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How to Fix HP Blue Screen issue in HP Computer 1-800-304-9126

Are you using HP Computer? Sometimes users are facing many technical issues while using HP computers like blue screen issue etc. You are not able to resolve any kind of issue then you need HP customer support team by making a call HP customer support number 1-800-304-9126. They provide best & reliable technical support for all your HP computer issues.


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How to Fix HP Blue Screen issue in HP Computer 1-800-304-9126

  1. 1. How to Fix Blue Screen Issue in HP Computer
  2. 2. • First, Start Button & Go to Control Panel System
  3. 3. • Then, Click Security & System
  4. 4. • Go to advanced settings located at sidebar
  5. 5. • Click the option “Advance”.
  6. 6. • Now select the “startup and recovery” option under “Startup” bar.
  7. 7. • Undo the Automatic start option from System failure settings.
  8. 8. • Press “ok” and close all tabs.
  9. 9. Alternatively: If nothing works for you, the error can troubleshoot with help of HP Customer Support There is toll-free HP Printer Phone Number available that can redirect you to technical specialize team of HP experts who are working 24X7 to solve all technical issue.
  10. 10. Find HP Online: @HPSupport @HPSupport @HPSupport