rapid prototyping) technology by Objet Geometries.
  45. Objet Families of High Definition 3D Printing Systems Objet30/24 Affordable Desktop 3D Printing System Eden Family Professional line of 3D Printing Systems Connex Family Worlds Only Multi-material 3D Printing Systems
  46. The Objet30/24 The first desktop 3D Inkjet printing system capable of printing high-quality, detailed models all at an affordable price. Objet30/24 Desktop 3D Printing System Objet24 = $19,999 Objet30/24
  47. The Eden Family Eden250™ 3-Dimensional Printing System provides the perfect entry point to the world of high-quality rapid prototyping. Eden250 Eden260V™ Superior accuracy, high quality and the power of a large system in a small footprint. Eden260V Eden350/350V™ Systems - Versatile Systems Delivering High Productivity and High Quality in an Office Environment. Eden350/350V Eden500V™ The ideal solution in build size, surface quality, accuracy, easy of use and versatility. Eden500V
  48. The Connex Family The only solution for creating multiple material 3D parts in a single build Connex350™ Is ideal for customers who wish to print a wide range of parts and assemblies Connex350 Connex500™ Superb productivity with large size build tray Connex500
  49. FullCure ® Materials General Purpose 7XX Series DurusWhite 4XX series Vero 8XX series Tango 9XX series Hearing Aid 6XX series Transparent FullCure720 DurusWhite FullCure430 VeroWhite FullCure830 TangoPlus/ FullCure930 Clear FullCure630 VeroBlue FullCure840 TangoGray FullCure950 RoseClear FullCure655 VeroGray FullCure850 TangoBlack FullCure970 SkinTone FullCure680 VeroBlack FullCure870 TangoBlackPlus FullCure980 FullCure705 - Support
  50. New FullCure ® Materials • Objet VeroWhitePlus: Great dimensional stability • Objet VeroClear: True transparent material with great dimensional stability • Objet High Temperature: Thermal functionality for static parts, combined with outstanding dimensional stability • Objet ABS-like: 3D Models simulating engineering plastics
  51. Digital Materials Digital material are made up of two FullCure modeling materials. The objective of digital materials, as composites, is to combine two different materials so that the result is a new material with characteristics better and different than those of the basic materials.
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  53. Thank You  This webinar will be available at & email Q&A at the end of the presentation Tweet with hashtag #Right3Dprinter
  54. Questions?  3D Systems  Z Corporation  Stratasys  Objet