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Expansion of Aberdeen Harbour 擴充香港仔避風塘 31 March 2014

  1. Expansion of Aberdeen Harbour 擴展香港仔避風塘 March 2014 Paul Zimmerman District Councillor 司馬文區議員
  2. Economic Engine since 19th Century 自十九世紀的經濟動力
  3. Over 10,000 related jobs 提供超過一萬個就業機會
  4. Sectors reliant on the Shelter 依靠避風塘的行業 • Ship Repairing/ Ship Building 造船及修船 • Sales of Boats 船隻銷售 • Insurance 保險 • Captains and Crew 船長及船員 • Spare parts/ Components 零件和部件 • Fishing 捕魚 • Connection services 駁艇
  5. Shortage of berthing and moorings 船隻停泊及繫泊位短缺 At the end of 2013 8,491 licensed pleasure craft (Class IV); 6,536 licensed fishing and related vessels (Class III); ~ 4,000 unlicensed vessels without engines Total: Over 19,000 vessels Total number of sheltered berthing and moorings is less than 5,000 2013年底 8,491 艘遊艇(第IV類別) 6,536 艘漁船及相關船隻(第IV類別) 約4,000艘未有裝置引擎的船隻 總共有超過19,000艘船隻 總泊位只有5,000個
  6. Aberdeen South Typhoon Shelter 香港仔南避風塘 • Average waiting time for a private mooring is 66 months 私人繫泊位平均輪候時間為66個月 • 136 applications on the waiting list 共有136個申請在輪候名單
  7. Aberdeen West Typhoon Shelter 香港仔西避風塘 • Single breakwater – limited wave attenuation, additional break water needed 單一防波堤未能確船隻安全進出,需增加一條防波堤
  8. Aberdeen Typhoon Shelter 香港仔避風塘 • Pleasure crafts start anchoring in the de-facto fishing and commercial vessels area. Conflicts will arise. 遊艇開始於「漁船及商用船隻區的區域」落錨停 泊。衝突將會發生。
  9. Aberdeen Typhoon Shelter Full 香港仔避風塘爆滿
  10. 此數字未包括深灣遊艇俱樂部的 170 個泊位、未有裝置引擎的船 隻、龍舟及停泊於陸上的船隻等。 This number excludes the 170 wet berths at Aberdeen Marina Club, vessels without engines, dry stacked vessels, dragon boats, etc + 170 = 720
  11. Petition for additional moorings – April 2013 業界於2013年4月的請願行動
  12. Impacts 影響 • Lack of skilled labour in the ship repairing industry - potentially affecting marine safety in the long run 修船業缺乏技工 - 長線影響海事安全 • Lack of skilled people in marine operations 缺乏熟悉海事業的資深從業員 • Increases the costs for ordinary residents to enjoy the waters 增加了普通市民出海的成本 • Chaos at the shelter during typhoon season 颱風期間避風塘會出現混亂
  13. Economical contribution of the existing Aberdeen shelter 香港仔避風塘帶來的經濟效益 • Has Government assessed the direct and indirect economical contribution the existing Aberdeen shelter brings to the Southern District? 政府曾否評估香港仔避風塘為南區帶來的直接及 間接經濟效益 ?
  14. Feasibility study to expand Aberdeen Typhoon Shelter 可行性研究 - 擴展香港仔避風塘 • Will the Government agree to commission a feasibility study to ascertain the feasibility, costs and benefits of expanding the Aberdeen Typhoon Shelters? 政府會否同意開展可行性研究, 以確定擴展香港仔避風塘的可 行性、成本和益處?
  15. Tourism, recreation and water sports 遊艇、觀光 及水上運動船隻 Commercial and fishing 商用及漁船