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Dynamic Marketing Consultants Solutions

  1. Welcome To the DMC Experience Our business is growing your business. By treating all our clients like part of the family and not just another number, DMC is able to cater to any entrepreneur or business owner’s needs in ways that larger firms cannot. With our tailor-made approach to marketing and strategies, DMC has the expertise to create substantial long term growth for businesses of all sizes. Whether your stock is traded on Wall Street, or your trade is conducted on Main Street, our marketing and consulting experts are heavily invested in your ultimate financial and personal success.
  2. Imagine Life with Your own Team of Consultants Get an entire marketing team for less than the cost of a single employee Industry-leading expertise designed to grow your revenues by 30% in less than a year 100% done for you, “set-it-and-forget-it” strategy that saves you time and provides optimum results Comprehensive approach to marketing that focuses on “Path of Least Resistance” Revenue growth goals, rather than singular focus on new client acquisition
  3. The Strategy There is no effective “One Size Fits All” plan of action. This is why DMC analyzes your needs to create a customized diagnosis that’s tailor-made to generate the largest revenue gains possible.
  4. The Master Plan Upon revealing our findings to you, we will implement a strategy that can include, but is not limited to the following… Branding Analysis Collateral Materials Internal Process Review Client Retention Systems Reactivation Marketing Campaigns Building Credibility & Authority Engaging Email Methods Inbound Sales Funnels Quality Lead Generation Targeted Prospecting Holiday Events Web Strategies
  5. INTERNAL MARKETING Effective internal marketing will go a long way in creating the perfect client experience. The client experience is the difference between a surviving business and a thriving one! Businesses that prioritize the client experience generate 60% more profit than their competition. A commitment to client experience results in up to 25% more client retention and revenue than sales or marketing initiatives. 80% of businesses believe they deliver a superior client experience but only 8% of their clients agree.
  6. BRANDING & THE ESSENTIALS Everything You’ll Need for Brand Continuity Forms Name Badges Business Cards Custom Stationery Appointment Cards Referral Cards Note Cards Brochures Gift Cards Stickers Signage
  7. RETENTION Put a fence around your herd and never let them go! A 5% increase in customer retention can increase a business’s profitability by 25%-125%. 80% of your future profits will come from just 20% of your existing clients. Repeat clients spend 33% more than new clients.
  8. STRIKE A POSE Reactivation The quickest and easiest way to increase revenue is to pull past customers back into your sales cycle. Acquiring a new client is 5x more expensive than getting a “lost client” to return. With the right approach, up to 50% of your “lost clients” will re-engage and do business with you again. With the knowledge of their previous business history, “lost clients” are much easier to sell to.
  9. Become an AUTHORity Being an author sets you up as an industry expert. When you’re viewed as an expert, it’s much easier to sell your skill level rather than your service as a commodity. Educating potential clients builds trust, which is integral to converting them from hesitant prospects to lifelong clients. Books are a great “Freemium” that will drive more online prospects to opt-in and in turn, enter your sales funnel.
  10. PROSPECTING TOOLS Prospecting should only happen after you have maximized your current client list and implemented an incentivized referral program. New client acquisition is by far the most expensive form of marketing and has the lowest conversion rate of all marketing strategies. Just like when you mine for gold, most of the time you’ll just come up with a shovel of dirt; but with the right strategy, you just may strike it rich! Market to your ideal clients with highly targeted messaging. Stand out from the masses with unique & attention-grabbing personalized shock and awe mail campaigns.
  11. LEAD GENERATORS Pull in quality leads that’ll put you heads above your competition. Landing pages convert 47% more leads than sending visitors to a website’s home page. Landing pages can increase total sales of marketing campaigns by over 50%. Easily track ROI and response rate for every marketing effort.
  12. THE HOLIDAYS Show your clients that you care throughout the year! Personalized Holiday Greeting Cards One-Of-A-Kind Birthday Cards Personalized Custom Calendars
  13. INTRODUCING THE VIDEO BOOK This technologically advanced marketing tool will help you convert more business. Put your video message & presentation in the palm of your client’s hand. Full Color LCD Screen & Speakers Embedded in Print
  14. CUSTOM WEB STRATEGIES Proper lead capture devices ensure your site will be more than just a billboard. Integrate Facebook, Google Maps, Lead Capture Opt In Forms and Email Automation to generate more online opportunities.
  15. E-MARKETING Keep your clients up-to-date, informed & educated. Develop incentives for referrals and irresistible offers to keep your clients coming back.
  16. INBOUND MARKETING Get the most out of your Facebook fan page (and other social platforms) by utilizing proper inbound marketing techniques to build your celebrity and credibility. Simply put… convert “likes” into revenue.
  17. “We wanted consistent branding and wanted our marketing pieces to be more consistent: Both time-wise, to save us internal time, and then for the pieces to coordinate with each other. A big part of that was the logo; that was one of the first things you did and it looks great! I like the creativity. When I get to do a new project and we get to talk about creative and what it means and what we want to get across. It’s fun to go back and forth with their ideas and see what they come up with. And I don’t have to do the work! They also come back with many suggestions. So I can tell them what I’m thinking and DMC will give me great ideas. Maybe even some things I hadn’t thought of. I think they are professional. They’re focused. They are very time efficient- turn around projects very quickly. I also think they are very personable. So even though they are in Florida (and aren’t Texans), I think they are great people!” Dr. Randy Mitchmore LifeSmiles meet devin herz | Founder of dmc With 25+ years in marketing, Devin has not only been able to hone the craft of ROI-based marketing, but has also accrued the knowledge required to build a world class team of consulting and marketing experts. All told, there is a combined experience of 250 years in both marketing and consulting at Dynamic Marketing Consultants. What does this mean to you? Faster returns on your consulting and marketing investment and limitless growth opportunities that will dominate your competition and make you the flagship of your industry. “My lack of understanding of what DMC could do for me kept me from engaging a year earlier. I didn’t really have the understanding of what was available through the Mastery Program, for example; that you could become my outsourced marketing department. Business owners today, I don’t know if there are enough of them who realize that you gotta keep in touch with your customers. Email is overdone. Postcards and newsletters are a great way to do that. I actually think the Minizine is so unique. It gets it done. I was hesitant to let you do it at first. I used to want to write all my own newsletters. But I didn’t want to do that anymore. As it turns out, there really isn’t that much work for me now.” Tim Murphy Murphy Industrial “ I needed to find a direct mail expert that understood how to create and fulfill high impact direct mail campaigns that would produce a solid response. I didn’t feel that I had the time to do this well and didn’t want to mess around trying stuff on my own. Finding the time to create a direct mail campaign was holding me back and the thought of trying to fulfill it as well was a big turn off. But having a team like DMC available to do this for me is awesome! From this campaign, we received a direct 5% response and an additional 3% from follow-up on the phone. And from those initial 5 direct response leads, we received 2 new consulting deals, adding $15,000/month ($180k/year) to our top line revenue from a $3,000 mailing! We aren’t done yet, we have 2 more leads from this campaign that should be signing up any day now. Needless to stay, we are sending out our next 3 step drop this month and will be continuing on with DMC for many months to come.” Ryan Paul Adams PME360
  18. Here Your Path Diverges… Option A You’re convinced of everything you need to do to see success in your marketing; but you want to do it all yourself. After hours of reviewing resumes, conducting interviews, and checking references, you spend 6 figures per year employing a small army without any guarantees they’ll increase your revenue one red cent. Don’t like that one? Most business owners don’t. Option B You keep doing what you’ve always done: random acts of marketing without cohesive message, calculated targeting, or measurable results. You hope that something will magically change and the life you’ve been working toward will finally become more than just a daydream. Good Luck With That. Option C You see the importance of doing more with your marketing and want to pair that with an expert team that has already gotten impressive results for countless others. After implementing our proven systems, you’ll recoup the entire cost of engagement in as little as 90 days. After 12 calendar months, your investment in DMC’s consulting will have paid for itself as well as giving you at least a 30% increase in revenue. So… which option do you prefer? We thought so.