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Discover UiPath's Enhanced TeDiscover UiPath's Enhanced Technology Partner Programchnology Partner Program_TPP Training_1.1 (1)_052622.pdf

  1. UiPath Enhanced Technology Partner Program 5/22
  2. Meet today’s team: Jae Bae PM Technology Partner Program @UiPath Diana Gray Community Marketing Manager AMER @UiPath Alex Toma PM Technology Partner Program @UiPath Brandon Brown Sr. Director Integrations @UiPath Sophia Salo PM Marketplace @UiPath
  3. 3 Agenda Introductions 1 2 3 6 4 Enhanced Tech Partner Program Benefits and Partner Journey Tracks Integration Service and Connector Builder Marketplace Monetization PMP: Partner Marketing Program 5 Enhanced Tech Partner Portal
  4. 4 Build Out Enhanced Tech Partner Program How Did We Get Here?
  5. 5 Tech Partner Journey Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Registered Partners Premium Partners Advanced Partners
  6. 6 $2,500 annual fee
  7. 7 Benefits and Requirements A C B • Tech Partner Guidebook can be found in the Tech Partner Portal and • Latest and Complete Benefits can be found in the Technology Partner Portal
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  9. 9 Trial License and Configuration
  10. Integration Service & Connector Builder
  11. 11 Both UIs and APIs play a role in Automation APIs User Interfaces To maximize automation benefits UiPath Robots seamlessly work with User Interfaces (UI) and APIs Essential ingredient for automation of a business process – from the simplest to the most complex Captures the full scope of automation potential – including long-tail employee work Important for highest scale data extraction, transfers, or updates Complements existing enterprise IT strategy
  12. 12 What does UiPath Integration Service offer? Flexible Automation Seamlessly use UIs and APIs in a single automation design Simplified Automation Design Activity Packs provide uniform integration experience across all our Studio designers. Security and Governance Automate more with governance and reliability. Triggers Kick off automations with server-side events Connections Easily setup and manage connections with standardized auth Large Library of Connectors Automate nearly any system with OOTB, pre-built connectors
  13. 13 UiPath Connector for Salesforce UiPath Connector for Workato UiPath Connector for MuleSoft UiPath Connector for Tableau UiPath Connector for ServiceNow Many more Technology Partner provided UiPath Connectors available in the Marketplace Home Grown applications or custom APIs Option to Build and Publish on Marketplace Many more… More choices to best suit your automation needs Connector Builder Integration Service Activity Packs Create your own Integrations to use throughout UiPath (available mid 2022) Easily connect to the data you need without code for API based automations UiPath Connectors Integration Service Triggers Start UiPath automations natively in other platforms & applications Start UiPath automations based on events in other platforms Expand your own integration catalog to systems you need Unique Integration Approach
  14. 14 Connector Builder Rapid expansion of the catalog UiPath Created differentiate in specific industries and domains Technology & Business Partners connect to any business system in my organization UiPath Customers establish expertise and community contributions Community Devs & Marketplace Programming Knowledge API basics, JSON, JavaScript RPA Developer integration-savvy Employee & CoE-driven Application knowledge Skills Required • Easy to create and extend quality connectors • Easy distribution and consumption of your finished product • Available anywhere across the UiPath portfolio Principles
  15. 15 Custom Activity Pack vs Connector Builder Custom Activity Pack Connector Builder Developer .NET, WPF, WF Skills Needed Yes No Provides Studio Activity Pack Custom Yes Available in Studio Web No Yes Trigger Support No Yes Authentication & Connection Management No Yes Available in Apps No Yes Integration available in Other UiPath products Only Studio Related Yes On-Prem & Cloud Both Today only Cloud with Hybrid in the future.
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  22. 22 Connector Builder Preview We’re excited to invite you to join our exclusive Private Preview of our new Connector Builder tool for Integration Service, which brings you the ability to create robust Custom API Connectors for use in Integration Service and across UiPath products. Sign Up Here
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  27. 27 PMP
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  29. Technology Partner Portal
  30. 30 How to Get There
  31. 31 Summary
  32. 32 Navigation • Content & Resources – relevant content for technology partners, from case studies to technical documentation • Let’s Connect – request licenses, provide us with information on your product/company • Calendar – events, webinars • Deals – deal registration section • Learning Tracks – Developer & Marketplace learning paths
  33. 33 Quick Start and Frequently Asked Questions
  34. 34 Partner Milestones
  35. 35 Partner Milestones
  36. 36 Learning Tracks – Developer
  37. 37 Learning Tracks – Marketplace
  38. Marketplace Update
  39. 39 UiPath Marketplace is a one-stop-shop for trusted RPA content that allows users automate efficiently, across the enterprise. Meet UiPath Marketplace – your key to success in the world of automation 1450+ RPA listings Custom activities, connectors, templates, solutions, ready-to-go automations, etc. 130k+ users RPA Developers, UiPath customers, automation experts from the UiPath Community, and more. ~25k unique visitors/month 3k+ downloads/month Marketplace UiPath Technology Partners UiPath Business Partners UiPath Community UiPath Customers
  40. 40 Steps to publishing in the Marketplace Register a company or vendor profile Submit your automation as free or paid following Publishing Guidelines Promote the listing using marketing channels UiPath Tech Partner Marketplace Learning Track
  41. 41 Optimize Your Marketplace Listing Make your listing pro-looking and eye-catching so that you get higher chances to attract new customers. Access a full guide here Features – strong and relevant i.e. X hours saved, X process automated, X% cost reduction Screenshots & Video Add informative screenshots. And a video proving the use case(s) it solved while showing the execution Documentation Upload user/implementation guides with detailed how-to’s Title – catchy & to the point Follow the naming convention as described in our Publishing Guidelines Summary – short & simple Summarize your listing in a short phrase that will best explain what it is about. Overview – brief yet detailed Mention the business challenge(s), use case(s), the target audience, pain points
  42. 42 Leverage UiPath knowledge to drive engagement with your content and grow your brand Offer trusted automation content with Marketplace Security Certification or Business Solutions Verification Increase listing’s trustworthiness by offering official support Make your RPA listing stand out via bundles, ratings and reviews Leverage end-to-end Marketplace documentation for additional guidance
  43. 43 UiPath Marketplace Monetization is now open to Custom Activities and Business Solutions! Learn more on how to become Marketplace vendor here Built-in Quote Engine for custom pricing and adding professional services Simple procurement process thanks to transacting on UiPath paper Business Solutions Verification to increase trust for your listing • Custom Activity – a .NET library that can be installed and drag-and-dropped into your workflow in UiPath Studio. • Business Solution – an automation workflow that helps holistically solve a business challenge for a specific industry/domain.
  44. 44 Join our tribe of Marketplace partners and get more from being part of UiPath ecosystem. Learn how to become a Marketplace partner here
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  46. 46 Contacts: Technology Partners Raheem Hasan Carlo di Colloredo-Mels