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Igzood November Issue

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Igzood November Issue

  1. 1. To Be Or Not To Be Exclusive NOVEMBER 2016| ISSUE 4 REVIEW: A SEAT AT THE TABLE Will you be who you were created to be or not? T H E T R U T H A B O U T T H E P O P U L A R N E T F L I X D O C 13 TH LABOR OF LOVE Find out about Solange's 8 year creative process How you should spend your holiday season
  2. 2. TABLE OF CONTENTS A S E A T A T T H E T A B L E Review of Solon's new studio album. F R O M T H E C O V E R : L A B O R O F L O V E What is it like to labor in love? To set out to give to those around you in need? 1 3 T H The truth behind the popular Netflix documentary. S H I F T I N G Y O U R M I N D S E T How do you shift your creative mindset and what do you need in your life to get it done. Y O U A R E N O T A L O N E Ever wondered why you think you're all alone well you are not. 0 8 1 4 1 8 1 0 0 7
  3. 3. GUEST EDITOR Elizabeth Lawton is an author, speaker, & creative entrepreneur from Southern California. Getting her start as Lizzy P. Beauty she has learned how to share her life online with the masses and monetize her passions. Creative to the core of her being Elizabeth understands the creatives heart and mindsets like few others can. We are happy to have Elizabeth be this issues guest editor. Elizabeth Lawton Author & Creative Entrepreneur
  4. 4. A Letter From The Editor Growing up being creative was rough and sitting here at 30 I still have my struggles. Let's just get real people like me simply see the world and how we should live life differently. For years I have tried to do it alone and be a rebel with a cause, mostly because I didn't identify with others and felt alone. A pained creative entrepreneur misfit paving her own way. Whew! I'm glad I didn't stay there when my awareness level changed I found a place to belong, peers, and mentors to help guide my way. This is one of the best things that could have ever happened for me. What is your perspective? As I set out to edit this issue of Igzood I thought of the times I wished for this very thing. A place to belong and grow. A place that would sharpen me based on the perspectives of those that have come before real, genuine, and engaging. My hope for you the reader is that you realize that you were never meant to be alone and there is a group of people waiting to embrace you. Your creativity will flourish as you become more aware of your call and the resources you can engage to grow. As you read this issue I hope that you can find yourself and feel welcomed. Here's to letting your awareness level arise. A W A R E N E S S L E V E L : Y O U A R E N O T A L O N E XoXo, Elizabeth Lawton YOUTH MAGAZINE
  7. 7. Relate it to a pencil. As an artist, there are hundreds of ways it can be used and depending on experiences and culture it typically will not be used or seen in the same way. Just like creations that evolve from this pencil, we too as humans can relate spiritually. When I found myself trying to align with my God-given identity, I had began to see everyone else's perspective no matter how hard I tried to shake it. It was clouding my view of my place in this world and the people I was meant to be relational with. ARTICLE NOVEMBER 2016 "The doors of opportun ities opened up. Isolation was no longer a thought!" We've all heard it before, but it's true! You're not alone. Isolation is created to separate you, keep you alone, and feeling as if there's no one there for you. All of these thoughts go through your head and if you’re not strong enough, the loneliness will overtake you. I was determined I wouldn't be defeated by it. It wasn't long before I realized that it would not be that simple. As a teen, you are put into a stigma of being rebellious, unteachable, and potentially damning to a world of social adversity. Society sees you as a stereotype based on demographics, race, age, and gender. From the government to your guardians, we all look through the same pair of eyes. Although we shouldn't be expected to see the same thing, we should all see a hope and future in one another. CONTROLLING PEOPLE I LEFT... Controlling friends, family members, leaders, and mentors can push you into the mindset of isolation. For me, I’d always had fought against it, but there was a point in my life where I felt that it was just time for me to embrace being alone. I felt like no one was there for me, not even God. I had family in the next room and I felt like I was in a house by myself, and I, succumbing into the trap of isolation, felt it overtaking me. I knew it would eventually overtake my mind, but God had another plan. I left my grandmother's house and moved into a house of faith. The doors of opportunities opened up. Isolation was no longer a thought! Now, there were more chances for me to embrace community. When isolation was rid of, layers being stripped off, I found God like I never have before. I found people I could relate to , going through similar problems and having similar family situations, ensuring that I am not alone. I joined a church where fellowship and transparency are key. I know that I could never seclude myself and they not come for me. Ichallengeusallashumanscreatedtodwelland workamongeachothertofightisolation.Goout toyourlocalchurch,favoritehangoutandmake yourselffriendly.Godknowsthedesiresofyour heart,andheneverfails.Ifyou'refeelingbrave, gouptosomeone,introduceyourself,exchange information,andhangout!Youneverknow whatconnectionsareboundtogrowinto.Don't worry,it'spossible. IGZOOD MAGAZINE | 07
  8. 8. The dawning of fall usually means the re-evaluation of the year. We have had a roller coaster year with the current election and police brutality. It has been a very interesting time to be alive, especially for the Black community. Solange’s new album “A Seat at the Table” is an invitation into a mellow vibe ride. Additional research on her creative process revealed that Solange experienced a mental breakdown in the beginning stages of writing her album. I think this is important to note because the creative process isn’t cute! It takes a lot out of us when we are literally giving birth to something we may have been cultivating mentally for years. On top of whatever personal anguish she might have been experiencing, you can hear her frustration with the world in “Weary” the second track on the album. I also thought the Master P’s story-line was extremely interesting! Listening to his experience as a black man who broke barriers in the music industry was very insightful. I absolutely loved Mama Tina’s explanation of what it means to have cultural pride. I could relate to this album from so many different places of who I am. As a woman, I know what it means to feel things to the point of exhaustion. As a woman of color, I know how it feels to be told it’s not okay for me to love every part of who I am without being judged for it. I would tell everyone to not only listen to “A Seat at the Table” but to also have a discussion about what it means to you as a creative person living in 2016. I believe that this album is going to be a classic, because it is such reflection of the time that it was produced, written, and released. BY YAMANI HANAN. A SEAT AT THE TABLE IGZOOD MAGAZINE | 08
  9. 9. S H I F T Y O U R M I N D S E T When I was a teenager, I always had a notebook and agenda with me. Schools would typically give us agendas for free and we would write down our homework. Inside, there were to-do’s, inspiration quotes, and places to put classmates phone numbers. I remember that I couldn't wait to get my agenda each year to organize my class work! I used my notebook for doodling and writing when I was inspired to write. During undergrad I literally fell off. We still received agendas, but I barely ever used it and wrote only when I was discouraged. Those times seem so far away now as a Masters student, but I am trying to get back to that intentional planning out of my time and ideas. It's been proven that even those who write a to-do list are most likely to get more done in a day then those who don't! Now that I am operating a magazine it is easy for me to get an in flux of ideas throughout the day. With school work, mentors and managing a team, it can be challenging to remember every thing that pops in my head. I just recently received the opportunity to test out the Shift Your Mindset Journal by Creative CoLab! Here are a few things that have helped me use it and my calendar to my advantage. BY DEVIN JOYNER IIGZOODMAGAZINE | 09
  10. 10. 1.Record yourself - Working a full time job or going to school, being in ministry or multiple organizations can be very time consuming and you won't always have a pen in hand. My mentor recommended that I voice record an ideas or to-do’s list that may randomly come to me daily. IGZOOD MAGAZINE | 10 2. Planning day- choose a day that is best for you to plan and write out all your to do lists for each category of your life that you need to organize. I typically do Sundays or Mondays before meetings. You will have more ideas or things to come up during the week, but this is when your voice recordings come in handy. At the end of each day debrief. Check off everything you got done and and write down what you recorded. My calendar helps me separate my days (by the hour) , weeks and monthly to- do’s (which I got from Target). When I don't get everything done, there's no stress. I just add it to the next day or week. The journal allows me to set time goals when I plan to be done with a particular project I am building so I do not keep delaying. 3. Brainstorming - The Shift your Mindset Journal has ample space to go in depth with ideas you have after you record them. During creative planning with my team we play music for 5 minutes and write down every creative thing that comes to mind. This space is perfect for a big vision, small ideas that need to be expanded in the near future, a poem, song, article, etcetera. Whether you are on a lunch break or going on a morning jog bringing your thoughts back to the drawing board is effortless with these tools. You can find the Shift Your Mindset Journal at: Amazon Barnes and Noble My Calendar: Today & To-do by Day Designer “WRITETHE VISION, MAKEIT PLAINANDMEN WILLTAKEITAND RUNWITHIT!”
  11. 11. BY DEVIN DARDIN First, who are you? What does that mean? Where are you in time? That could be physically, mentally, and/or spiritually. Your innate and learned reactions, actions, understanding, and desires all are what make up your soul. And to no fault of your own, are grafted in this uncontrolled society left to us by the generations before. Wherever you may be, you are forced to step out of your individuality (at times) to succumb, either positively or negatively, to reality. To Be NOT TO BE
  12. 12. You are you. I am me. Together we are we. Defining things (also yourself) is the only way to fully take control and to attempt to understand. Perception is also a pivotal key in defining anything. You don't have the same thoughts, feelings, stimuli, or experiences as any other human being in this world. This essentially defines personal perception. Reality. What is reality? Reality defined earlier is correct, yet it leaves out a vital variable. You. With you being that variable, the definition of reality is an infinite product. A mere sapling in this jungle, only wanting sunlight so you can reach and surpass the other trees blocking your way to the top. Just as a tree has many branches, so do you. Each branch is a gift, thought, experience, or feeling that makes up who you are. Sometimes if the branches are obstructing the view of "reality" it must be manicured. This is where control comes in. (You cut out the habits that hinder you and even when not much change is seen that is the beauty of growth. Once manicured the tree is able to produce, but only if it's sewn into good ground. What's the point of an apple tree that doesn't produce apples, which it was created to produce? None. As a human, you were created to create and spread. Though the shadows from the other trees may block the sunlight you crave, you must adapt to survive. Capitalize on what is given so you may fulfill the purpose set before you. A tree grows naturally, so do you. In order to do so, understand who you are and love that self. It's not going anywhere. It's rooted in the ground and that's where it will stay. You have to live with that self for the rest of your existence. Love yourself, capitalize on the innate and learned behaviors given to you. It's all apart of you and your plan. God's plan. A path can't be a path unless it has a destination. Circumstances are given to produce endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope. So rejoice in the times of suffering. When the leaves fall, the snow comes, and sunlight seems far away, you're cold. Remember you're still growing. It's only a season. 12IGZOOD MAGAZINE What is reality? Not from your own stand point but to the world. Reality by definition is everything that is and has been, whether it is observable or comprehensible. To Christians, that may sound a bit too familiar. Despite what you feel, what you may want, who you are individually, reality demands your respect and honor. You can't fight it.The realist says, that’s the way life goes, there's no fighting the inevitable truth/facts. The pessimist says, since I can't change anything, what's the point of trying? The dreamer doesn't say anything, but simply uses the facts and truth to his advantage to make change, whether it be for better or worse. Identify yourself in one of these categories even if you obtain attributes to more than one. While we may all like to be the dreamer, the burden of reality sets in once we find ourselves bound or restrained by either of the other categories. This is not a bad thing. It simply gives us a starting point, so that we can accurately locate ourselves on this path and can move forward. With your proven character in the harsh winter, when spring comes, you will see fruition. Don't let the reality of the world make you a realist, continue to dream and take life for what it is and capitalize. On this path there will be things you don't see or understand, remember not all things are meant for us to understand. And that's okay. The one who has paved your path understands. The creator of all has the blueprint and knows exactly what you need. Growth isn't just a process, it's a humbling, patient, and intentional lifestyle. LOVE GOD, LOVE OTHERS. LOVE YOURSELF.
  13. 13. 13 IGZOOD MAGAZINE As a creative it is probably a shock to you that I hadn't read the book Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. Honestly I thought Tim Burton was the author until I researched it after the movie was over. This isn’t necessarily a review on the movie ( if it was I would give it an A++) it is more of the insight I received throughout the movie about us as creatives. 1. There are things you will see that others won’t . Do not doubt yourself or believe the voices telling you, that you are crazy. 2. Renew your mind. Experiences and trauma from the past tries to keep us in a place that is not healthy by putting yourself in a positive environment reflecting on life in a journal or aloud you can release any dead weight that may try to boggle you down. It is okay to have a counselor or lifestyle coach to get you through what you may not understand 3. Understand how you function, learn. Know your triggers whether they are a specific person, environment or substance. Do not ever let anything cloud your judgement or make you lose control. You want to keep your talents pure and freedom centered. The more you know about your weaknesses the more power you have over them and how they affect your creativity. This is how you minimize depression, anxiety learning disabilities or mental illness. It wasn't until I was in undergrad that I had tendencies of attention deficit disorder and not until now as I am working towards my masters that I am receiving the effective help to help me push past it as an adult. Don’t ignore the signs, get the help you need. BY DEVIN JOYNER
  14. 14. LABOR OF LOVE IGZOOD MAGAZINE | 14 THEY SAY THE HOLIDAYS ARE THE LONELIEST, MOST DEPRESSING TIMES OF THE YEAR… HOW WILL YOU SPREAD YOUR HOLIDAY CHEER? When I asked one of my dearest friends Tiffany what she was doing for her birthday, I was ecstatic when she told me her plans. She told me she had a dream that she was handing out meals to the homeless and I was one of the people that was with her. So, we immediately went into planning a trip out to downtown Chicago. We woke up early to pack the bags with food and Tiffany even made letters to place inside letting them know they are loved. Over 40 bags were packed and after basically a tour of downtown our hearts were filled with compassion to make this a frequent trip. This has always been a desire of mine before I moved to Chicago. I would go out alone in Richmond and hand out food and talk and pray with the homeless. It means alot to me that I could move millions of miles away and have a friend that has grown to desire the same. When I say grown it is because Tiffany was not the one to want to talk to strangers when I first met her. I was always wanting to engage with people and she would be leary, but after her dream her heart was changed. She even opened up to those we encountered sharing that she was homeless not long ago in Chicago and because she called on Jesus he blessed her with a job she did not even qualify for and an apartment. We prayed for hope, faith and healing. One woman and I hugged for so long. She told me that she was not typically a hugger, but the love of God came over her after the prayer so strong she could not let go. These are the sacrifices that matter the most in this season. You may not have money to give, but the labor of love is more than enough to warm the heart. "What she was doing for her birthday, I was ecstatic when she told me her plans. She told me she had a dream that she was handing out meals to the homeless."
  15. 15. WE HELP YOU GET WHAT YOU NEED IN LIFE. Maximize Your Gift We were all meant to excel at SOMETHING. However, when we delve into the conversation about gifts we usually run into 1 of 2 road blocks. 1) We aren’t able to identify our gifts. 2) We won’t maximize our gifts… Let’s put an end to that as we prepare in this 4th quarter of 2016, to be EVERYTHING that we were created to be! Don’t neglect your gifts! We have all been gifted with the ability to do SOMETHING well. Gifts range from singing, to teaching, or being 100% organized. No matter what the gift is that you have… USE IT! No matter what anyone else is able to do with their gift know that YOURS is unique! The gift that you have can reach and help people no matter who else possesses one similar to yours. Know that your gift is needed. Do everything that you can do to regularly exercise the talents and abilities that you have. You cannot expect a muscle to increase if you do not exercise it. The bible teaches us that just as the body has members/ parts each of us have a job to accomplish as well ( 1 Corinthians 12:27) . Your gift was not given so that you could sit on it. Utilize every opportunity that you have to wake it up!
  16. 16. WE HELP YOU GET WHAT YOU NEED IN LIFE. P U S H P A S T T H E C O M F O R T O F Y O U R G I F T We all have that one thing that we know can execute very well and that we feel comfortable with doing. For instance, I am confident that I am a great teacher. I teach middle school for a living. However, when the opportunity presents itself for me to teach adults fear paralyzes me. I have no idea why, but I have made up my mind that I am going to push past the imaginary limit that I have set for myself. Wandering out into the deep is where I find the endless possibilities ( Luke 5 :4) ! I won’t find the fish at the shallow edge of the water. It is only when we stretch ourselves and our gifts that we unlock all of the potential that is packed inside of us! BY Van-Neshia T H I N
  18. 18. The media has depicted the black community as criminals for what seems like an eternity. When I was younger, I’d say I could never live in a time period like my ancestors, but as I watched the 13th Documentary on Netflix I realized that this is exactly what has been projected into the media. Poor treatment of African Americans has been consistently happening since slaves were brought to America. The 13th Amendment was supposed to abolish slavery, but it has only been proven to provide loopholes for politicians and corporations to take advantage of the least fortunate demographic, which happens to be African Americans. After the civil war, the economy was at an all time low. In order to build it back up, they accused blacks of petty crimes such as loitering, so that they could work free of charge. Today, in the news we see social media clips of black men that were walking down the street and because they had a certain skin color they are deemed a criminal. According to the constitution, this is the only way citizens rights can be taken away from them. . During the civil rights movement, many blacks voluntarily went to jail as a sign of fighting back. I believe that cycle placed the wrong mindset in our men. This fight back mentality should be just as undercover as the government's loopholes. When we fight back violently it gives them a reason to call us barbaric and ultimately place us in jail. This results in broken families and our children being taught by the media. IGZOOD MAGAZINE | 18 Black men are depicted as the bad guy and children begin to desire to be that. Those educated enough to know how to respond live their lives knowing that at any moment they could be placed back into bondage. “Slavery hasn’t ended but been redesigned”. This is why we have to stay educated and aware of our surroundings. I believe that everyone should watch this documentary no matter the race or gender. None of us can help how we were born, but we can choose to make our environment a place of harmony and positivity. We have the opportunity to work together to reverse the harsh words and actions of our ancestors. If you're already in the know, educate others.
  19. 19. ARTICLE Take a peek into a day in the life of budding artist Stella Young, and how she improves her craft It is so easy to compare ourselves to others, especially on social media. Everyone seems to be living a highlighted life on our timelines. I know sometimes I struggle with feeling less than when I compare my downs with everyone's ups. Although comparison can be helpful to critique progress, it is not the tool by which we should measure our success. Here are 2 things that I've found helpful when I'm tempted to compare myself. 1. Log Off Your eyes are the window into your soul. Sometimes with the constant bombarding of our spirits comes burdens, and weights that don't belong to us. Learning how to unplug from the internet is not only a helpful tool, but a needed discipline! 2. Community Beloved, we can not afford to do life alone. It is imperative to find people who can ground you when your emotions distort your reality. As Creatives, we can often find inspiration, safety, and guidance in the midst of other artists. You are not alone. Find an open mic, go to a networking event, or go grab some coffee with friends. Get connected! Do you know why you are here? You were put on this Earth to accomplish a specific purpose. Be encouraged that even the most successful people on the planet have failed and they have bad days where they feel less than too. The difference is, they have mastered the art of perseverance. On the other side of our feelings are two roads. We can choose to overcome and shine, or be discouraged and dull. This Fall, let's live in the brilliant light. I G Z O O D M A G A Z I N E | 1 9 NOVEMBER 2016 “We can choose to overcome and shine, or be discourag ed and dull. ” KILLING COMPARISON