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How our ISP cost us a full day of the entire R&D team - Lior Redlus - DevOpsDays Tel Aviv 2017

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DevOpsDays Tel Aviv 2017

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How our ISP cost us a full day of the entire R&D team - Lior Redlus - DevOpsDays Tel Aviv 2017

  1. 1. How our ISP cost us a full day of the entire R&D team Lior Redlus Co-founder and Chief Data Scientist Coralogix
  2. 2. About Myself • 32yr. Scientist at heart • B.Sc and M.Sc in Neuroscience and Information Processing (BIU) • Co-founder and Chief Data Scientist @ Coralogix
  3. 3. About Coralogix • A Machine Learning powered scalable Log Analysis solution • Log Management already included: indexing, querying, filtering, alerting etc. • Coralogix Analytics: • Turns your data into patterns and flows • Gives you deep insights on your system • Automatically detects production problems • Finds system behavior changes between code deployments
  4. 4. Interacting with your logging data • Coralogix provides 3 ways to get insights from your logs: 1. Coralogix Dashbaord – a simple and powerful dashboard with machine learning capabilities 2. Elastic’s Kibana – with a rich query language and flexible visualizations 3. Elasticsearch API – for deep technical querying and aggregations
  5. 5. Good product, happy customers! • Everything worked smoothly for months • Until we got a call from a customer (0.5TB / day) • Some of his heavier dashboards could not be loaded • He was not happy • And neither were we
  6. 6. Well, of course. This makes no one happy! • The error message was replicated in our offices as well
  7. 7. Kibana – technical overview Port 5601 Node.js server Angular.js client localhost Docker container Docker container Docker container Our proprietary Kibana proxy: • Emulates elasticsearch for Kibana • Confines customers to only access their data • Parses queries for various SLA restrictions Port 9200 Port 9200 Customer Publicdomain
  8. 8. So what could have gone wrong..? • We looked into everything we could think of: • Was the customer’s dashboard defined properly? • It was. • Was any indexed elasticsearch data corrupted? • No. • Was a large Kibana dashboard overloading our Kibana Proxy? • Not according to the CPU and memory monitoring. • Was there a hidden bug in our Kibana Proxy for certain queries? • Replies seemed to be correct for every query we researched. • Was any Docker container replaced recently, possibly with different settings? • Yes, but new settings were not introduced. • Was any Docker networking bug (and there are many…) interacting here? • Not any that we could find.
  9. 9. Everything looked perfect! • However, we did have one odd finding: • When we were connected to our VPN, all the problems disappeared! • Late at night and disappointed, we decided to call it a day:
  10. 10. Connecting the dots… • Returning home, we each loaded the dashboard, and to our surprise – everything worked! • The same ISP served us and the customer, but not our homes. • The new suspect was our Internet Service Provider!
  11. 11. Results – 1 • The next day, confident, we experimented: • SSL vs. no SSL • Kibana’s standard port 5601 vs. 443 https port • Adding our Kibana CNAME to Cloudflare • The results were staggering!
  12. 12. Results – 2 • Loading the dashboard without SSL through port 5601: • Loading the same dashboard with SSL through port 443 and Cloudflare:
  13. 13. Results, solution and conclusion • The ISP was throttling our requests, causing timeouts and packet losses – eventually crashing heavy-loaded dashboards • Adding our Kibana to Cloudflare under port 443 solved our problems • (aside from wasting a whole day of our R&D team!) • Conclusion: trust no-one!
  14. 14. Questions? • Please feel free to contact me directly: Lior Redlus, Chief Data Scientist, One month free trial @